June 28: Cardinals @ Royals

Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com

Records: Cardinals (39-36, -10 in NL Central), Royals (40-35, -5.0 in AL Central)

First pitch: 7:15 pm CT

TV/Radio: Fox Sports Midwest, 1120 KMOX

Cardinals lineup: Matt Carpenter (2B), Brandon Moss (LF), Matt Holliday (DH), Stephen Piscotty (RF), Matt Adams (1B), Jhonny Peralta (3B), Yadier Molina (C), Kolten Wong (CF), Greg Garcia (SS)

Royals lineup: Whit Merrifield (LF), Alcides Escobar (SS), Lorenzo Cain (CF), Eric Hosmer (1B), Kendrys Morales (DH), Paulo Orlando (RF), Cheslor Cuthbert (3B), Christian Colon (2B), Drew Butera (C)

Transactions: The Cardinals have designated catcher Eric Fryer for assignment and activated catcher Brayan Pena from the disabled list

Reading material:

  • Aledmys Diaz appears to have avoided a major injury after fouling a ball off his face (link)
  • Game recap from the Cardinals’ 6-2 loss to the Royals on Monday (link)
  • Seth Maness, Trevor Rosenthal made scoreless relief appearances as both continue to work their way to bigger ‘pen roles (link)
  • Brayan Pena rejoins the club after a 20-day rehab assignment (link)
  • Yadier Molina’s lead in the All-Star Game voting is down to 5,000 votes (link)
  • Adam Wainwright nearly Randy Johnson’ed a bird last night (link)

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So Diaz is sitting out and then may have been struck by a foul ball in the dugout. Hope they don’t lose him for long term as he is one of the few consistent pluses this year.

Announcers were talking about the loss of Jay – not sure that makes sense especially with Wong now playing there, a definitely defensive and offensive downgrade. Gyorko has no matched what Jay brought I think and Grichuk hasn’t paid off yet. Odd how the managers and coaches seem to develop attitudes towards players as Jay never got his due here and had to constantly battle his way into the lineup.

Jay may now be out for some time with the Padres. It may have been a mistake to trade him but if he’s not playing then wishing for him is moot.

Did ya’ get a good look at Diaz’ eye? Wow…sure looks like he got punched, and big time. Real dark black ‘n blue, with the one eye sorta’ closed/swollen up. Kinda’ like a prize-fighter. Hahaha.
On June 19th, during the Padres vs Nats game? Jon Jay was hit by pitch resulting in a slight fracture of his forearm. He’s expected to be on the DL (just a cast/no surgery) for 4-6 weeks. And yep, he didn’t really seem to be valued by the Cardinals like he shouldda’ been, Bob.
As for Gyorko? He’s cool. He brought versatility (along with a decent bat) to the infield. Something that was needed.
Regarding Grichuk? He’s got pop, yeah…but only if/when he connects…which hasn’t been often of late. As I said before…Pham could end up being his permanent replacement. Unless that is….Grichuk’s BA suddenly improves down in AAA.
I have to say that Oh closing tonite, sure wasn’t like Rosie closing. I wasn’t sick to my stomach, worrying that we’d give up an HR. I wasn’t even worried when the bases got loaded. Oh ultimately came thru, and definitely IS “The Final Boss”! He’s our Mr Reliable.
Aw, geez…the Cubs & Reds are in x-tra innings. The Cubbies just got 5 runs in the top of the 15th, making it 7-2. Not sure if Cincy can match that in their last at-bat. Oh, well….

Cards guessed wrong. Looked like they had plenty of OF”s and needed IF”s. Now would have kept Jay or picked up bargains like Desmond or Fowler.

Fowler was the one. Myers from SD might make for an interesting pick up. He’s 25, has 17 HRs plays CF and would be under control until, I believe 2019/20. His power numbers would translate well to Busch because SD is no picnic to hit for power in.
Now who do you use as trade? Grichuk and a minor leauger??

More errors and another loss. A change is needed badly to wake these guys up. Two and nine in inter-league play with one to go. Now 10 games back and falling fast
BUT only a 1/2 game out of the wild card beat down game.

Make that 11 games back. Gained zero ground in a month even with a sweep of the Cubs. No spirit no motivation no leadership no defense no ace and an offense that feasts on other teams #4 pitcher. And all of this was visible back in spring training.And I don’t care what the radio hosts say or Mo. They do nothing but talk the party line. How about getting a direct answer to the question ‘Why weren’t the apparent needs this team not addressed, i.e. replacing Heyward’ ? and not fall for the Gyorko and our UNproven for a season, youth solution smoke up the keester crap Mo sold us. How about asking about the stupid base running we keep managing to repeat? Why is our manager so slow to recognize that our closer was having issues? Every fan in the world knew it before him Jen will never ask because she works for the club and is busy in Alaska watching bears or fishing or whatever baseball writers do DURING the season? This team/season has been and will continue to be one of the most frustrating ones that I can remember and I saw it in spring training. Heck, I wasn’t even there and sensed it………not the all is happy, smoke blowing we’re the Cardinals crowd. I’m out of here, posting makes it worse.

Agree. It’s all been pretty dang frustrating.
By the way, I think Jen was only gone for a week, and is back? Not 100% sure. And no, she really can’t ask questions that’re too critical. Nobody can. Otherwise, probably no more invites for interviews at the clubhouse, stadium, etc. That’d likely apply to our STL newspaper sports columnists too.
Actually, it seems like Piscotty has been a fairly decent replacement for Heyward. Certainly, a better bat. Maybe tho’, he’s missed a couple difficult plays in the OF that Heyward would’ve made? Can’t honestly say that for sure, however.
Bottom line, at least last nite? There were 3 big errors committed, which ultimately cost the Cards that game….including an uncharacteristic bobble by Carp. One less error…could’ve made the difference in a win, if ya’ think about it.
And as you said, the base running could use a little improvement, too. That’s usually a lack of coaching & execution, not a talent issue. MM’s had the habit of pushing on the guys to be real aggressive on the bases, which might be a mistake. Like a walked batter…getting caught stealing or risking a try at a triple instead of a double, can come back to bite cha’.
I sense that Yadi’s a little worn down, as well….considering one or two passed balls I’ve seen. He refuses to rest. But then too, baseball schedules are grueling this time of year anyway.
As for Trevor…MM does appear to have an unwavering faith in the guy that not everyone shares. No comment on that…’cause I’m simply at a loss for words.
You’re definitely correct Dave, about the offense. Once the starter’s gone? The Birds are usually able to put some points up on the board in the later innings.
Some good news, is that Martinez continues to get better & better. Of late, Wacha’s actually been improving, as well.
But other than those 2, the starting rotation’s kinda’ blah. Pitching’s been a huge issue and HAS been, since Spring Training.
The truth of the matter is that none of us is used to the Cards having anything but stellar pitching. We’ve merely become spoiled.
If Reyes isn’t called up now and given a chance? It’ll be too late. OK….so maybe it’s already too late?
In any event Dave, I hope you continue to post your thoughts. Your comments & opinions are helpful. You point things out a lotta’ time, that I myself, have sometimes neglected to consider. Know what I mean, bean?
The fun of watching the Cardinals, is that they’re easily capable of sumpin’ like sweeping the Cubs. They’re just not consistent…but still, entertaining. Ya’ just never know what those crazy “Cardiac Cards” are gonna’ do the next time.

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