July 7: Pirates @ Cardinals

Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com

Records: Cardinals (43-41, -9.0 in NL Central), Pirates (44-41, -8.5 in NL Central)

First pitch: 12:45 pm CT

TV/Radio: Fox Sports Midwest, 1120 KMOX

Cardinals lineup: Greg Garcia (3B), Aledmys Diaz (SS), Matt Holliday (LF), Stephen Piscotty (RF), Matt Adams (1B), Yadier Molina (C), Randal Grichuk (CF), Kolten Wong (2B), Adam Wainwright (RHP)

Pirates lineup: John Jaso (1B), Gregory Polanco (RF), Andrew McCutchen (CF), Jung Ho Kang (3B), Matt Joyce (LF), Josh Harrison (2B), Jordy Mercer (SS), Eric Fryer (C), Tyler Glasnow (RHP)

Transactions: The Cardinals have placed second baseman Matt Carpenter on the 15-day DL and purchased the contract of catcher Michael McKenry.

Reading material:

  • Cardinals lose Matt Carpenter to a right oblique injury (link)
  • Game recap from the Cardinals’ 7-5 loss to the Pirates on Wednesday (link)
  • Randal Grichuk returns to the big leagues with a changed swing and clear mind (link)
  • MLB.com columnist Mike Bauman wonders where the Cardinals’ usual resilience has been (link)
  • Catcher Brayan Pena heads back to the DL with more knee issues; Alberto Rosario earns his first Major League call-up (link)
  • As evidenced on Wednesday, the Cardinals still haven’t sorted out roles in the bullpen (link)
  • Cards hope to have Jhonny Peralta (left thumb) back in the lineup before the end of the week (link)

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Remember when Wacha followed by Martinez use to excite going into a 3 game series no matter who we were up against?


I think the NL standings will finish the year as they are today: 7-9. The only exception will be Arizona will finish above San Diego (who cares!)
Time to be sellers. Even the well loved!!!

Manage continues to confound – Rosenthal in high pressure situation last night produces loss (though bullpen options are limited at the moment). Grichuk in cleanup today? Bizarre.

Exactly what I thought.

The fans will surely revolt if MM puts Rosenthal in again in a high-leverage situation after he said he wouldn’t. “Hands up, GIVE up on Rosie, already”!
I’m beginning to think that GGarcia (or “G” as he’s apparently called) may turn out to be a worthy replacement for Carp for the time being.
There’s an off chance the Cardiac Cards could begin a decent winning streak, provided they’re lucky enuf’ to stay away from the errors. The season is only half over…ya’ know?
And all the local talking-heads are saying no probable buys or trades….or at least nothing major, before or by the trade-deadline. The Cards will likely bring up Reyes and/or another AAA pitcher if we need it. The bullpen is the Red Birds’ main issue.
By the way? Rosario kinda’ looked like a Yadi Jr out there today, didn’t he? Hehehe.

Well MM apparently didn’t care about the fan reaction and Rosenthal has put them in a hole in the first post all star game match-up. Predictable but depressing anyway,

They were 43-38 at the exact half way point. A projected 86 wins. Just where I thought they’d be. As for trades,why bother at this point. The time to deal was over the winter, and this winter the free agent market looks horrible.

The local sports guys in STL are saying the same thing, Dave. Why bother with any major trades at THIS point.

Well I’m feeling positive for a brief moment…….only 7 games back in the division and 1 game back for the WC spot. History tells us the Cubs will not win the WS, so why not us? AND NO I HAVEN’T BEEN DRINKING!

Aw, c’mon Dave. I’m guessing at least a few brewskis…or maybe a coupla’ glasses o’ wine? Tee-hee.
The Cardiac Cards do seem to have the puzzle pieces to contend. Just gotta’ get ’em in sync & on a roll.
So, OK…maybe the Birds can somehow hold on for now, as is. Looks like a maybe. We only have Carp & Moss out for a few weeks, Then let’s say they come back about the time Reyes is called up and things simply begin to come together? Could happen.
When do we play the Mets, by the way? Oh yeah, July 27-29 in NY. Ugh. But maybe that’s better than playing them at home…considering the Cards’ home record.

