March 26: Nationals @ Cardinals

Jenifer Langosch/

Records: Cardinals (8-11-3), Nationals (15-4)

First pitch: 12:05 pm CT

TV/Radio: Fox Sports Midwest, MLB.TV, KMOX 1120

Starting lineup: Matt Carpenter (3B), Kolten Wong (2B), Matt Holliday (1B), Randal Grichuk (CF), Brandon Moss (LF), Yadier Molina (C), Tommy Pham (RF), Ruben Tejada (SS), Mike Leake (RHP)

Starting matchup: Mike Leake vs. Tanner Roark

Available relievers: Jonathan Broxton, Trevor Rosenthal, Jordan Walden, Kevin Siegrist, Matthew Bowman, Tim Cooney

Countdown until Opening Day: 8

Links from Friday:

  • Yadier Molina is on track to be the Cardinals’ catcher on Opening Day (link)
  • Jordan Walden does not throw as scheduled due to tightness (link)
  • Though the results may not be great, Michael Wacha remains confident with the process this spring (link)
  •’s Jonathan Mayo checks in with a prospect report from Cardinals camp (link)
  • Five questions with Cardinals prospect Nick Plummer (link)
  • Game recap from the Cardinals’ 5-5 tie with the Mets (link)
  • Ruben Tejada returns (or stays?) in Port St. Lucie for a reunion with the Mets (link)

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Wacha didn’t pitch and hasn’t in a while. He’s not scheduled for the next two starts either. Does anyone know why?
Waino had a poor outing,hope he’s fine. AND as I read the articles from this page I can’t help but remember the writers work for the club or at the very least need to write happy thoughts or their access will dry up. With that said, why hasn’t any of them addressed the clear absence of power. It hurt the team alot last year and this year shouldn’t be any different. Thus, why wasn’t it addressed? Money is not a reason because they’re miles under the tax and they have it to spend. First base is still an issue, we’re continueing our strike out trend that killed us in the playoffs,and
Our vaulted starting pitching, other than Leake and Martinez, has been shakey. Martinez although steller thus far has a history of breaking down some so who has shown us the stopper attitude that will last all season………….Leake?
Yes there are alot of good qualities about this team, but that’s all we read. How about questioning managment why some of the issues we’re addressed and question the standard responses?

EDIT ALERT to the above rant ==== ‘why some of the issues weren’t addressed’. Sorry about that.

I’m at a loss, too. Not sure what’s going on with management.
And even if Martinez would stay healthy all season? Consistently strong outings from him & Leake, just wouldn’t be enuf’ to cut it. Unlessthat is…Waino, Jaime & Wacha can get it together. And who knows….Oh could become a more integral part of the Cards’ pitching staff than he anticipates?
There were 5 Cardinal errors today. Not sure everybody’s got their heads into the games. I suppose the players are just tired of Spring Training. I know I am.
I wonder what the final roster will look like. Frankly, I’m worried that it’ll ultimately leave some of us puzzled. : (

Wacha pitched yesterday 4.2 innings one ERl. His best performance perhaps of a weak spring. In fact aside from Leake none of the starters have done so. Very poor fundamentals today. They won’t have that much confidence coming out of the spring at this rate.


Based on this spring…….3rd place and out of the playoffs! 86 wins tops.

Naw…I’m not gonna’ be quite that pessimistic. Hopefully 90+, considering the Cards have a tradition of surprising the naysayers. So let’s say they manage to stay in the chase as one of the top 3 in the NL Central.
I think they’ll put Hazelbaker on the final roster. He’s surprisingly performed better than expected. (Today as a matter of fact, on Fox Sports Midwest, the sports guy described him as a “late-bloomer”. Hahaha.)
Plus…I think Pham, Piscotty, Grichuk, Gyorko, Ohlman, Oh & Tuilvailala could all be in a position to have their best year to date. Once it gets serious, I mean.
Adams, as we know…can be unpredictable. Who can tell. Perhaps his bat will catch on fire unexpectedly.
Martinez clearly revels in the attention, and that adrenaline may just catapult him into a record season.
Oh, and lets not forget that the Cards will finally have RHP Alex Reyes available after May 18th.
Besides, we do have Yadi back…ready to rock n’ roll! : )

Oops, I take back the comment about Ohlman. To have room for as many pitchers as possible? Today, the FSMW guys said the Cards would likely only have Pena & Yadi catching on the final cut for the regular season.

Cardinals have no offense!!

Yeah, they do need to do better in that dept.

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