July 24: Dodgers @ Cardinals

Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com

Records: Cardinals (52-45, -6.5 in NL Central), Dodgers (55-44, -4.0 in NL West)

First pitch: 7:08 pm CT

TV/Radio: ESPN, 1120 KMOX

Cardinals lineup: Randal Grichuk (LF), Aledmys Diaz (SS), Stephen Piscotty (RF), Matt Holliday (1B), Jedd Gyorko (3B), Yadier Molina (C), Tommy Pham (CF), Kolten Wong (2B), Mike Mayers (RHP)

Dodgers lineup: Chase Utley (2B), Corey Seager (SS), Justin Turner (3B), Adrian Gonzalez (1B), Howie Kendrick (LF), Yasmani Grandal (C), Andrew Toles (RF), Joc Pederson (CF), Scott Kazmir (LHP)

Transactions: The Cardinals purchased the contract of RHP Mike Mayers and optioned RHP Miguel Socolovich to Triple-A Memphis

Reading material:

  • Game recap from the Cardinals’ 7-2 loss to the Dodgers on Saturday (link)
  • Mike Mayers set to make his Major League debut in Sunday’s series finale (link)
  • Defense once again complicates things for Mike Leake (link)

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Adams & GGarcia not starting tonite. Holliday at 1B. MM says if the new kid Mayers struggles, they’ve prepared the bullpen to take over.

I’m sick….

Sad that the kid had such rough time. And Wong gets hurt by a mis-positioned umpire just like Alan Craig (hope its not as serious).

I guess we got Michael Meyers in stead of Mike Mayers.

I have a feeling Wong will be OK. But I feel sorry for the pitcher-kid. I can’t imagine anybody having a worse 1st outing.
Just as well he gave up all those runs tho’. Rosenthal would’ve done it anyway, if Micheal hadn’t. Loading the bases with walks ‘n such, is standard for him.
Frankly, I think Yadi asked to be taken out because he’d had it with Rosie. I’m thinking that’s the only way he could show MM his disapproval of putting Rosenthal in. Yadi probably doesn’t say much about those decisions…but he was just plain ole’ fed up.

Yes Wong was OK and beat an infield throw later. But he hasn’t come along much at the plate despite regular playing time.

Overall a forgettable game and hope the kid can regain his composure at Memphis. But if the Cubs are willing and able to pull off yet another coup, management in St Louis will have to change approach to compete somehow.


can I subscribe to your emails regarding the cardinals?

Heck yeah. If the Cubs can grab Chapman? That’d put them in really good shape.
And yes, both Wong & Grichuk continue to have batting issues.
One has to wonder if MM might get a 6th starter from the bullpen. Or heck, Reyes couldn’t be any worse than that poor kid was, last nite.
Anyway, this Mets’ 3-game series is gonna’ be very telling. That’s all I know….

Finally in my area so I get to watch all 3 games. T-Storms in the area tonight.
If Yadi wanted out because of Rosenthal then its not the Yadi we know and more important than that the team is questioning MM. Chapman for all I’ve read will be a Cub. They have the talent on hand to make it happen. Its there year to go for it. However, they’re the Cubs, so it’ll be curious to see how they’ll fall short this time.
The pitching staff is in turmoil right now. Not enough innings from starters and the bull pen is thin…….Rosenthal makes it even thinner. Mo was wondering weeks ago which way to go before Aug. 1st…….well, its the bull pen now.

Oh, Dave. Be SURE to watch Yadi…and how he sets-up so far outside sometimes. It just seems pointless. If or when a pitcher does hit the bulls-eye on his catcher’s mitt? It’s NEVER a strike. Ever. So what’s the purpose?
And yep. The team’s speculation is probably that they COULD’VE won last nite, provided they hadn’t been dealing with an extra-early 9-run deficit.
Gosh, why didn’t MM see that Rosie was the same last nite. He was his usual “Mr Walk-man” self. At least, MM’s post-game comments didn’t reflect it from what I heard.

