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Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com

The end of the World Series has ushered in the start of the Hot Stove season. The Cardinals’ activity began on Monday, with the decision to exercise Jaime Garcia’s option, decline Johnathan Broxton’s option and remove three from the 40-man roster (full story). The Cardinals have some narrowly defined wants/needs this offseason, and you can review those here.

Over the next few weeks, the free-agent and trade markets will begin to take shape, and all sorts of end-of-season awards will be handed out. To help you keep it all straight, here is a list of important upcoming dates to keep as a reference:

Friday, Nov. 6: Teams must submit qualifying offers ($15.8 million) by 4 pm CT
A qualifying offer is a one-year deal that is binding if a free agent accepts. If the offer is declined, the team is assured a compensation draft pick if that player signs elsewhere. The Cardinals are expected to make a qualifying offer to outfielder Jason Heyward. John Lackey is also a candidate to receive a qualifying offer.

Saturday, Nov. 7: Free agency opens

Monday, Nov. 9: Players Choice Awards (7 pm CT on MLB Network)
The Cardinals do not have any finalists for these awards.

Tuesday, Nov. 10: BBWAA Awards finalists announced (5 pm CT on MLB Network); Rawlings Gold Glove Awards (7 pm CT)
The Cardinals are unlikely to have any top three finalists in voting for the Rookie of the Year, Cy Young or MVP awards. Mike Matheny is a strong candidate to be a top-three finisher for NL Manager of the Year. Heyward and Yadier Molina have already been announced as finalists for Gold Glove awards at their respective positions.

Wednesday, Nov. 11: Wilson Defensive Player of the Year awards (5 pm CT on MLB Network)
These defensive awards differ from the Rawlings Gold Glove Awards in that they go to the best defender at each position (not league specific). The top overall defensive player and defensive team is also recognized. Heyward represents the Cardinals’ best chance to be recognized.

Thursday, Nov. 12: Silver Slugger awards (5 pm CT on MLB Network)
These are presented to the best offensive performer at each position in each league. The Cardinals may get shut out of these awards, though Jhonny Peralta should garner some consideration for NL shortstop honors.

Friday, Nov. 13: Deadline for players to accept or decline qualifying offers (4 pm CT)

Monday, Nov. 16: BBWAA Rookie of the Year awards (5 pm CT on MLB Network)

Tuesday, Nov. 17: BBWAA Manager of the Year awards (5 pm CT on MLB Network)

Wednesday, Nov. 18: BBWAA Cy Young Awards (5 pm CT on MLB Network)

Thursday, Nov. 19: BBWAA MVP Awards (5 pm CT on MLB Network)

Friday, Nov. 20: 2015 Esurance MLB Awards (7 pm CT on MLB Network)
Fan voting for these awards is ongoing at MLB.com (click here to load the ballot). This expanded awards programs recognizes Major League players, baseball fans and memorable moments in unique categories and not limited by league affiliation. The Cardinals have nominees in seven different categories.

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At last a new post for Haley, Dave and I so we don’t have to scroll down through so many comments.

When are the gold gloves announced? That may be our only serious chance for an award this year, though MM should get consideration.

Wed. Nov. 11th.

I’m wrong, sorry Bob

Nov. 6th the new Bond movie comes out. I love Bond movies that don’t have Roger Moore or Tim Dalton in them. Connery is Bond, Graig has done a great job and Brosman was O.K. David Niven could have done a nice job if he played the role straight, but was too comedic.

Rumor mill update: Reports say 29 y/o Byung Ho Park is tentatively up on the auction block until Friday, Nov 6th. Korean team may be willing to trade him for a certain fee. He’s 6′ 1″, 235lbs, plays 1B and hit 53 HR’s this past season.

Interesting,I never herad of him. Who reported it? I’m also interested in Scott Kazmir. He’s a LHP who could fill the 4th or 5th spot in the rotation and may be cheap enough to take a 1 yr. flier on. Gonzalves from the Nats LHP may also be a consideration. I think the Nats want to totally rethink their team situation/payroll. We may need another LHP pitcher if Garcia breaks down again just to counter the LH bats of the Cubs. Offense is the key factor this off-season so Park is in play,but I don’t think the Cards will get into a bidding war. Their track record is to avoid such things. Oh, while I’m thinking of it Dusty Baker will ruin the Nats staff like he’s done with so many others. One yr. of success then arm problems.

One article I read, mentioned that Jung Ho Kang (currently on DL) was purchased last year for 4 years at $11M by the Pirates. Apparently, the Cards had shown interest & had made an offer too. But not enuf’.
So, the thinking is Mo may want to try and acquire Byung Ho Park, another Korean batting star. Of course, other teams will want too.

