August 14: Cardinals @ Cubs

Jenifer Langosch/

Records: Cardinals (61-56, -13.0 in NL Central), Cubs (+13.0 in NL Central)

First pitch: 7:08 pm CT

TV/Radio: ESPN, 1120 KMOX

Cardinals lineup: Greg Garcia (SS), Stephen Piscotty (RF), Matt Carpenter (1B), Brandon Moss (LF), Yadier Molina (C), Jhonny Peralta (3B), Jedd Gyorko (2B), Randal Grichuk (CF), Mike Leake (RHP)

Cubs lineup: Dexter Fowler (CF), Kris Bryant (3B), Anthony Rizzo (1B), Ben Zobrist (2B), Addison Russell (SS), Chris Coghlan (LF), Jason Heyward (RF), Wilson Contreras (C), John Lackey (RHP)

Transactions: None

Reading material:

  • The future was on display Saturday as Luke Weaver and Alex Reyes shined (link)
  • Game recap from the Cardinals’ 8-4 victory over the Cubs on Saturday (link)

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I’ve got a theory. I think Yadi called MM out to the mound, just to say he was concerned that Siegrist might be hurt (not that he really is)….in order to get Oh on the mound. Yadi wanted Oh out there fast, so there was less chance that the Cubs would get another HR.

ESPN 4 minutes ago: Maddon says Lackey’s shoulder stiffened up, but he feels a lot better after “treatment”.

Stanton out for a while in Miami. Stanton’s misfortune could help us, but I thought that when Kershaw went down. Since then the Dodgers have actually played better.

Gold= $25,000
Silver= $15,000
Bronze= $10,000
Payments to our “amature ” Olympians. Subject to taxation. Marco Rubio proposed to eliminate the tax two years ago. Makes you wonder a little about the spin we’re fed daily by the Networks. Pride and Country??? or $$$
Also, great article in the New York Times about perminent sites for the Olympics. This way countries wouldn’t waste money building new sites every four years. Using the capital on their own people,like Brazil should have done. The IOC has rejected the idea for years. Bet payoff $$$$ is behind it. IOC members would’nt get kick backs.

Back to the Cardinals.
With 44 games to go,if they play 500 ball it will give them 84 wins. Not enough. 24 -20 will give them my prediction of 86 wins. Still not enough IMO. I think they’ll need 88 to get in.???

The corrupt IOC might well present a problem with a permanent Olympics site, as your statement alluded to. And that doesn’t seem like a huge $$$ reward, considering the years, effort & money the parents & kids invest over the years.
If Diaz returns soon, with the hopeful potential of Weaver & Reyes plus a little luck? The Birds could still feasibly grab a WC slot.
If/when Wacha returns? I’m thinking they might just “piggyback” him with another pitcher to reduce his innings.
I still don’t get why the Birds don’t walk Rizzo, just like I mentioned about Votto. It’s silly to risk a very probable chance that he gets a double, triple or HR.
They’re saying Stanton’s out for the season. If you saw the video, it looked like the same thing that happened with Holliday last year. It seemed to stop him in his tracks. So far, it’s being reported as a Grade-3 strain, defined as a complete “tear” (unlike Grade 1 & 2).
Chatter says Marlins may be considering going after A-Rod. However, it may only be idle chatter, since A-Rod doesn’t play the outfield. Ichiro’s .316 BA could suffer if they decide to play him everyday. So who knows what they’ll do…if anything.

It sure isn’t much money. Just over 6K a yr. IF you get gold.The IOC is as corrupt as Chicago politics.
The problem with the return guys is we’ll need immediate contributions and if they’re not 100% like Perralta wasn’t there won’t be enough time to get them to that point.
A-Rod to the Marlins, bet Mattingly is thrilled.
Why not just hit Rizzo, that’s Madden’s way. Better yet hit Madden, like Nuke hitting the bull…………..Bull Durham ref.
A-Rod and Ichiro in Miami…………Baseball’s new retirement home. When ya walk ya use a walker.

Good to have a couple of come back wins to even the series, especially since the ESPN game ended so late last night as a loss would have been hard to take. It will be tough to grab the WC spot but they won’t have enough to get far in the playoffs.

One of my colleagues studies politics of sport and the Olympics is a mess – it’s always a huge boondoggle and cost to the countries which host it.

Sticking with Ichiro is better than A-Rod. Hope DIaz will be back as that could help quite a lot. Texas teams will be tough.

Right. Like Dave mentioned? A permanent Olympics site would be best for everybody.
No ballgames are going to be easy from here on out. Lots of desperate competitor teams, and bunches of spoiler-type teams too.
Lance Lynn begins pitching in an actual game at High-A Palm Beach today.
I heard he’s been throwing bullpens for over a month already. He wants to get back ASAP to help his teammates try to get into the playoffs. Jen says no chance Diaz returns in August, tho’. Boo-hoo.

Here’s some Cards insight, going forward. It’s approx 15 minutes. Only click on Dan McLaughlin, the 2nd from the top:

Whoa, yet another player on the DL? That’s 12 (twelve) Cardinals put on the DL since July 1st.
Anyway this morning, Maness was put on the DL and Tui called up. Elbow irritation of some sort. Sounds kinda’ temporary from what I gather, until they can figure out how much they need to limit his appearances in order to keep him effective.
Gosh, I dunno’. I realize other teams are dealing with injuries too. But maybe the Cards are too crippled at this point, to continue a legit run for the WC? The “next-man-up” thing probably isn’t gonna’ cut it anymore.
About the only way they can stay in contention, is if their errors stay limited to zero from here on out.
Besides…I’m a little concerned about Piscotty lately. His bat’s cooled off and his fielding’s become less than stellar. I’m afraid that sumpin’ might be up with him, as well?

Is it time to question their training and conditioning methods somewhat? Some injuries are always par for the course but this parade to the DL is hard to fathom. Unless its a tactic to rest tired arms and move pitchers back and forth from the minors?

Piscotty might be dealing with the fatigue of a long season as this is his first full year, and he could use some down time occasionally. Maybe the two days off this week will help.

Good points, all.
Poor training practices? Perhaps. But I suppose I’d lean toward them using the DL to rest a few of the players. Maybe the Birds are also “publicly” & purposely UNDER-estimating when some of the players might return this season…as a type of a ruse. One can hope, anyway?
And absolutely. Piscotty could be plain ole’ worn out. After all….it IS his 1st full-season in the bigs. Merely a wait-n-see situation.
So OK…the Birds (62-56) have 2 games @ Houston (61-57). Then another rest day on Thursday….followed by 3 games in Philly (56-63), before returning home to face the 59-59 Mets a week from today. (3-game series)
‘Course, the 65-52 LAD are playing @ Philadelphia tonite. Let’s hope the Dodgers can chew up the Phillies real good, before WE play ’em.
Definitely not an easy upcoming schedule for the Cards this next week.

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