August 17: Cardinals @ Astros

Jenifer Langosch/

Records: Cardinals (63-56, -12.5 in NL Central), Astros (61-58, -9.0 in AL West)

First pitch: 1:10 pm CT

TV/Radio: Fox Sports Midwest, 1120 KMOX

Cardinals lineup: Kolten Wong (2B), Stephen Piscotty (RF), Matt Carpenter (DH), Brandon Moss (1B), Yadier Molina (C), Jedd Gyorko (3B), Randal Grichuk (CF), Jeremy Hazelbaker (LF), Greg Garcia (SS)

Astros lineup: George Springer (RF), Alex Bregman (3B), Jose Altuve (2B), Carlos Correa (SS), Marwin Gonzalez (1B), A.J. Reed (DH), Jason Castro (C), Teoscar Hernandez (CF), Tony Kemp (LF)

Transactions: None

Reading material:

  • Game recap from the Cardinals’ 8-5 win over the Astros on Tuesday (link)
  • Where would the Cardinals be without Jedd Gyorko? (link)
  • Matt Holliday to undergo thumb surgery today with hopes of returning this season (link)
  • Seth Maness to undergo season-ending elbow surgery on Thursday (link)

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Moss can make an argument about being our team MVP this year.

Yep, the post-game show they were talking about Mo’s trades which maybe weren’t so popular at the time they were made. Where would the team be w/o Gyorko & Moss?
Now we gotta’ hope the Giants mess up. Of course that goes for the Pirates & Marlins too. St Louis sports-guys are all hoping the WC game could be played here. But then again, the Birds seem to play best when they’re playing out-of-town.
Gotta’ say that Bowman’s been really good this season. He doesn’t probably get the credit he deserves. To pitch his way out of a no-outs, bases-loaded situation with no runs ultimately scored? Pretty darned impressive!

In an earlier post I stated that Hope Solo was the #1 A-Hole at the Olympics. Ryan Lochte appears to have surpassed her if the new reports are correct about falsifying a hold up story at a gas station.
I’m very impressed with the Pirates being in it as long as they have with no Ace. Of course that describes us too.

Yes four solid games after the ultimate low of Thursday and Friday at Wrigley. Who would have thought that the Pirates would stay so competitive after trading their closer? If they meet the Nationals in the playoffs they may yet regret that decision.

Lots of good teams to beat for the wild card and then our inconsistent starters would make it difficult. Bowman’s stint was impressive though Broxton is completely unreliable now.

Yup, the Lochte thing’s weird. From what I “think” I heard….he & his buddies broke down the locked door of a gas station bathroom (drunk probably), causing a security guard to come investigate. Guess they tried to blame the broken door on a make-believe thug who’d run away?
And it appears that the Pirates are definitely trying their best to close in on a WC spot. Kinda’ unexpected that they’re still hangin’ in there.
I read a piece about Reyes & how he’ll need to warm up now that he’s no longer in the minors. I don’t understand any of that stuff. Reyes has been starting since Spring Training and he’s had a routine down pat. What’s to change now that he’s middle relief, other than cutting back some?
One of the FoxSportsMidwest guys, Rick Horton (an ex-pitcher for the Cards), has even said himself…”I really don’t know why pitchers have to warm up so much before being put in a game. Back in the day, I’d throw a few pitches and be ready to go. It seems unnecessary to me and frankly, ups the entire day’s pitch-count.”
Waino’s slotted to start Friday vs Philly, and Weaver on Saturday. If Waino does a repeat of his last outing…would Reyes be put in? Just wondering since Weaver’s supposed to start Saturday and would likely piggyback with Reyes that day. But then Bowman could piggy-back with Weaver on Saturday,instead. Geez, who knows…

I nominate French Pole Vaulter Renault Lavillenie for worst sport; did not support or congratulate his opponents including winner from Brazil, gave thumbs down to Brazilians who cheered their home-town hero and compared their treatment of him to Jesse Owens in Hitlers Olympics. Then was upset when the crowd booed him at the medal ceremony. Needs to learn some good sportsmanship and how to deal with crowds and with losing…

Egyptian judo guy not shaking the hand of the guy who beat him… Isreaili. They sent his ass home too.

Yes that was one of the worst. But the swimmers will be highest profile. Heard they are being charged with filing a false report to police.

On another point, who was dumb enough to take baseball and softball out of the Olympics? Thanks to the Japenese its returning in Tokyo in 2020.

As of today? The Cards are 64-56. But on this date, Aug 19, 2011….the Cards were 66-59 putting them 7.5 games back of the NL Central leading Brewers. Also on this date in 2011….the Cards were 15 games back of the 80-43 Phillies who were leading the entire National League.
So, let’s see. Who eventually won the World Series in 2011? I can’t recall…can you? Hahaha.

Haley I love that positive attitude of yours. Me, I have that Irish heritage and had ‘Murphy’s Law’ drilled into me since I was young. Also we New Englanders’ see the glass as half empty most of the time. 2 strikes against me from the get go. 3, if ya count that most of my family is from the Boston area.Talking with them is like learning another language. 26 letters in the alphabet, but they only use 25……… Rs. I love when they try to say beer………it comes out beeahh. That just kills me.