What was up with those uniforms last night? Was it retro ugly night? Padre uniforms, no matter the decade are awful. Don’t show them,don’t remind us of them, and for cryin’-out-loud, don’t wear them.Brown and yellow only work if you are a Sunflower.

Can’t disagree…

Home page has an article about the Cards trying to strengthen roster. After you read it ask yourself are they actually trying to strengthen the roster or are they just wishing? Throw a penny in a fountain Mo maybe that will work. You know, like your work over the winter…….replacing starters with utility players.

Here we go again. Can’t beat anyone good when we have to……runnin’ out of bed sheets to crap in.

Post-game, MM purportedly admitted, “This one stings. Every move I made didn’t work.” Um, duh? Like Holliday on 1B, not Adams? And for the first time that I’m aware of….the fans were actually booing Rosenthal.
Yesterday, Mo mentioned that Reyes could soon make a “cameo appearance” via a temporary 6-man starting rotation.
I guess Pham-a-lamma-ding-dong may have secured a place in the starting line-up?

Can’t fire players, so who does that leave?

Pham did have a good night – Grichuk better at the plate but not a good centre fielder. Pham might be better there? Perhaps time to move Holiday to the AL as DH for a first rate reliever? Though that works better if Moss returns soon to platoon with Adams.

I feel that Grichuk’s still a plus-defender. Mike Shannon said it was “twilight”, probably making the missed outfield hit really hard to see for Randall. His bat, as well as Wong’s may be improved of late, but I’m not sure they can stay consistent.
Holliday’s questionable, considering his BA is pretty poor right now. Since he’s in a batting slump lately, and at his age….he’s probably not very good trade-bait.
The Cards just need some luck until Moss & Carp can return.
And right Bob. MM needs to manage better. I do think the booing fans clearly made their point and that MM took notice.

There are probably a few teams that would consider Holiday. Astros,Seattle, and Cleveland. I do it in-a-New York-minute. Also why is Wong and Grichuk always the fall guys when Rosenthal and others screw up? MM likes to avoid his short comings I guess.

This thread is getting long again. No service in Alaska is my thought.

I think it was only a week’s trip…or 10 days max. So either way, she’s been back for a while now. Maybe she has 2nd job that’s keepin’ her busy?
And our local talking-heads (TV & writers) most definitely seem to be tip-toeing around the Rosenthal issue. Nobody appears to wanna’ bring up the subject or comment on it. The Fox Midwest post-game show barely mentioned Rosenthal. Instead, they focused on missed plays, primarily blaming them for the loss.
And you’re probably right, Dave. MM appears to have a blind-eye when it comes to Trevor’s current problem. I suspect the vast majority of people are thinking that if Rosie hadn’t been put in? We may just have won the game.
Adams needs to stay at first. If Holliday can’t play LF, then he sits. Simple.
I was thinking if they bring up Reyes? Maybe they’ll FINALLY send Rosie down or put him on the DL. Surely they can diagnose something like “slight shoulder tightness/discomfort”?
By the way? Today’s MLB preview has Michael McKenry (C) and catcher Alberto Rosario both listed as active today. Looks like Mo purchased 31 y/o McKenry from the Rockies about the same time Carp went on the DL, July 7th. He holds a lifetime .294 BA, incidentally.

Time to change the sheets again.
And to your issue of the team not recognizing the problem. It goes back to the off season when Hayward left and saw the issue…………….too old and nothing was gonna change. Hell, he was a better GM than Mo. MM is not our future either so fire him now and lets move on……………please!

Only 4 hits. Miami is so much more deserving of the WC slot than we are.

Unfortunately, you’re right. The Fish execute regularly, but the Cards aren’t always as consistent in that regard. Miami’s clearly play-off material.
“Old man” Holliday’s bat tho’, gave the Birds a chance today.
Man, that Marlins’ one pitcher in the 8th? Barraclough? He was lights-out!
As for Heyward? I think he went with the Cubs not only because the team overall, is younger…but Chicago’s management was/is still willing to do whatever it takes $$$-wise, to win this year. (And probably next year as well.)
MM & MO might need to be more aggressive. Take risks or be unorthodox, I mean.
First off? They shouldda’ kept Fryer…and sorry Yadi, not have put their faith in his good buddy Pena. Who in the heck thinks you can sign a 34 y/o 5′ 9″, 240+ lb catcher, and not expect knee issues….regardless of a history with no knee problems.
They should send Rosie to AAA. Holliday only in LF, or he’s benched. Why not bring up Reyes now, too?
Also, in the case that they put a pitcher in the 8th….and he does good? Let him close in the 9th. What’s the big deal with that, anyway?
Gotta’ feed the pups….

