March 4: Cardinals @ Astros

Records: Cardinals (1-0), Astros (1-0)

First pitch: 12:05 pm CT


Starting lineup: Tommy Pham (DH), Stephen Piscotty (RF), Randal Grichuk (CF), Brandon Moss (1B), Jacob Wilson (3B), Kolten Wong (2B), Anthony Garcia (LF), Eric Fryer (C), Greg Garcia (SS)

Starting matchup: Jaime Garcia vs. Wandy Rodriguez

Available relievers: Luke Weaver, Seth Maness, Jordan Walden, Sam Tuivailala

Countdown until Opening Day: 30

Links from Thursday:

  • Manager Mike Matheny challenges his players to be uber aggressive this spring as team looks to improve its baserunning (link)
  • Stephen Piscotty talks his way into the lineup as he plays catch up; plus other notes from camp (link)
  • Rule 5 pick Matthew Bowman has his spring debut delayed by a bruised eye (link)
  • Recap from the Cardinals’ 4-3 win over the Marlins on Thursday (link)
  • Columnist Phil Rogers wants to remind you not to forget about Adam Wainwright (link)

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Will be interested to see how Walden does today….

So often you hear 1. The Cardinals are the Cardinals 2. The Cubs are loaded and are the WS favorites. Which do you think I’m the more tired of?

I dunno’. : )

“Delicate” Jaime was lame today.

First game out and no Yadi catching. Too early to worry.

Well, I’d rather see Yadi sit out for longer than the docs suggested, than the other way around. Trying to get back too early, is risky.
OK, Yadi gets put in the line-up a few weeks after the season begins. So what, right?

Well, how ’bout it. Holliday’s starting at 1B today with Peguero taking over in LF. Have you seen this guy’s photo? Peguero is 6′ 5″, approx 250 lbs and bears an uncanny, overall physical resemblance to Heyward, both of whom are lefties.
Also, Pham is saying his new contact lens prescription is definitely allowing him to see better.

Guy missed his calling…tight end or small forward.

Another Cardinal minor leauger suspended because of drug issues. What’s going on?
Are they not getting the messeage? Holiday at 1B, we’ll see. I think MM is doing it now just to show that its not a good idea for the season.

Maybe the kid was on Sudafed? Doesn’t that test out as an amphetamine? : )


The current group still contains a promising veteran rookie mix so the season will probably have some good moments, despite naysayers.

This is what worries me more – drop in farm system (which they have counted on for a while now) plus Cubs willingness to spend big will change the division going forward.

I’ve come to the conclusion that this thing about putting Holliday on 1B would merely be to speed up the outfield while keeping Holliday’s bat in the line-up. Nothing more or less than that. MM’s likely trying to anticipate every single imaginable scenario that might pop up during the season. I think that’s really all there is to it…..
One of the best things about this Peguero, is that a guy THAT big would have to have a pretty darned powerful throwing arm. Let’s just hope he’s accurate, as well.

Sorry, #7 at 1b makes absolutely no sense to me. Zero. MCarp can play 1b if needed. Do we need a reminder how the Pirates failed putting a poor fielder at first in hopes the bat offset the D?

Remember Cards have 3 of the first 3something picks this year.

Having those picks is the best news I heard this spring. Plus, Holiday scratched with back trouble for today’s game…………..and so it begins.

Holliday seems to get a little moody, once in a while. Could be he said “his back felt tight” just so he didn’t have to play. He may not like playing when there’s nothing at stake. Then again, maybe HE doesn’t think it’s a good idea EITHER, for him to play 1B. Hahaha.
David Washington, playing 1B today…is a 6′ 5″ guy, as is LHP Gomber.
Carlos Gonzales started and got thru his assigned 40-something pitches. But he just didn’t look very sharp.

I like Matt but what the heck is going on? He spent all winter in Jupiter working out then he gets scratched from his first start. Makes as much sense as him playing 1b.

Exactly Jeff. That’s why I suspect Holliday getting scratched was actually due to something mental rather than physical.

Jamie Garcia’s title as team ‘Baby’,now belongs to Holiday. Which also refers to a day off I believe. I still have my doubts about this guy. Jeff is 100% correct with his observations about Holiday’s new workout program………….crap. And the media bought it, and fed it to us.Personally, I don’t believe he should be the everyday LF.
Give to job to Pham and let ‘Baby’ go pound sand.

David: Ouch!!!! My back is tight every morning but I still play golf, in season. (#7’s age x 2 = moi). Seriously, lets hope this is a distant memory by April. And October.

A fellow golfer. I knew you were alright.Do ya think Haley plays?……….nah.Played once, on March 1st, and next week the weather person says we’ll have at least 4 days in the 50’s………..I’ll be out there.

60° – 70° this week but still snow on ground…we’ll see if courses are fit. Cards games littered with unknowns thru game 4. Guess its interesting to see future players. Wong leading off…important for him to get on base.

No golf for me. Not crazy about sports I’m not able to excel at early on. A total tom-boy. But while attending Mizzou, I beat the guy who beat the girl’s Mo state ping-pong champ. Oh, and I was the only girl that played baseball in the Cub Scouts (since my dad was the manager). The only player too, who could rocket an HR over the fence. ; )

It’s early days yet. Will see if Matt limbers up as spring goes on. But overall it does get tougher over the years. Ankle problems here now limited my hikes (Twice Matt. C’s age). But giving Pham a try in LF might not be a bad idea.

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