About Jenifer Langosch

The 2011 season will be my fifth covering the Bucs for MLB.com and my sixth season with the company altogether.

I am a proud native of Marietta, Ga., and an especially proud graduate of the University of Missouri. Four years and lots of money later, I graduated from Mizzou with degrees in news-editorial journalism and French. That French degree sure does look nice framed on my wall, but it has served little other purpose so far.

I’m an avid tennis player, having played since I was seven. And I still try to get on the court as often as baseball season will allow. I plan on traveling to seven continents (yes, all seven) during my lifetime, and I am a junky for adventurous sports — meaning that I jump out of planes, jump off cliffs and wreck snowmobiles into trees.

I hate anything that has to do with a blue and red jayhawk and refuse to capitalize kU because, of course, its neither a proper place, nor a proper noun.