The season pattern continues; a special win yesterday with the veterans on hand and Waino and Yadi as the battery like in ’06 hurling a shutout and grabbing a win.. and a KO filled clunker today, though should give the Marlins’ pitchers credit. Looks like the wild card will slip out of reach but the three competing team are all looking better this year. Still if he threw like yesterday’s game, Wainwright could possibly match Kershaw, Syndegard or Fernandez in a one game playoff.

Bill Parcells; “You are what your record says you are”.
MM post-game cliche babble, sick of it.

Something wrong. Take pitches down the pipe, swing at pitches in the dirt, boot ground balls, misjudge fly balls, throw to the wrong base, complain about umpires, can’t throw strikes, often getting into 3 – 2 counts with runners on base, don’t bunt with 200 batters, strange batting orders, let a good hitting and running catcher go and keep a has been. Don’t miss Heyward and Lackey. No true center fielder. My daughter wanders why Oquendo is out all year with knee surgery as he coaches not play. Must be more to story and would consider him for Manager. Something happen when he worked with Holiday at 1st base last Winter? When this many things go on teams usually look at the GM and Mgr as they usually are in over their heads.

Wow Rex, you nailed it. Oquendo has been on my mind too. Lets give him the chance. If he and Holiday didn’t hit it off who cares Holiday’s contract is up after this season and should in no way be resigned. Oquendo has proven he can lead and I hope he’s given that opportunity. Hopefully here, but he’ll be good anywhere he goes.When he left so did our defense…………which still leads the Majors in errors. Come to think of it so does MM.

Yes I have to agree am more experienced person like Oquendo might have been better to handle some thing though management seemed in sync with Matheny’s personality. But the Fryer move is incomprehensible. I agree Holiday should hopefully be moved for bullpen help which would eliminate any personality clash with Oquendo. And the hitting ups and downs seem odd; with many takes, swings outside the strike zone, plus base-running and fielding mistakes. Just not a championship club; not sure changes at the helm would solve it all but will have to be considered at some point. An interesting piece on this today though ends up kind of wishy washy: https://redbirdrants.com/2016/07/18/st-louis-cardinals-lackluster-team-lackluster-coaches/

I can’t recall exactly. But back a while…..some local talking-head said he’d heard rumors that Oquendo might be thinking about retiring, even after his knee’s fixed. He’s 53…and has said that all the travelling probably keeps him away from his family (in Florida) too much.

I agree with Bob,we’re not a championship team. But are we even close? Not with management making moves to replace proven everyday players with utility ones.
Last night why did MM take out Leake after 6 innings and 88 ptiches? The pen was not needed to the extent that MM used them. This is how to burn up a pen, just ask the expert; Dusty Baker.

Post-game, MM said the temperature was a concern. Leake was really icing himself down in between innings, and he didn’t want to risk him getting over-heated if it wasn’t necessary. You could sure tell that Bowman was sweatin’ bullets.
As for Oquendo, maybe if he’d been with the team, MM wouldn’t have made some of the decisions he did???

Chris Correa 4 years in the slammer for hacking. Using PED’s 50 games. And we wonder why society is spinning out of control.
Maybe if Oquendo was with the team MM wouldn’t be now.

Peralta put on the 15-day DL today. That puts Gyorko & GGarcia platooning at 3B. Socolovich & Hazelbaker called up, so McKenry (C & DH) sent down, which puts him on waivers.
ESPN’s airing the Met’s Syndergaard pitching against the Arrieta tonite. Should be fun to watch.

Dave M. I thought maybe it is a problem for Oquendo and MM not with Holiday. Wish someone would ask MM and MO about it.