Yeah, my ex mother-in-law, was from Boston…and didn’t pronounce her R’s either. She was slightly negative as well. In fact, she seemed to incorporate her criticisms into every “attempted” compliment.
“Oh, the green beans you made were great! MUCH better than last time.” or…”Love you in those photos. Your crooked bottom tooth doesn’t show at all, the way you’re smiling.”
They definitely couldda’ made a hit sit-com with her as the main character. She had a certain way with words/phrases. : )
Anyway, Waino gave up a run in the 1st inning. Let’s hope that’s ALL he gives up…

Chicago’s Lackey & Rondon both headed for the DL as a “precautionary measure”.

Do we want Miami or Pittsburgh to win tonite??? They’re tied 0-0 right now…

With 41 games left to play the Cards could win 24 of them and finish with 90 wins, a good season. A WC berth would be in the Cards. Better win totals than my prediction of 86.

It’s hard to say how the regular season will end up. Those crazy “Cardiac Cards” can beat the best teams, lose to the worst teams and even beat themselves, as we’ve seen. But like you pointed out…if we win a little over half of the remaining games, the Birds might manage to grab a WC spot. But a lot still depends on how everybody else does.
On MLB TV last nite, those guys were discussing Heyward’s measly .225 BA with only 5 HR’s….and what a disappointment he’s turned out to be. Maddon benched him last nite and will keep him benched this entire weekend, as an attempt to clear his head. At least that’s the latest report. I cannot even imagine the pressure Heyward’s feeling right now. Gotta’ be awful.
All I know is that the Birds certainly dodged a bullet on that ridiculous $184M deal. Whew…
Also, they’re saying that Lance Lynn will be back this season…but only available for post-season play, provided we make it that far.
It’ll be interesting to see how MM uses the pitchers tonite. Reyes’ pitch-count last nite only got up into the 20’s I think. So can he be used for an inning or two, tonite? Or will Bowman go in to relieve Weaver???
Btw, I read about possible starters for the one WC game we could be playing. The MLB-TV crew feels it should be Waino. I think Martinez. One guy thought Oh should actually start the game. Hmmm. Interesting eh?

No Wong or Garcia in the starting line-up tonite. Hazelbaker (lead-off) & Grichuk instead, to reward their productive at-bats yesterday. When is Yadi gonna’ take a day off? Probably no time soon since he had a whole 2 days off this past week. Hehehe.

Pre-game interviews were blah today. ‘Cept for one of MM’s comments I found curious.
When asked about how & how much they’ll use Reyes from here on out (bullpen, starter or a mix)? MM said he’s not exactly sure going forward, especially about how many innings (pitches) will be planned to “safely” use Reyes.
“We have to keep in mind that Alex had regularly been starting in Triple-A this season…so I’ll have to see what the front office wants to do.”
Therefore, it appears that Mo & the owner (DeWitt) decide things like that?
No Pham, Hazelbaker or Wong in the starting line-up today. GGarcia at SS and leading off.

I wonder how much time/rope MM has with the front office. Mo has to be confused with some of MM moves, as well as the team. If the Cards make the playoffs MM is probably safe for the start of next year. Miss the playoffs and………????
I am curious about what Yadi and Waino think? They’re past their primes so they may not carry the weight they once had, but I still wonder? If it were 3yrs. earlier MM may have already been let go.

Well, I think your perspective is a tad different than some others out there. I’ve heard talk & read articles about the Cards’ history of injuries…both last season and this one. But still, a fair amount of chatter is saying that the Birds somehow, remain in contention despite all the issues. And consequently, many feel it’s a result of MM’s coaching.
It’s possible that “the front office” had strong input in keeping Rosie as a closer too long, signing a chubby no-so-young catcher like Pena, allowing an above average catcher like Fryer to get snatched up, not bringing up Reyes sooner, etc.
To me…that’s sort of the mystery. It’s hard to tell if MM has his hands tied in certain situations, when he’s required to follow the wishes of “the front office”. That’s what made me pick up on that comment MM made the other day.
Regarding MM’s future? As one sports-writer wrote: “Do you fire a manager who took the team to the post-season for 4 straight years, just because he may not quite do it again this year? I don’t think so…”
As for Yadi? I do think he has a pretty substantial influence on things overall. For 1 thing, I suspect that Yadi may have been instrumental in signing his buddy Pena as his back-up. (Not the best idea.) Secondly, Leake does NOT like anyone’s help choosing which pitch to throw, yet there’s Yadi trying to call the game for him. (Rosario needs to catch Leake.) I watched very closely, and noticed that Leake would often throw something other than the sign Yadi put down. There’s tension there, between those 2. Trust me.

An article posted this morning quoted Yadi as saying he’s still focused on trying to catch the Cubs, and is less concerned with the WC right now.
With 39 games currently left? He pointed out that he remembers when the Cardinals were 10 games back with only 20 games to go, but they still won the division or made the playoffs.
Whatever works, I guess…

Company answer.
If Mo has that much influence over Matheny then he probably won’t get rid of him. Not until his job is shakey.
Get to watch the Cards on T.V. now that they play the Mets. Hope Yadi sits still.

Woo-hoo! Glad you get to watch the game tonite!!! Funny how a few sports-writers are mentioning the Mets-Cards rivalry from years ago. I never quite understood the “Pond-scum” reference…or how it originated. I’ll have to look that up. Hahaha.

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