RHP Chris Bootcheck also joining Bucs; Veal to DL

As it turns out, the Pirates will be getting two fresh arms for their bullpen on Friday. The Pirates had already announced that right-hander Jose Ascanio is taking the place of Steven Jackson on the team’s 25-man roster. Now, righty Chris Bootcheck is also on his way up.

Bootcheck will take the roster spot currently belonging to lefty Donnie Veal, who is being put on the disabled list with a sprained left index finger. This will be Veal’s second time on the disabled list this summer.

Bootcheck has to be added to the Pirates’ 40-man roster, but that won’t be an issue. There are currently only 39 players on that roster.

Bootcheck has been Triple-A Indianapolis’ most reliable arm all year. Named an International League All-Star, Bootcheck has made 40 relief appearances in Triple-A this year while posting a 3.38 ERA and recording 20 saves.

He made his Major-League debut in 2003 and has pitched part of five seasons in five seasons in the big leagues with the Angels. Combined, Bootcheck is 3-7 with a 6.04 ERA in 77 Major League appearances (three starts).

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  1. who'syour?bucfan

    Praise God that Bucs finally brought up Chris! He has been lights out here at Indy, got his 20th save last nite in a game they won on another Jeff Clement homer. Great game, too bad Bucs can’t play like Indians do. Question: what happened to Mike Koplove, the Indians great set-up pitcher. Bucs could use him too. See he is no longer on roster

  2. who'syour?bucfan

    Praise God, finally. I do not know what took Pirates so long to bring Chris up. He has been lights out at Indy and is definitely what the Bucs desperately need. Noticed last night at Indians game which won btw with another Jeff Clement homerun, that Mike Koplove no longer on roster. Great set-up man, where did he go. Bucs could use him,too.

  3. who'syour?bucfan

    Praise God. It is about time that Chris got called up. He has been lights out in Indy. Just what Bucs desparately need. Question, what happened to Indy’s great setup man, Mike Koplove!? He would fit in great also. Noticed last nite at Indy game I attended, game BTW they won on another Jeff Clement homer, that Mike no longer on roster! What happened to him?

  4. docr1973

    I would haver rather seen Han(run an inning) han sent down, but perhaps there are no options left on him. Jackson had not done too badly until last night.

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