I looked him up too and as Korean ball parks go( usually small ) the one he plays in is the smallest. I’d rather have Davis from Baltimore and he has that Texas/Balt. PED tinge to him. Also drafted out of high school and never going to college has hurt Davis in the maturity end of things.Based on money Davis is a proven ML player and I’m still very careful about Asian postion players. Although Japanese players are now transitioning better I still hate the fact that you have to buy the rights from the team to negociate. Like they own him, the way our system use to work. Now you’ve paid (X) millions to pay (Y) millions in contract, which is being reported that some money is being kicked back from the new contract to agents and former teams. Grenke opted out of 17 mil. for next year! Grenke – Price – Zimmerman will be big bucks…………too big! Second tier guys like Kazmir or Gio Gonzalves could be good fits for the right price. ALL of the above depends on one guy………………………Jason Heyward.

Found this on MLBTradeRumors.com:

Guaranteed Contracts:

Adam Wainwright, SP: $57.5MM through 2018
Matt Carpenter, 3B: $46MM through 2019 (plus 2020 club option)
Yadier Molina, C: $30MM through 2017 (plus 2018 mutual option)
Jhonny Peralta, SS: $22.5MM through 2017
Matt Holliday, OF: $18MM through 2016 (plus 2017 club option)
Lance Lynn, SP: $15MM through 2017
Jon Jay, OF: $6.225MM through 2016
Jordan Walden, RP: $3.75MM through 2016 (plus 2017 club option)

Looking at this list makes me want to sign a LHP more and use Lynn with two years of control as part of a deal. ( notice I went with the shorter post this time ):)

Sounds like a 1-year $15.8M qualifying offer to Lackey is inevitable. Pretty simple math. If Lackey accepts, we have him for another year. If not…it gives us an extra draft pick.
Needless to say, Heyward will get some type of offer. But qualifying or not….I doubt the Cards will offer anything close to the long-term $150M-$200M he’ll probably be looking for.
One sports-writer’s speculation is that the Angels will ultimately win the Heyward sweepstakes…by signing him to a $200M 10-year (w/5-year opt) deal.
True that, about the Korean ballparks. But maybe Byung Park would be worth the risk…if the price is right?
As for 29 y/o, Chris Davis (life-time .255 BA-1B, 3B & OF)…his agent (Boras) has been described as cut-throat. ALL about the money, not contract details and/or options.

Lynn just has to be used as trade-bait somewhere down the line, right?

Lynn being traded will probably be done if they sign Lackey and/or pick up another arm, I think.The chances of that happening will be high if they lose Heyward. So an arm for a bat would be my guess.Detriot needs pitching, but I’m not sure what they have to offer in return that we need.Whoever it is will need to play the field too and they have alot of aged vets that don’t seem to fit the bill.

Thx. All I know is Lynn needs to buckle-down if he wants to stay. No more of this cocky crap about fast-balls-all-the-freakin-time. I just don’t trust him anymore to switch up his pitches like every other successful pitcher does.
I’ll never forget one post-game interview, when Lynn was asked how many & which pitches he’d used to get the win in one certain game.
Quote: “Whatever the pitch count was,” Lynn said, “that’s how many fastballs I threw.” With a big grin on his face, too. Ugh. He’s a brat.

Just in: “It won’t bind the players to St. Louis…but the Cardinals ensured themselves of at least a draft pick when they made qualifying offers Friday to right fielder Jason Heyward and pitcher John Lackey.
Neither player is expected to accept the $15.8 million offer. But by making qualifying offers, the Cardinals will receive a draft pick as compensation if a player signs elsewhere.”

Qualifying offers made to Heyward and Lackey. No surprise because now if they don’t sign we get draft picks. They have until Nov.15th to answer yea or ney.

Oops sorry, Dave. Didn’t see your post before I posted. Don’t cha’ suppose that Lackey & J-Hey will turn down the offers so they can get on with legit contract negotiations???

Heyward has lots of negotiation room but will someone pay that much more for Lackey? I guess the length of contract might make a difference.

Well, Lackey just finished up his $83M 6/year contract. So I’m guessing he feels solid money-wise. Just depends on whether he wants to keep pitching….or perhaps he’s thinking of retiring. Conceivably, he may even wanna’ try coaching the following year, too. (Provided of course, someone would show interest.)
Bottom line? It’ll all depend on where his head is.
I kinda’ suspect, considering Lackey’s “crusty” (aka impatient) personality…that he may not be interested in jumping thru all the hoops again, with a new team. He’s comfy & settled in here. Besides, $15.8M is nuttin’ to sneeze at….

Fun read on free agents with some predictions. The writer thinks the Cards will end up with Chris Davis, that Lackey will go to the Cubs…and Heyward will ultimately sign with the Yankees.


