NLDS Game Times Announced

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Major League Baseball released start times for postseason games through Sunday. The Cardinals will open their National League Division Series against the Pittsburgh/Chicago Wild-Card winner on Friday. First pitch is scheduled for 5:45 pm CT. Game 2, also at Busch Stadium, has a scheduled first pitch of 4:37 pm CT.

Start times for Games 3-5 will be announced at a later date.

Wednesday’s Wild Card game between the Cubs and Pirates will begin at 7:08 pm CT. The Pirates are hosting that winner-take-all affair.

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Here’s hoping that the shadows do not play havoc on the hitters. It’s what you always worry about with the late afternoon starts.

Hope the Cards just bring their bats to the park………..and use them……..often!

Tues nite, the Astros @ Yankees on ESPN.
Wednesday nite, Cubs @ Pirates on TBS, then….the winner @ Cardinals Friday nite also on TBS.
As for dealing with any shadows? Saturday’s earlier game may be a bit of an issue, but not sure it’ll affect Friday’s game. Could be. But at least both teams will have to deal with it.
And yessir, the Red Birds need to get some offense going…….immediately and BIG-TIME!
I’m kinda’ hoping we play the Pirates. Mostly ’cause Maddon talked such trash about the Cardinals. I thought he was unprofessional….and a bit immature, honestly.
Maddon ranted, “We’re not gonna’ TAKE it!” Really, Joe? ~sigh~

Buddy Holly quoted Twisted Sister? Ya think he’d come up with something original.
How about the Yankees losing Sabathia? I mean getting help is needed, but I wonder how the front office really feels now that he’s put them in such a bind.AND you can’t tell me they weren’t aware of this issue for awhile now.

Wow, hadn’t heard. Gosh, Sabathia went into alcohol rehab just today, huh? He’s a 6′ 7″, 285lb LHP. Bet he could knock down a bunch o’ brewski’s at one sitting, don’t cha’ think? Hahaha.
Sure, the front office will be PO’d. No doubt that he has a clause in his contract about monetary sanctions, if/when something like this would happen. His contract is $182m thru 2016…so I wonder how much they can take back?

I’m not sure I’d use Yadi right away. His Thumb won’t be better and the more those fastballs hit it the worst it’ll get. Why not play Cruz and wait and see? I see 3B Carp, 2B Wong SS Peralta, after that who goes where will be interesting. Piscotty – Grichuk
Holiday – Jay – Moss – Adams – Reynolds – Bourjous(not) – even Garcia could be in the mix. Kozma will be off the bench emergency stuff. I think Pham will be off the roster…sad because it should be Bourjous off.

This morning they’re reporting that Yadi’s thumb has been splinted, AND…he’ll be trying it out the next coupla’ days with a mitt on & batting with it splinted, too.
Who knows what the 25 will be. But I don’t think Bourjos will be included and maybe Kozma won’t either. No need at this point, for back up position-players. Here’s my best guess for the final 25:
1) Yadi (or Tartamella/Easley)
2) Cruz
3) Reynolds
4) Wong
5) Peralta
6) Carpenter
7) Piscotty
8) Holliday
9) Heyward
10) Grichuk
11) Jay
12) Adams
13) Moss
14) Pham (or G Garcia)
15) Villanueva (or Belisle?)
16) Waino
17) Lackey
18) Lynn
19) Jaime G
20) Wacha
21) Maness
22) Siegrist
23) Rosenthal
24) Cishek
25) Broxton
I rechecked and the 25-man roster CAN be changed…but only before the beginning of each “series”.
So if the Cards win the Divisional Series against the Cubs/Pirates? They can change the roster before the Nat League Championship series, and again before the WS.

I wonder too about using Yadi too soon, Maybe see if Cruz does OK in the two home games then bring Yadi in if they get behind in the series? Or better save him for round two unless they are really in trouble in round 1?

What about the rotation order? I think Lackey, Wacha, Garcia and Lynn (unless they find that Garcia is much better at Busch?). I think Lyons needs to be there for another lefty option, especially if Choate is omitted as should be? He has limitations but did show up well against Pirates last time out and might be useful when Lynn struggles.

I also hope it is Pirates as cocky Cubs are beginning to resemble the Dodgers as a team which uses money and swagger to get ahead. We may have to get used to that over the next few years though.

