July 28: Cardinals @ Marlins

Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com

Records: Cardinals (54-47, -6.0 in NL Central), Marlins (55-46, -4.0 in NL East)

First pitch: 6:10 pm CT

TV/Radio: Fox Sports Midwest, 1120 KMOX

Cardinals lineup: Jeremy Hazelbaker (CF), Aledmys Diaz (SS), Stephen Piscotty (RF), Matt Holliday (LF), Matt Adams (1B), Jedd Gyorko (3B), Yadier Molina (C), Kolten Wong (2B), Michael Wacha (RHP)

Marlins lineup: Dee Gordon (2B), Martin Prado (3B), Christian Yelich (LF), Giancarlo Stanton (RF), Marcell Ozuna (CF), J.T. Realmuto (C), Derek Dietrich (1B), Adeiny Hechavarria (SS), Jose Fernandez (RHP)

Transactions: None

Reading material:

  • Game recap from the Cardinals’ improbable 5-4 win over the Mets on Wednesday (link)
  • With help from his offense in the ninth inning, Adam Wainwright gets off the hook (link)
  • Prospect Alex Reyes could be an option to start Saturday – if the Cardinals have to use Tyler Lyons before then (link)

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Haley’s Fernandez stats at home are scary. 26-1

Yeah, I know. But how ’bout it! We managed to get 3 in the 3rd despite super-star hurler Fernandez. Oh, those Cardiac Cards. They can kick butt playing the best team in the league, but then loose to the worst, the very next game. Geez….

Odd trade–pitchers for pitchers? Miami just acquired 29 y/o, 6′ 6″, 220lb, RHP Andrew Cashner along with fellow Marlin 25 y/o, 6′ 5″, 225lb righty Colin Rea from the Padres, in exchange for Miami’s only top 100 prospect Josh Naylor (1B)….plus 2 of THEIR righties, Cozart & Capps.
Not sure who’s a starter or who’s a reliever, tho’ Guess I need to check on that.

PS? Looks like no Reyes OR Lyons starting Saturday. Jaime’s been given the job.

We’ll see if Jaime’s up to it. We are 10-5 since the All-Star break, Pitching has improved ( Leake gave up 6 tonight ), offense has picked up, but the base running is still a nightmare. Even tonight we had 3 singles with the bases loaded and only the runner from third scored each time. Now I know that happens at times, but three times in-a-row makes me wonder?????

Yep, base-running continues to be an issue for the Birds.
Did ya’ see Peralta, Moss AND Carp are all due back in the next week or so? They should be relatively rested.
I was just glad to see there was no need to play Piscotty yesterday. It’s getting to be that time of year that the schedule begins wearing on the players.
Newly acquired Marlins RHP Colin Rea will be up against Jaime (on only 3 days rest) tonite. The preview says Miami’s other new righty Cashner, could start for them Sunday?
Mo supposedly said they’re looking at a few options before the trade deadline, but not sure anything will pan out considering what would likely have to be given up. Sure wish they’d bring Reyes up. We need to see if he can compete successfully in the bigs….or not.
The latest on Rosenthal? He’s seeing a 2nd specialist this coming week. Both shoulder AND elbow issues are suspected. Here’s my spin on the situation. Both Bowman & Lyons can’t be sent back down anymore, without a serious risk losing them. So…it might be wise to play up Rosenthal’s arm issues and just keep him on the DL indefinitely? 15-day DL, then the 15-day again….and again if necessary?

Options for the bull pen will be hard. Everybody wants bull pen help. The issue for Mo will be how much do we give up, especially if other teams lose their minds and give up high level prospects. If that’s the case I do nothing,except from within. Our minor league is not as deep as it once was.

Good series so far with two big wins. Love Hazelbaker’s retribution on their starter from their minor league run-in. And Diaz was huge off his childhood friend Jose. Will see how their new starters pan out.

Looks like the Bucs are giving up on the year?


This will make the Nationals more formidable rivals for the Cubs. we are not strong enough to warrant a big giveaway from depleted minor leagues so will have to do things more modestly until free agent season.

Too bad Walden is not one of those coming off the DL, but the offense will only be that much stronger with those 3 players back in the saddle.

Alas Bob this free agent season doesn’t look promising. The players that will be available are older. They’ll want multiple years and will only be productive/healthy for a fraction of the contract. Not worth it, unless you can put together a huge deal for a Mike Trout. We won’t trade that amount of players nor spend that kind of money to keep him. Someone might though………???

GGarcia in for Diaz at SS and leading off….plus Piscotty not starting again tonite. Hmmm. Hazelbaker replaced by Grichuk, too…which I don’t like. MM did say he wants to rest Diaz whenever possible, since he plays so darned much. And tonite seemed like a good time. As simple as that.
And right Bob.The Bucs wouldn’t trade Melancon unless they felt they’re outta’ contention.
Oh, how ’bout it…the Mariners over the Cubs earlier today, 4-1.That helps.

Found it kinda’ funny that Heyward only has 5 HR’s this season with a .229 this year.
One article I ran across theorizes that Heyward is an “old” 26 y/o, explaining that he was full-grown & filled-out in his late teens. So the contention is that Heyward’s actually hitting his physical peak right now. Or maybe he’s already hit it?

