The start of another spring

Jenifer Langosch/

Greetings from Jupiter, where today was the official pitchers and catchers report date for the Cardinals. Many players arrived to town long before Wednesday and have been working out – informally – with one another. Thursday will mark the first official workout of spring.

I’ll be on the ground here for the next seven weeks, providing content for and giving you all hope of a coming spring. Similar to last year, this blog will be updated periodically – but not daily – as we instead move all the content to the homepage. The hope is that by posting everything there, it will be easier for readers to navigate and find the day’s stories.

Once Grapefruit League play begins in March, I will post the game lineups in the blog.

On, there will be stories posted throughout the day, so be sure to check the site regularly. Coverage won’t only come in the form of the written word, either. I will shoot video regularly, and I will continue the weekly podcasts I do with’s Dave Raymond (you can subscribe here).

I’ll also be taking photos, which will be shared via Twitter (@LangoschMLB), Instagram (LangoschMLB) and Facebook (Jenifer Langosch for The Twitter and Facebook pages will be what I use most frequently to disseminate information, so if you want to ensure that you’re up-to-date with the latest news, those are must-follows.

And for the tablet readers among you, I will continue to run the Flipboard page (St. Louis Cardinals for that I started two years ago.

I hope you find the coverage to be thorough and enjoyable throughout the spring. If you have any suggestions or story ideas, feel free to submit those in the comments section below.


Welcome back. You have a small dedicated group of followers here who prefer to comment on this quieter blog rather than the cluttered hard to use Livefyre comments section whihc degenerates into insults and flame wars. You can see our winter of activity on your last post. This is a more polite laid back group, though we do read the stories on from time to time. So I hope you will keep posting here occasionally too.

Hi Jennifer. We will attend several ST games. I think your readers would love to know who the Guest instructors will be that are scheduled to be in attendance during the Spring. Hoping for The Wizard, Willie, Gibby, etc.

Hi Jennifer! 2 life time Cardinal fans will be traveling to Jupiter early March for 3 games. My mom and my aunt are 80 and 70 years old but you would think they are 20 by their excitement for this trip. They are fun ladies with a zest for life and Cardinals, and would make a great personal interest story. Let me know if you agree.

Yes, welcome back Jen!

Welcome back, Jen. Weird as this might sound, but when I typed welcome back, Gabe Kaplan came to mind. Lets see who knows that name. Two things; 1.) Are we healthy? and 2.) Where is some of the power offensively expected to come from? Last year’s 525 runs give up by the staff was record low. If that can’t be matched then the offense must make up the difference.

Check out the picture of Yadi’s face on the homepage. He looks very gaunt to me.It maybe just the angle, but look at it and you guys tell me.
Also, what if we traded Adams and Pham to Atlanta for Freeman. Any thoughts?

Aw, I think it’s probably just the angle and/or lighting on Yadi. : )

Now look at his picture just below. The one when MM discusses his rehab. That face looks alot healthier to me.
Maddon’s new slogan for the Cubs, ’embrace the target’,should be re-thought. Don’t targets end up with holes in them.

This gentleman as the manager when I started following the team. Its remarkable that he is still in good health and still gets involved every year:

If I could go to the Cards training camp Red Schoendienst would be the # 1 autograph I’d seek out. MM should never speak to him………..just listen!!

Hmmm. It seems like Adams’ job might be a little iffy, if his performance in the Spring Training games, is anything less than stellar. More than once, I’ve heard local talking heads point out that Moss could feasibly switch to LF, which would keep Holliday in the line-up playing 1B (which would limit chasing balls on the off-chance his previously injured right quad would unexpectedly become a concern.)
Not sure, but I think I even heard someone say the Cards had Adams hang out in the outfield during ST maybe once or twice, fielding balls…which of course, was a joke.
ALSO….if Pham’s bat gets hot, Holliday on 1B would also be a way to work Pham into the line-up without losing Holliday’s bat.
The bull-pen is crazy loaded…not even counting Reyes, who’d be coming off suspension after the May 17th game.

Holiday at 1st isn’t a good idea. We have Moss,Piscotty and Adams to chose from. If we’re down to Holiday there’s trouble. Plus, what if everyone is playing well and Holiday is the weak link. Pham or Moss could go to LF. MM might be wise to think about a scenario with Holiday out of the line up.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Holliday at 1B…certainly far from ideal. I was only thinking MM likes to prepare or ALL scenarios that might pop up outta’ the blue.
Adams I meant, can’t play anything BUT first….and this year MM often comments that he wants all the players to be “flexible”.

Holiday going down for an extended period of time may not be an outta the blue thing. Based on the last two years it seems very likely. That’s why I mentioned the no
Holiday possibility.

I heard that Holliday came to Spring Training noticeably lighter than in past years. His workout program & diet have changed, too. Interesting.
Oh, and for some more fun baseball talk? Here’s KMOX audio clips from this past week:

Lighter is good, but younger would be better. Muscle density is why there are so many muscle tears.Holiday knows he’s on a short lead. If he can’t hit better than .270 and drive in runs then put Pham in there. He can do that AND play defense.

Right about the muscle density. No doubt Holliday tried correcting that this past off-season.
His most recent interviews make me think he’ll just retire if the Card’s don’t pick up his option for next year.
Wouldn’t be a surprise if MM ends up using Pham in the outfield off & on pretty regularly.

Once the spring training games get under way it’ll be interesting to see if MM uses Wong in the lead off spot right away. My guess he will and move Carp to the three slot. From there I’d like to see Piscotty in the two hole. Wong,Piscotty and Carp at the top of the order could be tough. The 4-5-6 spots could rotate based on who they’re facing that day. Any ideas out there?

No doubt. MM’s told several interviewers he’ll definitely give Wong a chance at lead-off.
Conventional wisdom has it that the best hitter bats 3rd. So, maybe switch Piscotty (.305) to the 3-hole and have Carp (.272) bat 2nd? Heck, I dunno’…has Carp batted #2? I frankly can’t recall. Guess it’s something they could try.
But who knows. If Grichuk’s bat gets hot the first few ST games? MM might give him at shot at the top of the batting order, too. It’ll be intriguing to see how the order gets changed around and how often.
But as long as Holliday’s playing a particular day, MM would probably keep him at clean-up….no?

KMOX Sports live interviews this morning just posted. A few new & interesting tidbits. Only click on Kyle McClellan, Dan McLaughlin & Mozeliak (all 3 are down watching Spring Training).

Rats. Looks like Friday is the first “free” televised Cards’ game. But it’s an 11pm (CST) MLB Network RE-broadcast of the Cards @ the Astros…..played earlier that day.
In MM’s most recent interview, AS expected…he said he’d be switching up the line-up quite often during the first several games. Regulars wouldn’t be playing in a whole lot of games initially. Mostly just the newer, younger guys.
If you’d want to listen to live games, here’s the KMOX link:
Today, FAU (Florida Atlantic University) plays an exhibition game against the Cardinals & it’ll be aired on KMOX at 12:05 CST.

Oops, today’s game isn’t available after all. The KMOX website directs ya’ to the MLB website, where they charge, even for the audio. Ugh.

Did any of you get an email from outlining a very comprehensive coverage schedule on KMOX, FMSW and via the website? Will get to see a fair bit of coverage as the youngsters test their stuff.

Yeah, I can’t remember exactly…but FSMW is televising around maybe 15 Spring Training games, I think? ESPN may have an occasional game, I read. The MLB Network could air a coupla’ games too.
I just hope Lyons has a good outing tomorrow.

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