September 5: Cardinals @ Pirates

Jenifer Langosch/

Records: Cardinals (71-64, -16.5 in NL Central), Pirates (67-67, -20.0 in NL Central)

Wild Card: Giants (+1.5), Cardinals, Mets (-1.0), Pirates (-3.5), Marlins (-4.0)

First pitch: 4:05 pm CT

TV/Radio: Fox Sports Midwest, ESPN, 1120 KMOX

Cardinals lineup: Matt Carpenter (3B), Jedd Gyorko (SS), Stephen Piscotty (RF), Matt Adams (1B), Yadier Molina (C), Randal Grichuk (CF), Jeremy Hazelbaker (LF), Kolten Wong (2B), Adam Wainwright (RHP)

Pirates lineup: Josh Harrison (2B), John Jaso (1B), Andrew McCutchen (CF), Gregory Polanco (RF), Starling Marte (LF), David Freese (3B), Francisco Cervelli (C), Jordy Mercer (SS), Chad Kuhl (RHP)

Transactions: None

Reading material:

  • Budding ace Carlos Martinez plays stopper once again (link)
  • Game recap from the Cardinals’ 5-2 win over the Reds on Sunday (link)
  • Mike Leake, Carson Kelly and Brayan Pena rejoin the team (link)

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Moss, Peralta & GGarcia not starting this afternoon. Maybe Carp will feel & do better @ 3B?
I thought Shingles lasted at least a FEW (3+) weeks, if not longer. But irrespective, it looks like Leake is back. Pena’s also back. He really should try enlisting in the Army again. Who knows…maybe he could git ‘er done this time?
It’d be nice if Cincy could crush the Mets today. But so far…the Mets are leading 1-0 in the 4th. C’mon Reds…do yer’ thang! ; )

Waino’s not thrilling me,but one can hope.

In an interview just now, Mo was asked about Leake being back. Specifically about Leake’s earlier comment that he’s ready to start this Wednesday.
“I’ll have to meet with MM and WE’LL decide who starts Wednesday.”, said Mo. “There’s more to be considered than a pitcher feeling ready.”
Waino’s given up 5 hits so far, and it’s only the 2nd inning. Oops? So maybe Reyes will take over for Waino.
Btw, I wonder home many GM’s in the MLB regularly share in the decision-making when it comes to what I thought would be a manager’s call. Starting line-ups, substitutions, etc.
MO also said they’re calling back up that poor kid, RHP Michael Mayers, plus Tui & some 6′ 6″, 215 lb, 28 y/o guy named Jose Maratinez who’s an outfielder but plays 1B, as well.

Cards up 8-2. Piscotty safe at first with a wide throw by Freese. Replay had him safe,but he was lucky,he clearly dogged it to first and should have been out. Not the “Cardinal Way”. If I were MM I’d have his butt on the bench even if I had a pitcher out there. Messages need to be sent and this was a chance,especially to the younger guys.
Mo’s coaching again,ay. Wonder if MM’s job is on the line this off season?
Starting to develop ideas for the off season, will post them when I sit right down on them. MM’s job is one of them.

I suspect that Mo’s been co-coaching all along…and that’s why MM’s job isn’t likely in jeopardy. As long as Mo & DeWitt feel comfortable working with MM? He stays.
Keep in mind that MM’s first 4 years resulted in post-season appearances. Maybe that’ll ultimately be the case this year too? Regardless of how they got there (including MM’s questionable decisions)….they still did it. And who’d fire a winning manager like that?
Late report is that Piscotty’s x-ray showed nothing broken in his hand. The decision was made to start Leake Wednesday….putting Reyes back in the bullpen I guess?
It’s really fun to see a new kid make his MLB debut. Carson Kelly did great today. Catching and hitting.
Altho’ those pesky Mets won today, San Fran got beat.

You’re probably right about MM. Good news on Piscotty. Kelly had a nice first day,maybe Pena can go. SF disappointing, thought when Kershaw went down they’d run with it.
Hated the bullpen. Up 10-2 and give up 4.

Well they managed to put up runs other than by the home run for once – and Wainwright contributed offensively but just 5 innings and 4 earned runs is not a great start. They would be wise to use Martinez in the one game elimination if they hold on to a wild card spot – but since they operate on loyalty their “ace” Waino will get the call even though he is not an ace any longer and even though he blew those games to the Red Sox in 2013 etc. Where is Chris Carpenter or Bob Gibson when you need them?


They don’t have a “like” button here but that was pretty funny Dave…

Well, the local buzz is saying Martinez WOULD start if the Birds end up with a WC spot. And with only one chance to advance in the play-offs, I think Waino would be just fine with that.
Piscotty says his hand is OK, and he should be good-to-go tonite.
I almost felt sorry for the Pirates. They committed some pretty costly errors.
Anyway, Weaver starts tonite. If he falters early, maybe Reyes can sub for him now that he’s back in the bullpen. I believe that MM’s at a point now, to do whatever it takes to win remaining games. Just a bit worrisome tho’…that Rosenthal was reportedly throwing a bullpen last nite before the game.
Oh, and the word on Diaz right now, is he’ll likely be back in the line-up this coming weekend. Barring any complications, of course.
I hope the Cards can repeat last nite’s lopsided win this evening. It might afford MM the opportunity to give the new OF/1B guy, Jose Martinez a chance to make his MLB debut. The poor guy’s been in the minors for close to 10 years.

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