The pattern continues of losing series to above .500 teams, and wild card opponents. And wins against those teams are critical to any playoff chances.

As of today’s trade the Cubs are uncatcheable of course unless Chapman falls flat or gets hurt. Would you trade for a person with his checkered reputation outside baseball?

Also would Sale be a good add with his clubhouse issues? We probably don’t have the prospects to pull it off, so as Dave hints, tinkering low cost with bullpen is likely all we will see by Sunday’s deadline.

Looks like a rainout tonight. Hope this doesn’t mean another doubleheader to mess up Martinez’s dates.

Martinez starts tomorrow’s 1st game…and Jaime, the 2nd.

So the schedule will be screwed up yet again.

They brought up RHP 6′ 3″, 260lb 34 y/o Jerome Williams from Memphis, who the Cards got from Philly back on June 6th. (waivers)
Tonite’s game cancelled just now due to weather/rain. Double-header tomorrow beginning 4pm ET? Then another game after that? Looks like maybe both games could run up until almost midnite, eastern time. Wow.
Pre-game, MO said they’ve got to get Rosie back on track. So keep the Pepto handy. He ain’t goin’ nowhere.
As for Sale? His temperament could definitely be a problem. He’d laugh at the “Cardinal Way”.

Cards are 1st in home runs and runs scored so Mo won’t tinker with the offense.
He’ll probably add to the pen.

We also have one of the lowest era’s by a starting staff since June 1st. Another reason to add to the pen.

Well, right again Dave. In the tonite’s interview, Mo also admitted the bullpen needs help. But he added that internal options may be the way they go instead of via trade/shopping….specifically mentioning Reyes.
Mo pointed out that first part of Aug is when they thought it’d be best to bring up Alex, all along. Even back in April-May. How ’bout it. ; )

Back to back games starting at 4 today? Would be good to have Fryer around for that second start!.

Yeah Bob, I think Fryer’d be better than Rosario. But then, Rosario does appear to give 110%. Whether that’s good ‘nuf? We’ll see…
You wouldda’ thought they’d start a little earlier. As it is, one ticket gets NY fans in for both games. The 2nd game begins 1/2 hour after the 1st one ends. Interesting.
Pre-game interview, Mgr Terry Collings said he’s asked “Thor” not to throw quite as hard in order to help him last longer in the game. Hopefully, fewer attempted 99-100mph strikes-outs will merely translate into more ground balls and bloopers for the Mets’ defense to field.
The Marlins btw…looked kinda’ silly yesterday during their loss to Philly. For example, a Miami runner was on his way to 3B from 1st, when he realized his teammate’s hit wasn’t the long laser-shot he’d thought. Hahaha.
Let’s hope Philly repeats the win tonite….

Will wonders never cease! Rosenthal just put on the 15-day DL…then Kiekhefer called up to replace him. Plus, Tuivailala called up as well, as a 26th player….which is allowed on double-header days. C’mon Tui….let’s see some control. Keep your pitches down low & paint those edges. Oh, and no 100-mph wild pitches either….got it? ; )

Derrick Goold article this afternoon says MM mentioned discussing Rosenthal as a starter, once he returns from the DL. Apparently, Trevor asked to be evaluated due to some shoulder discomfort, claiming it’s something similar to what Maness recently experienced.
Unless Lyons is used a lot in the next several days? MM also added that Tyler may start this coming Saturday, which will be game #3 of 4 @ Miami.

I’m watching this game and can not believe we’re winning thus far. Poor third base coach judgement trying to score Adams from first. Garcia thrown out at third on a ball hit in front of him. Ron Darling, the Mets, annalist can’t believe what the Cards have become. He said they were a buttom down team that’s lost their edge. AND it comes from the bench. Meaning MM. Lyons got through his stint and looks like a high school pitcher,but was very effectiv.. Not sure its a lock, but Oh better come through in the ninth, if we get there with a lead. Yes Haley Yadi is off the plate too much. Fryer came up in conversation and they were perplexed to why he wasn’t protected, keeping Pena who has done zero for the Cards this year. Interesting what others see in our team and how it doesn’t match up to the “candy canes and unicorns” view of the Red teamers we hear from. Seigrist is in now, fingers crossed. Flores line out to CF, 4 pitch walk to Rivera.

