July 31: Cardinals @ Marlins

Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com

Records: Cardinals (56-48, -6.5 in NL Central), Marlins (56-48, -5.0 in NL East)

First pitch: 12:10 pm CT

TV/Radio: Fox Sports Midwest, 1120 KMOX

Cardinals lineup: Greg Garcia (2B), Aledmys Diaz (SS), Stephen Piscotty (RF), Matt Adams (1B), Yadier Molina (C), Jeremy Hazelbaker (CF), Jedd Gyorko (3B), Kolten Wong (LF), Carlos Martinez (RHP)

Marlins lineup: Dee Gordon (2B), Martin Prado (3B), Christian Yelich (LF), Giancarlo Stanton (RF), Marcell Ozuna (CF), J.T. Realmuto (C), Chris Johnson (1B), Adeiny Hechavarria (SS), Andrew Cashner (RHP)

Transactions: The Cardinals have acquired LHP Zach Duke from the White Sox for OF Charlie Tilson

Reading material:

  • Did short rest affect Jaime Garcia on Saturday? Or is that just a convenient excuse? (link)
  • Game recap from an ugly 11-0 loss to the Marlins on Saturday (link)
  • Jhonny Peralta meets up with the club on Saturday, tests strength in left thumb (link)

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Why does our line up look like its a throw away game? Their’s doesn’t. Wong LF, Hazelbaker CF??? Lets add Holiday at 1B and Wainwright catching. I don’t get it,Miami is a WC competitor, lets compete then??!

Your comment about Wainwright catching made me laugh out loud. Tee-hee.

A .300 OF can play, but a

but a <.250 OF has to run like a deer, catch like he has a net and throw with a rifle. Cards have none especially in CF.

Our j.v. team vs. their Varsity. What is MM thinking? You have a chance to take 3 of 4, go for it!!!! I’m so sick of MM right now and his bogus statements about why. Win today.

MM always rewards hitting. So Grickuk was replaced, altho’ he IS the most fleet-footed of the outfielders. Holliday missed an OF catch yesterday probably because he’s not the speediest. So LF given to Wong to allow GGarcia to play 2B, both of which are swinging goof bats lately.
I get the reasoning…but not sure how else the guys could’ve been switched around.
Hazelbaker & Pham unfortunately had a communication problem due to not being familiar with playing next to each other. Musical chairs does have it’s drawbacks.

Whatever the reasoning it put us behind in the WC race.
Cleveland got Miller. The Yankee farm system, usually poor, got alot better this week and if they move Beltran for more prospects they’ll be loaded with young talent. Much like they were when Jeter, Williams Posada, and Rivera came up.

OK, we’re behind the Marlins. However, we have a new guy added to the bullpen…plus Carp, Moss & Peralta are all due back within a week or so. I think it’s definitely possible that the Cards go on a tear after next week.
To digress? I like Lucroy’s smarts. Or his agent’s smarts. He has the final say-so on which team he goes to. Since he turned down the AL Central leaders, the Orioles…hard to say what he was shooting for. But rumors are that he didn’t want to go unless the Orioles voided his 2017 option, which they wouldn’t. Plus, it appeared that he’d probably be the back-up catcher behind Gomes, with some time spent at 1B. So, yeah….If that’s true, I don’t blame him.

Cashner said he thought Martinez hit G Stanton on purpose today, as payback I guess for Cashner hittin’ Holliday on the nose a coupla’ days ago. He didn’t say so, but apparently Cashner hit Diaz this afternoon to continue the revenge game.

You guys familiar with Craig Amsinger, one of the regular hosts on the MLB Network? Our local guy Chris Hrabe interviewed him a bit ago, and asked him what he thought about the trade deadline & our Cards. QUITE interesting! Here’s the link that has that interview, among others. Worth taking the time to listen.

Sorry, that’s GREG Amsinger. Oops.

I’m not expecting anymore deals including us. Wonder if Duke would be used as a starter down the road? He was originally one. Garcia hasn’t been as effective as I’d like. Bet Duke would have started instead of Garcia the other day if we had had him.
When the guys get off the DL ( and are ready to go ) MM better develop a consistent line up.

That is one thing that’s lacking. A regular line-up. Just that having already signed Wong long-term, what do you do when Carp, Peralta & Moss are back? There’s no easy answer. The only thing I can see…is to continue the musical chair routine.

Yankees are jettisoning age on their team and reaping huge returns. Wonder when or if we’ll start. This off season, next trade deadline or not at all.

Brewers got rid of almost everyone. Braun stayed however, thought he might go too, but never heard his name come up at all?????

Yeah, lotsa’ stuff going on. Most important is that Diaz was put on the 15-day DL with a hairline fracture. Mo says probably longer. First the current splint then a cast.
The Yanks traded ex-Cardinal Carlos Beltran to Texas for 3 minor league pitchers. And the Marlins returned injured RHP Colin Rea to the Padres and took back Castillo, who was in that deal the other day, too.
Our traded guy Charlie Tilson, is actually supposed to start for the White Sox sometime this week. Bet he’s excited.
Jen’s on-air right now. She thinks Oh will remain as the closer along with Siegrist, leaving Rosie in limbo. Also, pitchers Williams & Kiekhefer will likely be sent back down to make room for our returning guys and the new pitcher Duke.
GGarcia stays put, but Grichuk probably not. With Moss’ return tomorrow, he might start in RF, moving Piscotty to CF. More appearances for Wong in the outfield, as well. Of course, Peralta will be the everyday SS for the time being. I wonder if Hazelbaker gets to stay…or will it be Pham? Not both, I’m guessing.
Moss & Peralta due back tomorrow, with Carp following in another coupla’ days…

WOW, Haley you’re better than the reporters themselves. Thanks for the updates!

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