August 31: Cardinals @ Brewers

Jenifer Langosch/

Records: Cardinals (70-61, -14.0 in NL Central), Brewers (56-76, -28.5 in NL Central)

Wild Card: Giants (+1.0), Cardinals, Pirates (-2.5), Mets (-2.5), Marlins (-3.5)

First pitch: 7:10 pm CT

TV/Radio: Fox Sports Midwest

Cardinals lineup: Matt Carpenter (1B), Jedd Gyorko (SS), Brandon Moss (RF), Jhonny Peralta (3B), Yadier Molina (C), Randal Grichuk (CF), Jeremy Hazelbaker (LF), Greg Garcia (2B), Luke Weaver (RHP)

Brewers lineup: Jonathan Villar (3B), Kirk Nieuwenhuis (RF), Ryan Braun (LF), Hernan Perez (2B), Chris Carter (1B), Keon Broxton (CF), Orlando Arcia (SS), Martin Maldonado (C), Matt Garza (RHP)

Transactions: None

Reading material:

  • On a day he turned 35, Adam Wainwright turned back the clock to look like his former self (link)
  • Game recap from the Cardinals’ 2-1 win over the Brewers on Tuesday (link)
  • Columnist Mike Bauman wonders if the Cardinals’ rotation may be better than they seem on paper (link)
  • Jedd Gyorko’s 10th home run this month helps Cardinals tie a franchise home run record (link)
  • Greg Garcia dealing with right knee soreness (link)

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Well the offense has gone south again. Weaver was credible, outside one sequence which cost the game. Too bad they couldn’t bail him out. Lack of offense almost caused a loss despite Wainwright’ bounce back last night.

The Mets look like the real threat in the Wild Card now so it will be must win every night. And the Cards are going to have a tough stretch without breaks for the next three weeks after tomorrow’s off day, including a Western trip. If the survive the month in a WC position they will have earned it for sure.

30 games left. 15 & 15 probably won’t be good enough. 15 wins gives us 85, the Cubs have 85 now. If they go 15 and 15 they’ll finish with 100 wins.
Getting into the playoffs may just extend our misery. We’ll face an ace while we don’t have one. Martinez can give us 6 strong, fades after that at times.

Terry Collins announced today, that Neil Walker (.282 BA), who plays 2B for the Mets…has been put on the DL, and will undergo season-ending surgery.
Guess we’ll wait and see what the next 10 games bring. By then, we should have a better idea if the Birds have any kind of chance at the WC slot…or not.

OK, the Cards lost tonite. But…so did the Marlins, Mets, Giants and the Pirates. Pretty much a wash.
Whoever was goofy enuf’ to send Peralta around & past 3B to try to make it home? Was nuts. I don’t think Oquendo wouldda’ done that.
Post-game, somebody said Diaz might be back next week. I was surprised to see Adams tonite. They said something about Holliday too, but I didn’t quite catch it…

The Reds have owned us this year.

OK at this point, the Reds are up 1 game on the Cards 4-3. But the Cards win this afternoon…and it’s even.
The down side is that Votto didn’t even play last nite, and they still beat us. : (

Well at least we’re not at home so we’ll play well.

More brilliant baserunning. Why didn’t Garcia go half the way on Rosario’s drive? I thought they taught that in little league?

What’s with all he horrendous fielding. Missed balls which should be caught, poor throws and coverage of the bases etc They threw away those runs in the 7th. And Matheny didn’t bring in Broxton to switch Cabrera to his weak side?

Absolutely right Bob on all counts,yet the web page headline is Cards extend HR streak to 22. Who cares ……win the games. Everything is butterflies and unicorns with those people.

And then the low cost fill-in Williams in to cement the loss. If you can’t win this series playoffs are impossible.

Yup, the team needs serious work (still) on fielding, base-running…AND run-downs. When MM sends in Williams…I usually take it as a sign that he’s given up.
Sept 1st has come & gone. Rosters can expand now. Isn’t there an AAA pitcher or two they can bring up to replace Willams? Couldn’t be any worse, right?
And the truth is…the butterfly & unicorn routine does get tiresome. At least I heard a KMOX guy bring up run-downs, and that it truly shouldn’t take but a coupla’ throws to execute. Another radio guy said he can’t get over the never-ending confusion with base-running. Us fans seldom hear comments like that. Ones that aren’t positive, I mean.
Barring any further injuries, an ESPN website posted odds that it’ll ultimately be the Cubs & Rangers in the WS.
And Dave, how ’bout your boy AJ Pollock. ; )

This morning, the Cards purchased contract of AAA 6′ 2″, 220 lb, 22 y/o catcher Carson Kelly who holds a .289 BA this year. Maness was switched from 15 to 60-day DL and Pena reactivated too.

Well that addresses one of the gaps, with the inability to pinch hit for Rosario yesterday with the bases loaded to rest Yadi for the whole game. But as we have discussed Pena is unlikely to be an effective major leaguer with both conditioning and related injury issues. Maybe Kelly can make some impression though his experience is limited.

I think MM could even use Kelly & Pena in tandem. When Yadi needs a break, possibly start Kelly, then yank him for Pena if needed. ‘Course it’d probably be safest to only do that vs the Brew Crew. And then, once the Birds are mathematically eliminated? Kelly could play more.
And ya’ know? Something just dawned on me regarding Piscotty. For the umpteenth time, Hrabowsky has made a comment like, “I can’t believe Steven misjudged, misplayed that”. Curious….and possibly indicative of a sight-issue? MM might do well to have an doc check out Piscotty’s vision.
In Pham’s case a while back, if you recall…Tommy said getting a new prescription for his contacts noticeably improved his ability to see the ball.

The Mets announcers noticed the lack of defense also. Not getting to balls, taking the wrong angles and general lack of speed. The “Cardinal Way” has fallen off since MM took them helm, that can’t be a coincidence.
Wainwright throws today. I remember when it was a lock, now I fear it’ll be more of the lastest. No command,poor location,and getting hit hard.
Please no more stories about Home Runs, we need wins!!
Nice to see other WC contenders aren’t playing well either. Imagine if one was playing well, they’d run away with a slot based on recent play.

Exactly. Hrabosky mentioned those things as well. Like the Mets’ announcers said, Al was also surprised that Stephen seemed slow & used a couple of less-than-effective routes out there in RF. I guess Piscotty’s diminished performance lately, could be attributed to a number of things. Vision, certainly a possibility…but maybe physical and/or mental exhaustion, illness or injury too?
I do wonder sometimes, if younger players might be reticent to tell management about anything they consider insignificant, worried it might screw things up for the team, or worse….become an issue that could affect their future in the bigs.
It’s hard to say why the other teams are losing off & on, kinda’ like the Cards are. Then again, there are so many injuries this year, league-wise.
Whoa, the Brewers blanked the Pirates yesterday, 10-zip. We play the Pirates today (3:05CT) and the Brew-Crew play the Cubs today (12:05CT). Should be interesting to see how the scores turn out.
I’m still hopeful that the Birds can grab a Wild Card spot. But realistically, I have no expectation that the Red Birds get any further than that. That’s OK, tho’. It’d be good enuf’ for this year. ; )
PS? Last nite, MLB TV happened to post an odd statistic. Wanna’ guess which team’s OF players (combined that is), have the highest number of HR’s so far this season? Naw, never mind. Forget I asked. Hehehe.

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