March 11: Braves @ Cardinals

Jenifer Langosch/

Records: Cardinals (4-4), Braves (3-6)

First pitch: 12:05 pm CT

TV/Radio: Fox Sports Midwest, MLB.TV,

Starting lineup: Matt Carpenter (3B), Aledmys Diaz (2B), Matt Holliday (1B), Matt Adams (DH), Jedd Gyorko (SS), Jeremy Hazelbaker (RF), Anthony Garcia (LF), Magneuris Sierra (CF), Yadier Molina (C)

Starting matchup: Carlos Martinez vs. Jhoulys Chacin

Available relievers: Deck McGuire, Seung Hwan Oh, Sam Tuivailala, Juan Gonzalez, J.C. Sulbaran, Jayson Aquino, Jeremy Hefner

Countdown until Opening Day: 23

Links from Thursday:

  • Jhonny Peralta out at least 10-12 weeks after having left thumb surgery on Thursday (link)
  • Jaime Garcia impresses with 3 2/3 scoreless innings, Brayan Pena reacts with awe (link)
  • After being slowed by arm soreness earlier in camp, Mitch Harris made his spring debut on Thursday (link)
  • Game recap from the Cardinals’ 7-2 loss to the Mets (link)

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Have a good time at the game despite the Cardinals loss to the Mets? Enjoy the rest of your stay.

I wonder if Tejada’s 2 run homer opened some eyes in the Cardinal org. as a SS they might go after. Trouble is we’ll have to pay way too much for him. The question for Mo will be is he worth it for us to compete this year,because platooning at SS isn’t a good idea ever. The position is way too important.

How would that work if the Mets wanted to let us have Tejada for the upcoming season? His 2016 1-year contract was $3M, but rumor is the Mets won’t be playing him much.

Well if the ‘not playing him much story’ is true than A.)he’ll want to come and B.) the Mets don’t need a pouter on the bench. The 3 mil. is no problem, but its what they’ll want in return for the trade that worries me.
I’m starting to formulate a vision I think the Cards should consider for the future. Its a kinda ‘Back to the Future’ type thought. Stay tuned.

The Cards’ 19 y/o Dominican-native Magneuris Sierra, will be starting at CF today. The 5′ 11″, 160 lb lefty posted a .349 BA during his 2 year stint in the minors. Guess we’ll see how he does at the big-league level.

Very, very interested in this kid since we signed him. Fits my new plan thought I alluded to above.

Wow, how ’bout it! FoxSportsMW named M Sierra THE player of today’s game! Sam Tuivailala closed, but it was a little nerve-racking. Sam clearly got robbed by the ump, more than once….which probably shook him up while trying to get that final out.
Neither the fans nor the FSMW guys could believe the ump’s totally bogus calls.
I missed the first coupla’ innings, but they said Martinez pitched well.

Geez, looking at his age and history so far? Apparently, M Sierra was grabbed straight outta’ his Dominican high school at age 17?

I’ve been thinking about the future of this team and baseball in general. I posted something earlier along these lines but hadn’t really sat right down on it. Here goes;
Baseball is moving past the PED era. The Cards should get ahead of the curve on this. Pitching, defense and speed I feel will be the way to go. Much like the Coleman,McGee, Herr era when Jack Clarke was our only real power. Simba helped some. We should be looking back as our model for going forward. The older we get the more we break down and those break downs are happening to key ‘older’ players. Get younger and pressure apposing defenses. KC did a nice job of that in the WS and the Mets had issues with composure. Just a brief thought.

No question that MM’s probably thinking along those lines.
For example, regarding speed & the Cards’ push on stealing bases? I think I just heard the Cards are presently at the top of the league….at least, in that category. Plus, there are plenty of youngsters in the Card’s ST camp, who came as non-roster invitees.
As for pitching? Several players interviewed lately, say they feel the Cards’ pitching is probably a little bit better/stronger than even last year. (2.94 – MLB’s #1 ERA in 2015.)
The other day, somebody (maybe MM) said that defense should be a matter of the starting line-up figuring out how to play in sync w/ each other, like a well-oiled machine….assuming of course, errors don’t become an issue. (Greg Garcia???)
But the Cards’ offense/bats could go either way. Too many unknowns at this point.
PS? The MLB Network (NOT is airing Cards @ Washington tomorrow, noon-ish?

Nice to see we won both split-squad games today. 14-9 vs Mets, and 4-3 vs Astros.
Lotsa’ Cards’ homers. Stupid Mets pitcher dinged Piscotty’s elbow. Not good, but pitcher did get ejected after his next hit-by-pitch. Piscotty’s x-ray didn’t show anything was broken/fractured, thankfully. Unfortunately, I read that Waino gave up a few runs. : (

Read an article the other day about teams tanking ( i.e. Braves ) and teams poised to win. And of course the Cubs were the team most talked about to win it all. They have pitching, they have defense, they have the line up, they have….they have…..they have. It sounded alot like the article two years ago when the Nats were the darling pick. Trouble was they had to play 162 games that year and came up short. Last year the articles were about their short comings and now nothing. If the Cubs aren’t careful they could end up with the same scenario.I’m a Cards fan and I think the teams to beat in the NL this year will be the Mets and the Giants. The Cubs do have this and they do have that like the writers say.They also have 162 games in front of them and a history that doesn’t seem to side with them.

All valid points, Dave. : )

Just wondering if the Cubs aren’t playing their first-string guys hardly at all. Altho’ Spring Training games really don’t count? The Cubbies are 3-10, but we are 7-5. I know that OUR starting players at least….aren’t playing a lot. Maybe the Cards simply have better 2nd-stringers &minor-leaguers?
Leake looked awesome yesterday, by the way. ; )

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