Well as one writer pointed out? We totally need to bring our A game to this first playoff series so we can WIN & advance!. Our basic pitching rotation should be enuf’ to get thru 5 games, since we have a day off every 2 days. If it isn’t? Heck..we’ll simply be eliminated and everybody can go home.
Think of it this way. Let’s say Jaime’s first up, but he’s not pitching so good. So, yank him in the 2nd or 3rd & bring in Lackey, Lynn or Wacha…which would move the rotation back one. By the time game # 5 rolls around, if it even does? Jaime will be plenty rested and can go again.
Besides, I honestly think Lyons was a little lucky his last outing. Perhaps, an off day for the Bucco’s??? However, could be there’s an off-chance that Lyons’ recently elevated confidence has suddenly made him a better pitcher. No one can say for sure.
If you think about it tho’? Lyons hasn’t been all that good in any of his previous appearances, except for his last one. Plus, he may take up a spot for someone else we might need.

Given what Jenifer writes here, perhaps should be Lackey and Garcia for games 1 and 2 as they fared much better at home. Then adjust the others accordingly.

Overall, though its her job to be a booster to a degree, this column is somewhat optimistic, while portraying some of the teams’ many strengths too.

Yep, her article puts a positive spin on things. Bottom line tho’…they’re still our “Cardiac Cards”. Hehehe. Great offense & terrific defense when you least expect it, but sometimes the other way around. That’s why they keep us fans on the edge of our seats. Makes me wonder who’s got the MLB record this year, in come-from-behinds?
I just hope the Pirates win the Wild Card. As nice as it might be for the Cubs to finally win a WS? I hope it’s not THIS year. They’ve become or ARE becoming rather insufferable.
As for starting pitching? I feel that Lackey’s earned his spot as our “ace”. He’s been amazingly consistent this year. Besides he seems to be able to get the team amped up with his “crusty” attitude, as one FSMidWest guy put it. ; )

Looks like I may have lucked in. Expecting lower ratings on US networks, the Jays games are bumped to afternoon – so Cards early evening games should be covered mostly,unless there is an extra-inning affair at the Rogers Centre. Fingers crossed.

Sounds good, Bob. Let’s hope your area gets to watch! ; )

Not sure what you make of these statistical approaches, but the Cards are dissed a bit by this method – though this group predicted ALL the states and electoral college votes in the US general election 2012 accurately.

The problem with stats like that are they don’t take into account dumb luck…which seems to play a part in who wins or loses baseball games. I do agree that the Jays may have a little bit better chance of winning the WS than the Cardinals tho’. The Cards are spastic in their playing. We’ve won games we shouldn’t have….and lost games we shouldda’ won. So that said? We could win the WS with a little luck.
My personal opinion is that the AL teams are really tough on us. Tougher to beat than the NL teams. I’ve never agreed with what some have said about our division being the toughest in the MLB.

As predicted..the Astros’ 27 y/o LHP Keuchel is cruising along…keeping the Mets from scoring. It’s 2-0, bottom of the 5th. If we play the Astros? Keuchel will be pretty tough to hit.

Yankees fans will be appalled to have the Bronx bombers mistaken for the upstarts from Citi Field! ;).

Hahaha….duh, you’re right. Sorry NYY! : )

The Sporting News is predicting the Cubs win tonite. 2-0
I hope they’re wrong.

And..a columnist for MLB says it’ll be a Cubs win, 4-zip!

Looks like we might have to put up with Madden and company. But at least Molina may be on board.

It will be eerie if this score holds after Haley’s post. Feel bad for Pirates. Second most wins and out early barring a rally against this year’s Cy Young winner.

Yeah, I feel bad for the Pirates, too. So many wins…and one game to advance. Really not fair…

We have to be ready for psych games and bullying by the Cubs. Arietta hit TWO batters and then plays the victim and starts a ruckus when he gets hit back. They somehow got Sean Rodriguez thrown out but Arietta stayed in the game.

They will pull that BS with us soon. Matheny keeps his cool but if they injure someone like Kang it might get rough.

I dunno’, Bob. I don’t really think the most of hits are on purpose. However, I HAVE heard former/veteran players say that some hits ARE on purpose.
Ever since Maddon mouthed off? I have no sympathy or trust for the Cubs on any level. Maddon encourages anger, retribution, etc. NOT classy.

I don’t disagree, its just that the Cubs hype their reactions to psych out their opponents, like in that last series with us. The reactions tonight were typical, when the Pirates had not reacted when hit earlier on.

Can you find out how much money Fanduel takes in versus how much they pay out? I think all your readers would like to know.

Here is some possile good news as the Cardinals inch towards naming the 25 person roster:

“The Cardinals had more than 11 pitchers at Wednesday’s workout, though Randy Choate was not one of them. Whether that’s an indication that he won’t be carried on the NLDS roster is unknown”

It will be an interesting few days ahead.