Yup, the predictions are all over the place. In the article you linked above, it speculates that Lackey will go to the D-Backs. So that’s a new one.
Byung Ho Park incidentally, is set to get signed by a yet-to-be-named MLB team. The Nexen league has accepted a $12.5M offer as a fee to then negotiate Park’s contract separately. Some are guessing it’s the Pirates or Cubs.

Any news about Martinez’s arm/elbow. I won’t be happy if come spring training there’s still an issue. Then Lackey’s departure ( one starter ) and Martinez not ready ( two starters ) cuts the rotation by 40%. Add that possible scenerio to Garcia’s fragileness we could be in the same boat as last year, pitching wise, but worst. AND it would make Lynn UN-available for trade. I’m stopping now, cause I’m scaring myself. Point being; there is on all teams a domino effect with line ups once you start making changes. We have to trust Mo to sort it all out.

Martinez was taken off the DL last week. So he’s probably healed up. Jordan Walden update: “Has resumed playing flat-ground catch as of Sept. 5.” Not to worry, Dave.
Besides, even tho’ it’s an off-chance? We still don’t know what Lackey will do.
Also interesting? Alex Reyes (our top pitching prospect) was removed from further playing in the minors. No report given as to why. However I’m guessing they’re getting ready to bring him up pretty soon….and they simply want to keep an eye on him so he’s healthy & good to go for 2016.

A local FSMidwest sports guy just interviewed. Dan McLaughlin says Lackey’s already told Mo he’d ideally like a contract for 2 years, then retire. So, it appears Lackey would like to stay. But? There’s been a rumor out there Dan added, that some other team might be willing offer him a 3-year for $50M. A difficult deal to turn down, eh?
Dan also thinks that some pretty big bucks may be used to find a utility infielder to relieve Carp, Peralta & Wong on a regular basis. Something very high on the priority list. Nobody the Cards have in the minors could legitimately fit that bill.
He’s also not sure if Chris Davis is gonna’ be a serious consideration at 1B. Staying with Moss & Adams in platoon-mode, could be the plan?
Making a play for Heyward is not quite yet out of the question. However, Dan said he wouldn’t be surprised if another team offered him a $220M contract…which would be way too rich for the Red Birds liking.
Mo’s live interview to follow in 45 minutes…..

Is that interview on radio or TV? Online anywhere? It will be an interesting couple of weeks.

Wow, it was the first thing that came up. Here’s the “KMOX Sports on a Sunday Morning” podcasts from today, actually. In past weeks, they didn’t post them this fast. Took a few days to get ’em up.
They’re separated. See if you can click on Dan McLaughlin and John Mozeliak’s individual interviews:

If the priority list doesn’t have a power bat at the top of that list then someone has lost their mind. Utility means part time. And platooning Adams and Moss doesn’t get me pumped up either. I just hope its Mo playing that mid-west aw-shucks we’re just trying to hang in their Bull. Mean while he back rooms a deal that wakes everyone up with ‘we aren’t going anywhere but back to the playoffs and winning it this time’ attitude!

You have a good point, DM. Look at the trades Mo’s made so far. They’ve been real surprises. I DO think Mo’s playing dumb with the media while he, MM & DeWitt figure out who they should buy and/or trade. Mo’s typically been tight-lipped immediately prior to any big moves.
And I really I think the power-bat’s a given. Any infielder the Cards might sign, would more than likely be a REAL solid hitter. It’d be someone who won’t be cheap, either.

I’ll see if I can find a podcast of the interviews. I actually missed Mo’s interview due to a dumb phone call.

I listened to the radio interviews with Mo and then Dan ‘somebody?’. I took away from Mo’s chat that he doesn’t yet really know what will happen. Heyward is the key. Sounds like he’ll use the winter meeting as a look see and go from there. It also seems like the Giants, Cubs and the Dodgers will be key competeters for Heyward and Davis from the NL. Stay tunned.

Good. Glad you were able to hear their comments.
Dan McLaughlin is Fox Sports Mid West’s primary play-by-play guy for the Cards’ locally televised games. Dan has a few regular duties at KMOX radio, as well.
KMOX features baseball update-segments with Dan & Mo each & every Sunday morning, thru-out the year. Occasionally, I’ve heard things during these particular interviews that hadn’t been publicized yet.
As you alluded to, you can get better feel for a situation, when you hear Mo talk. How he says something can tell you as much as what he’s said. : )
The one thing that keeps bothering me, is Heyward’s potential contract. Seems like it’s just way too much. If we were to sign him…it would impact the Cards’ other potential contracts negatively. And that’s not to mention it could mess with on-field chemistry.

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