August 13: Cardinals @ Cubs

Jenifer Langosch/

Records: Cardinals (60-56, -14.0 in NL Central), Cubs (73-41, +14.0 in NL Central)

First pitch: 1:20 pm CT

TV/Radio: Fox Sports Midwest, 1120 KMOX

Cardinals lineup: Greg Garcia (SS), Stephen Piscotty (RF), Matt Carpenter (1B), Brandon Moss (LF), Yadier Molina (C), Jhonny Peralta (3B), Jedd Gyorko (2B), Randal Grichuk (CF), Luke Weaver (RHP)

Cubs lineup: Dexter Fowler (CF), Kris Bryant (3B), Anthony Rizzo (1B), Ben Zobrist (LF), Addison Russell (SS), Jason Heyward (RF), Wilson Contreras (C), Javier Baez (2B), Kyle Hendricks (RHP)

Transactions: The Cardinals have placed OF Matt Holliday on the 15-day DL with a right thumb fractured and purchased the contract of RHP Luke Weaver.

Reading material:

  • Game recap from the Cardinals’ 13-2 loss to the Cubs on Friday (link)
  • Adam Wainwright described Friday’s two-inning outing as “one of the worst starts of my career.” (link)
  • Luke Weaver joins the club in Chicago, readies for his Major League debut (link)
  • As the Cardinals wait to learn whether Matt Holliday will need surgery, they’ll explore other outfield options (link)
  • Tyler Lyons will miss the rest of the regular season with a knee injury (link)

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Hope we don’t.

After seeing Papelbon start a fight with fellow teammate Bryce Harper a while back? I can’t imagine the Birds would want someone like Paperbon on their team, even if he came cheap. Papelbon is a bully, according to some articles I’ve read. Not someone who’d likely embrace “The Cardinal Way”.

What’s the point of warning both teams if Hendrick can hit the second batter of the game with no consequences and not even a peep from their manager to the umpires. No wonder the team is flat with that emotional leadership.

Madden is head and shoulders over Matheny. Time for Oquendo’s turn.
Umps love Madden, the crazy B@#$%tard.
I agree, plenty of positive Olympic moments. Martin Keymar’s remarks about the golfers for one. It’s just that Solo is such a jerk. Always was always will be. Trouble is the networks won’t touch the issue because she’s a female. When what she really is, is a no class A-Hole that should never represent this country again at any level.

At least the young pitchers have kept us in this game with a chance after 5 innings.

Canada is in love with that 16 year old swimmer whose 4 medals so far is a national record for summer games. 1 more race tonight.

Yep, the new youngsters helped with today’s game. I guess we have 2 new starters now, huh?
As for Madden? Why did he leave that kid Carl Edwards Jr in so long? The FoxSports guys were curious about that, too.
Let’s hope the White Sox can outdo the Marlins tonite….

Lets pump the brakes a bit on the new bees. Once does not do it for me, Lets see how they recover and if they can repeat at the Major League level.Then we’ll see if they can do it for 30-32 starts over a season. Remember Wacha had us all giddy,but hasn’t had a full season since.

Yeah, just wishful thinking I guess. That’s all.
Basically, these 2 guys are our last and only hope to qualify for a WC spot. And if they help us get there? Terrific. But if they falter? So be it.
At least the Cards should have enuf’ time this year to figure out what they actually have in these 2 guys, before considering what pitching help they’ll need next year.
An interesting tidbit? The “piggyback” or “tandem” starting option in today’s game incidentally, is something the Cards have used in the minors, and probably one of the only farm teams to do so. Jeff Luhnow (who left the Cards for the Astros and was the hacking target) incorporated “piggybacking” into the Astro’s game plan after going to work for Houston:–and-triple-a-levels/

Got to thinking more about about Luhnow. Recently convicted ex-Cards’ scout Chris Correa probably discovered that once Luhnow went to work for the Astros? He was implementing many of the Cards’ ideas (as mentioned above). Then Correa may have become suspicious, wondering what OTHER stuff Luhnow had “borrowed”. So my guess is that he secretly hacked into the Astros’ database “Ground Control” to see if it was a copy of the Cards’ algorithmic database that HE’D helped create while Luhnow was still WITH the Red Birds.
I by no means, am condoning it. Just that I can kinda’ understand the motivation, and easily see him doing it on his own. You know…on the sly to satisfy his curiosity?
Anyway, the good news? The Marlins lost tonite….putting them a half game behind the Cards.

This has been my theory all along – and does it affect the Astros willingness to press for punishment if he actually did steal secrets and breech some confidentiality clause? Would MLB have to think twice about that if there were signs he had compromised Cardinals information?

Whoever was booing the Canadian gal’s hubby for wearing a Canadian hat in support of his wife? Well….they’re idiots. The USA can’t win gold in every single event. Duh. And how amazing is Phelps. He’s won 22 gold medals overall, the most in Olympic history. Heck the next most is a female Soviet gymnast….a 9-time gold medal winner back in the 50’s-60’s.

Saw this on about tonights starter – not great. will see how it goes.

“Mike Leake draws the start in Sunday’s ESPN-televised series finale against the Cubs at 7:08 p.m. CT at Wrigley Field. Leake has allowed 22 runs over his last 22 innings, but he is 9-3 with a 3.18 ERA in 20 career starts against Chicago.”

Yeah, I’m worried about Leake too. He may do OK….or he might struggle. Hard to say. We’ll certainly find out tonite, eh? The one thing I keep hearing about Leake tho’, is that the defense behind him just has to get better for him to get a win.
Surprise. Just heard Giancarlo Stanton’s out of the Marlins’ line-up. (Just put on the 15-day DL with a groin-injury.) Ichiro will replace him. Perhaps that’ll factor in, in the WC race between the Cards & Fish.

Or the Card game go fish

Well the fish managed to beat Sale today unfortunately… must have had the vintage uniforms on again.


I was referring to Sale’s tantrum over the vintage uniforms he thought were uncomfortable. Maybe they made him wear one and that’s why he did poorly… a weak joke that didn’t work I guess….

Gotcha’. OK, it was Sale that blew his top about the uniforms. I’d forgotten.
Looks like Reyes will remain in the bullpen for now. I read he’ll be used if a starter gets in trouble early on…like Waino the other day after only 2 innings?
I assume that means that Weaver takes over Wacha’s spot on the starting rotation.

Gawd, I just hope the Cards remember that Lackey usually throws a strike the first time he pitches a hitter. I can’t be smarter than they are to realize that?

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