June 4: Giants @ Cardinals

Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com

Records: Cardinals (28-27, -11.0 in NL Central), Giants (35-22, +5.5 in NL West)

First pitch: 6:15 pm CT

TV/Radio: FOX Sports, 1120 KMOX

Cardinals lineup: Matt Carpenter (3B), Aledmys Diaz (SS), Matt Holliday (LF), Stephen Piscotty (CF), Matt Adams (1B), Brandon Moss (RF), Yadier Molina (C), Kolten Wong (2B), Michael Wacha (RHP)

Giants lineup: Denard Span (CF), Joe Panik (2B), Matt Duffy (3B), Buster Posey (C), Brandon Belt (1B), Brandon Crawford (SS), Gregor Blanco (LF), Jarrett Parker (RF), Jeff Samardzija (RHP)

Transactions: None

Reading material:

  • The Cardinals will continue to look for ways to use Trevor Rosenthal so he can sharpen his command (link)
  • Game recap from the Cardinals’ 5-1 loss to the Giants on Friday (link)
  • Brayan Pena will begin a rehab assignment on Tuesday, and Seth Maness might not be far behind (link)
  • As Jhonny Peralta nears his return, the Cardinals begin planning how to maximize their logjam of infielders (link)
  • Cardinals sign RHP Jerome Williams to add to their starting pitching depth in Triple-A (link)

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Saw Jenifer’s tweet: “I asked Matheny if he’d look at other closer options as Rosenthal works to get right. His answer: “There’s not going to be a new closer.””

Can you imagine anyone else sticking with Rosenthal at this point? There is little hope for the team to be competitive if that’s the attitude. He inherited such a good team he never really had to manage until now. He had better learn to adjust or will not catch the free spending Cubs this year or in future ones either.

I don’t suppose you know MM managed a team full of injuries last year with the Pirates and Cubs breathing down the Cards necks with a weak offense? Do you not remember when Edward Mujica crashed and Matheny turned to the rookie Rosenthal? Selective memory is your weakness.

Now, now….everyone’s sorta’ got a point.
During the pre-game interview just now, Mike Shannon said he had to ask about the closer. MM did say he’d keep closing with Rosie, but can use either Oh, Broxton or Siegrist if a problem arises.
Well, Grichuk’s not starting tonite, but Wong is. And then, once Peralta’s back? MM will have to send someone down to AAA. So the question? Will it be Wong, Hazelbaker, G Garcia or Grichuk? That’ll definitely be a tough one.
Also with Peralta’s return…sounds like Carp may be switching between 1st & 2nd. At least initially.
Still no mention of Reyes, tho’. : (

Woo-freakin-hoo! And yep, Rosie closed it pretty darned good.

It seems being in an actual save situation concentrates the mind. But the youngsters also bailed out Wacha with that home run barrage. Samardzija had only given up 5 home runs all year.

Well, yes….you’re probably right, as MM may have known. Being in a legit save situation appears to give Rosie the focus he needs.
And yeah, Wacha got some offense to back him up…sure. But that’s how it’s supposed to work…isn’t it? ~grin~
Geez, 4 homers tonite? Wow. And the 5th time THIS season they’ve done it, too!

Cardinal needs:
1.) a legit #1 starter. Waino isn’t it anymore and Wacha hasn’t step up to fill that role.
2.) Defensive improvement. Moving Carp back to 2B and putting Peralta at 3B, I believe will make us better defensively in the long run.
3.) A set line up, which could be done if #2 is implemented.
4.) A focus on contact. Too many Ks which places NO pressure on the defense of other teams.Contact will allow movement on the bases putting pressure on the ‘D’.
Only #1 will require going out of the organization. Reyes will help, but its too much to ask of a rookie who is also coming off his own issues with PED’s. This will be no small task, but may have to be done. Molina and Holiday windows are closing.

Reyes’ drug test only showed he’d recently used marijuana, not PED’s. He was probably just partying a lil’ bit the nite before. Hahaha.
In fact, I recall reading somewhere, that the Cards could’ve done something to avoid the suspension…but Mo chose not to.
As for the K’s? Currently, Wong & Grichuk seem to be the worst offenders. And remember Pham’s just waiting, ready (with his new & improved contact-lenses) to be called up.
So with Carp & Gyorko sharing duties at 2B, and if Hazelbaker, Pham, Holliday, Piscotty & Moss would be able to switch around in the outfield? It seems to me that Wong & Grichuk might be benched. Moreover, one or even both of them could be sent back down to AAA to make room for Pham AND Peralta, no?
Boy, it’s just hard to tell what MM might do next.

Might be good to swap in Pham and keep Garcia while Grichuk and Wong perhaps work on batting problems at Memphis. Both of them can hopefully improve to contribute down the road? When is Pena due back?

Oops, yeah I forgot about Garcia. With Greg included in the infield mix, it seems even more probable that Wong & Grichuk may get sent down. Greg’s just gotta’ steer clear of those pesky errors.
As for Reyes, I hadn’t read the following June 4th article: https://t.co/blrcgMKEpX
Sounds like Reyes won’t be up any time soon.
Then there’s Brayan Pena. Apparently he was up this past Friday, catching Martinez during bull-pen practice. Pena begins his rehab stint this coming Tuesday…along with Maness, I think. But what about Fryer. Despite only 25 starts this year? He’s batting a very respectable .400.
My goodness…quite the over-abundance of players, eh?

Abundance of players,but no Ace. I feel its the number 1 priority.

Yes a reliable Ace will be especially important if we are able to get through the maze of teams to clinch a wild card spot. One game showdown and no one at present would be a confident choice. Too bad Chris Carpenter or his type isn’t available.

Radio just said MM’s gonna’ have Peralta join the team this coming Tuesday when the Cards play the Reds.
Apparently Dave, Mo might feel the same way you do about the pitching. Why else would he sign the veteran 6′ 3″, 260lb, 34 y/o, RHP Jerome Williams the other day. But then, Memphis needs some help they say. I wonder if that’s all there was to it?
Jerome reported in at AAA this afternoon, to pitch his first game.
Oh, and how ’bout it. The Cards are now #2 in HR’s, behind the Mets.

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