Well Garcia appears to have gotten off to a bad start – will see if they can dig there way out of this. Short rest did not work out and Garcia has not started as much as this in the last few seasons with his injuries. Looks like Lyons might be needed and a call up used tomorrow?

Yep, Lyons up pretty soon, I’ll bet. Incidentally, the end of Aug I’m attending a Cards game vs the A’s. A Red Bird bobblehead (not player likeness) is the give-away that nite. I’m sure I can get 2 of ’em, if not 3. Hahaha. Either of you guys interested as gifts?

Outfield defense seems suspect with Pham having a tough time in center field. They haven’t solved that position. Rea getting hurt is a downer for them, as he was off to a good start. And Chapman blew the save for the Cubs!

Well, maybe Rea felt like a piece of meat. Just flew in and they immediately wanna’ throw him on the mound? I know I’d prefer to have a little time to get thru some emotional, mental adjustments first, before pitching for a new team.
As for Pham? It could be that both infielders & outfielders are more prone to faux-pas, simply because position-assignments are in flux, like musical-chairs.

If you score zero runs it doesn’t matter who’s pitching your gonna lose.

Yup Dave, that’s how it works out when you do the math.
MM could’ve just as easily started Lyons. But as I’ve said several times before? Lyons in my opinion, isn’t big-league material quite yet. He still needs to work on developing his consistency/control. Instead, he might best fit the “lefty specialist” role. Heck, look how long they held on to “Choke” for that particular job.
Bottom line….they should’ve called up Reyes. I can’t imagine what the heck they’re waiting for. Especially, at this point. He couldn’t have done any worse. At least Reyes would’ve finally gotten some experience in the big-leagues.
Grichuk is the one who ultimately should be sent down. His BA as Jen points out….is now only a sorry .170. Like Rosenthal, MM continues to have faith in Randal, despite repeated poor performances by both.
I dunno’. Could Hazelbaker occasionally switch to CF? That kid definitely plays his heart out. And had he been in LF last nite? I do believe Jeremy would’ve caught that outfield hit that Holliday couldn’t quite catch.

Maybe after what happened to Mayers, they’re gun shy when it comes to Reyes. Lyons is like you alluded to is our new Randy Choate. Looks like he’ll end up the same way……kick around the league as a LH speciallist. Someone always seems to need one. A true reliever needs to get both LH and RH out for at least one inning. By definition that’s a reliever’s job……to relieve.
We finish up with Miami today then have the Reds, Braves, and the Reds again. Miami goes to Chicago. Hopefully they’ll help us,because we have three series coming up we can/should win. Miami is close in the WC race with us but I’ll trade that for wins over the Cubs.
Not feeling it for Mo making a deal, at least not anything sexy. Players coming off DL,but are they really ready? Peralta clearly wasn’t so he went out again.
I like the fact that Diaz is hitting no. 2 he has handled it very well. Leadoff is still an issue, but Carp will be back in that role when he returns.

Your right not “sexy” but will see if he provides some help:

Checked out his stats and a mixed career as a lefty as Lyons will become – but his stats this year are pretty good:


Duke does look good. In MM’s interview just now, he said a lefty reliever is great to have in the bullpen. (Tyler?) I wonder why the White Sox gave him up. They’re 9.5 games behind the AL Central leader, the Indians. Perhaps, they’re giving up?
And you’re probably right, Dave. Putting Reyes in right now, might be so much pressure that he flubs it simply due to nerves.

Alrighty then. Hazelbaker starts in CF today. If he can field without errors, and run hits down good ‘nuf…then maybe he’ll be Grichuk’s replacement.

But Wong in LF? Good grief.

Two players hurt and out of games after hit by pitch by their immediate rivals in playoff races – Tulo against Orioles, Diaz against Marlins. Hmmm I am sure its just coincidence.

Hope Diaz is not sidelined too long as he has been our best lately and as Dave suggested who knows how ready Peralta or Carpenter will be when they get back.

A consequence of switching outfield players around who haven’t practiced next to each other enough.

Yes the comments on the game wrap up pointed out how this is one of several similar miscues which have cost games. And it also included this comment.

“Don’t make any moves, Mo. Let’s wait for the Cubs to self-destruct while we Mo-destruct. Stay within the budget. Please. And spend the profits on more expensive park amusements..”

Well exciting play on Piscotty’s double but too many checked swing third strikes today. And that bullpen help can’t get here fast enough! Could be a big game in the final standings.

With all of the Mets, Dodgers, Marlins and Giants moves our chances in the post season just about collapsed. Stand pat and save money but now the farm is depleted too. And the Rockies are on fire without any changes.

With a weaker free agent pool ahead as Dave says it will be some time to get back in serious contention. Will see how the rest of the year plays out as we get some regulars back. Get used to doing something else than baseball in October.

Well at least they didn’t completely cave like Pirates who shipped Liriano and TWO top prospects to the Jays for Hutchinson who is 4 or 5th starter with nearly 5 ERA.. Talk about desperate to get rid of salary. He gave us fits at ttimes and so did Bruce so that will help in division games at least

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