It very well could be a Oquendo/Matheny issue. Whatever the case a shake up has to occur. Management has to take a hard look at the current club and make some tough choices about the future. Fryer was future while Pena is a band-aide. These are the kind of decisions that hurt our future for the sake of shopping on the cheap.

The BROOM was sweeping tonight!

Jekyll and Hyde team continues. Good double header win yesterday with Gyorko’s outburst and two saves for Oh. Tonight it looked like too many swings at bad pitches would be their downfall. And the bullpen couldn’t hold the line until Borxton. But then the offense woke up with that great walk-off win.

The Dodgers are next with Lyons having to step up with Reyes apparently injured. Will see how close they get to .500 at home ..

Where did you hear Reyes was injured? I looked & didn’t see anything mentioned about that.
In an online article posted just yesterday, Jen said Socolovich was called up instead of Reyes because….” I think the Cardinals are still concerned about Reyes’ efficiency issues. In his start over this past weekend he went five innings, allowed five runs, and needed 98 pitches. That’s been a common theme for him this year.”
Also, during one of yesterday’s double-headers, Al Hrabosky pointed out that Lyons more often than not, will give up an HR each time he’s put in for an inning or two.
I noticed that quite a while back. And that’s why I’ve always kinda’ thought Lyons’ pitching isn’t quite at the Major League level yet. His accuracy needs a little more work/honing.
Jen also said that Mo is clearly looking to better the bullpen before or BY the trade deadline. Somebody like a Broxton or Cishek. Gosh, I wonder how that’ll turn out.
As for Moss? His “walking-boot” came off sometime in the last coupla’ days. But he’s expected to need a rehab assignment in order to get his timing back, before he returns to the active roster. No info on how long that’ll be, tho’.
I only hope our 51-44 Cardiac Cards can manage a series win over the 54-43 Dodgers. They’ll be tougher than the Padres were.
We’ll be lookin’ at Wacha vs McCarthy tomorrow, then Kenta Maeda vs Leake on Saturday. And on Sunday it looks like Lyons will be facing Kazmir. Yikes.

Wacha has a 5+ era vs. the Dodgers. As for Reyes, I’d be very surprised if we see him this year. Kazmir was one of the guys I wanted to replace Lackey way back when.
Also 7 games over 500 is tied for our high water mark this year. The problem is when were 7 games over last time we went on to lose 4 in-a-row. Can’t afford that to happen. Cubs facing Milwaukee and the Brewers seem to play them tough.

Yes I think I misheard the announcers. Reyes was not held back form his minor league start so would not be ready for Sunday – and pitched poorly with 4 runs in 5 innings so maybe needs more seasoning anyway.

Yessir, I do remember when you suggested picking up Kazmir, Dave. : )
The thing about Wacha…is that he HAS the ability to throw a good game. We’ve seen it.
I see 2 factors in tonite’s game. First…can Wacha settle in & get into a groove during the first inning or so, without giving up any runs. That’ll determine or establish his “mental” for the rest of the game.
2nd….will Wacha be able to mix up his pitches good enuf’…like Waino did in his last coupla’ starts? ‘Course most of that’s on Yadi. Speaking of which?
Why in THE heck does Yadi set up so freakin’ far outside sometimes? I’ve specifically watched other catchers in that regard, but hardly any of ’em go to that extreme. It was good to see that Broxton threw a few pitches right on the very edge of the strike zone last nite, despite Yadi leaning WAY too far outside. If he’d zeroed in on Yadi’s mitt? No doubt he would’ve thrown some blatant balls instead.
I just don’t get it….

Cards 72 errors thus far, worst in the majors AND when Wacha pitches they commit the most. NO, I don’t know why, bet they don’t either.. We are third in run differential at a plus 108. Run differential stats seem to be the best predictor of playoff spots. This bodes well for our chances. Cubs 10 -16 since mid June, NICE. 4 game win streak cools MM seat, especially his Piscotty ph last night. Of course based on who was available any one of us would have done the same thing.

Oh, about your observation of Yadi’s set up, I don’t see enough live games to judge it. However, the game is played with a round bat and a round ball. Object to hit the ball squarely. Throw the dang thing over the plate……….odds are in the pitchers favor for COL.= cryin’ out loud.

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