Wow, I hadn’t read that article. Sounds like Choate’s most probably out. Woo-hoo! Bourjos says he’s not on the roster either. OK, that’s cool.
Then either Kozma or Greg Garcia will get a utility/bench-player spot. Garcia’s clearly got the better BA, but Kozma’s more versatile and by far the better infielder. (Garcia’s noticeably bobbled a few balls lately, as I recall….and fielding errors are not something the Cards will be able to afford.)
Interesting too, that according to the article, it appears that one or the other will be on the roster, Moss OR Adams (both lefties)…but not both That seems to indicate that Reynolds is in.
I’d think that MM’s probably having our rotation pitchers pitch to Adams today & yesterday during BP. If MM feels Adams has gotten his groove back? He might be in. Unfortunately, Adams has been one to run hot & cold.
However as much as Moss will strike out? He’s easily capable of hitting the occasional HR too. That’s not to mention consideration of each one’s defensive capabilities.
But then the Pirates’ Clint Hurdle started Rodriguez at 1B, instead of Alverez (who’s defense has been lacking.) Except that he did put Alverez BACK in after the Pirates fell behind.
Thus that begs the question….when playing the Cubs? Is offense or defense ultimately THE highest priority??? Does it depend on the position played?
Incidentally, during a quick radio interview earlier this morning…I could’ve sworn I heard MM say they’d be releasing/announcing the 25-man roster sometime later today???

I keep thinking about Kozma, and wondering if MM has Pete’s 2012 & 2014 BA’s floating around in the back of his mind. They were .333 & .304, respectively. Just sayin’….

I think I heard they would release today as well. Not sure if they will do rotation order. In some ways Wacha is the number 2 but as Garcia is much better a Busch it does make some sens for him to start game 2.

Saw some jawing in comments about Arietta using pine tar or something. I didn’t watch much of the game as NHL debut was opposite it. Did you see anything like that? He has come out of no where but it is likely sour grapes. Tough loss of the Pirates.

I watched most of the game….altho’ only off & on. Arrieta just seemed to have ridiculous control. He mixed up his pitches extra well, from what I saw.
It’d be down & out, up & in, down & in/high-velocity sinkers, sliders & curves….seldom throwing the same pitch twice in a row.
Maybe it was only my particular focus….but I thought I saw a lot of his third strikes thrown right over the plate…just that they were up, chest high….causing the batters to swing way underneath the ball.

The geek analysts suggest Cubs are no the NL favourite; let’s hope their formulas miss intangibles.

Well, if it even means anything…the odds they post, is 51.6% the Cubs will win….which is basically about even up. The Cubs I suspect, will feel they have more at stake than the Cards. That can be a good thing…OR backfire on ya’ sometimes.
The Cardinals do have their spurts of excellence, tho’. No rhyme or reason for them, either.
I mean….there have been times we got killed, but came back the next day and scored & won big time. So, there’s just no telling how it’ll all turn out.
If the Cubs follow suit, giving Arietta 4 not 5 days rest? I think that means he’ll start the Cubs first home-game, Monday….right?
Gosh, Arrieta’s so dang good, I’m not sure the Cards would know how to beat him. But then the upside, is that’s only one game outta’ 5.
I think I noticed that Arrieta’ puts a lot of his first pitches right over the plate. So I only hope our batters don’t make the mistake of TAKING his first pitches instead of swinging at ’em right out of the gate.

Interesting article on potential role players who could shine, recommending Pham over Jay as one of the hardest hitters in the game, behind only Stanton and Cabrera. Not bad company.

Wow…that’s something. MM’s gotta’ be going crazy trying to figure this all out.
But one thing? I’m not sure, but despite his overall good hitting ? Haven’t Pham’s last 4-5 at-bats resulted in outs? That would be a factor to MM, who seems to favor whoever’s hottest at the moment.

Yes he didn’t do so well on the Atlanta trip though their commitment overall was lacking.

Yep, the roster’s gonna’ be a tough call no matter what. I wanna’ think that Mo will be little involved and hopefully steer MM away from making emotional decisions. But who knows…maybe Mo steps back in situations like this, and lets MM make all the decisions?
One thing I’m pretty sure about…is only having 2 catchers. Yadi & Cruz. Then, if Yadi’s thumb prevents him from playing/batting good enuf’? They can put him back on the DL and call up Tartamella or Easley. That’d be within the rules.
Even if Yadi’s thumb isn’t actually reinjured, nobody would or probably could question it.
Thankfully, all this speculation will soon be over with.: )

Players are leaking that they are not on the roster: Belisle is the latest.

Local reporter, Derrick Goold (@dgoold on twitter)…appears to be receiving early info. He says Lackey, Jaime, Wacha & Lynn…plus both Pham AND Jay have made the roster. Go figure, huh?

No Adams, no Kozma, no Cishek…and Heyward’s slotted to start at CF Friday nite.

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