Thanks to Pham who bailed out Oh we held on to that one. Second game has too many called third strikes and swing and misses. They are making it easy for Bartolo.

Yes, Tim McCarver was saying some of the Cardinals are playing “carelessly”. Gyorko should’ve caught that foul ball & Grichuk should’ve used both hands to catch the outfield fly. And duh…Adam’s to big & slow to have tried making home plate.
Oh, and Grichuk let Colon throw 3 strikes over the plate without swinging one darned time. What in THE heck is going on??? It’s almost laughable.
Agree with the analysts, Dave. The Cards seem off, lost their edge or whatever ya’ wanna’ call it. And right Bob…the wiffs were everywhere tonite.
Btw….rumor is that Reyes was taken out of his AAA game tonite after only 3 innings. Something about a back-up starter for this Saturday’s game vs the Marlins, in case Lyon’s can’t start?

Makes sense.

The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that Rosenthal did whatever HE thought it’d take, to be removed from further bullpen duties. (For now, anyway.) It didn’t appear that MM was gonna’ pull him anytime soon. That’s for sure.
The fans’ boos received the other day (the first I personally can recall) very likely got the best of Rosie, emotionally. That’s not to mention Yadi’s possibly frustration-related exit after Trevor walked a coupla’ batters to load the bases. My guess also is that Rosie’s sensing a tiny-bit of disappointment from his teammates, as well.
So considering all the guilt he could’ve been feeling these last few weeks? He did it. Rosie made the decision (not management)…and specifically complained of a shoulder soreness practically identical to Maness’ recent issue.
One incidentally, which seemed to heal up on it’s own, requiring only a little rest.
PS? I’m not sure Carp (or Moss, for that matter) will return in time to help Cards contend. Ouch.

Wong & Grichuk not starting. The Met’s pitcher supposedly isn’t anybody that great. No Cardinal has any past experience with him, either.
Moss begins a rehab assignment this Thursday.

MM did an interview before the Mets game tonight talking about how the org. teaches the “Cardinal way” of doing things. I wanted to ask if that includes leading the majors in errors? Running into needless outs on the bases? And what seems t o many as quitting on the team……..Rosenthal? As of now Cards up 3-1, two on one out. This is that moment in every game that decides the outcome.

I don’t see it as Rosenthal quitting. Just that he couldn’t figure out how to get his pitches right again…and he didn’t want to continue hurting the team.

Waino gets out of it. Still up 3-1. Offense needs to make them pay for it with at least one more run in the top half of the inning.

Oh Christmas Waino’s first WP of the year and the first homer he’s given up in two months and Cespedes first homer in weeks. Mets announcers called it too….Ron Darling. 115 pitches. Now we’ll see if they can come back……..no K’s put the ball in play PLEASE.

Well they managed to win a series against a wild card opponent with a great comeback win. Yadi came through and Wong an unlikely hero. Got MM off the hook for keeping Wainwright in a bit too long. Will see how they fare down in Miami next.

Well, MM has a hard time saying no to Waino. Besides, nobody knows if Cespedes could’ve/would have hit the HR off somebody else.
This Marlins 4-game series coming up, will be really tough. Especially tomorrow, when the Fish have 26-1 Fernandez starting. His lifetime ERA at home is 1.47.
Odd. I read that Dee Gordon will finally be back with Miami this coming series, after serving an 80 game suspension for PED’s. However, it said he’d be ineligible to play in the post-season if the Marlins made the play-offs.

WOW, Familla’s first blown save of the season. Mets were 4 for 33 with runners in scoring position during the series. MM did keep Waino in too long.
Haley, I think Yadi’s habit of sitting on corners comes from Wainwright. He did it alot last night and Waino was hitting corners. The problem, as you pointed out,is not everyone is Wainwright so set up behind the plate more.

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