October 4: Cardinals @ Braves (Game 2)

Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com

Records: Cardinals (100-61, +3.0 in NL Central), Braves (66-95, -23.0 in NL East)

First pitch: 3:05 pm CT

TV/Radio: Fox Sports Midwest

Cardinals lineup: Jon Jay (CF), Tommy Pham (RF), Randal Grichuk (LF), Matt Adams (1B), Mark Reynolds (3B), Greg Garcia (SS), Pete Kozma (2B), Ed Easley (C), Lance Lynn (RHP)

Braves lineup: Michael Bourn (CF), Daniel Castro (SS), Hector Olivera (3B), Adonis Garcia (LF), Jace Peterson (2B), Pedro Ciriaco (1B), Todd Cunningham (RF), Ryan Lavarnway (C), Matt Wisler (RHP)

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They tweaked the lineup again to get more people playing time including a start for Easley and Kozma. It will be interesting to see who gets on the final roster for post-season.

There is a lesson elsewhere today about why not to make these decisions on sentimental grounds. John Gibbons of the Jays at Tampa gave Buehrle what was to be a 2 inning start to reach 200 innings again as his career closes and he gave up multiple runs; they are behind 9-0 in the 2nd, at risk of missing home field advantage versus the Royals and also Buehrle had to be pulled and missed the record anyway. Lets hope MM keeps this in mind in making decisions re Choate and Bourjos, though Lyons was vulnerable to the long ball in relief today.

Agree. Lyons good outing the other day was more luck than anything, in my opinion. He’s just not play-off material, quite yet.
Sentiment isn’t the best way to make decisions, as you point out. But MM is sometimes, just that way.

This is not a great post-season tuneup though?

Jenifer Langosch ‏@LangoschMLB 12m12 minutes ago
Since clinching the NL Central title on Wednesday, the #stlcards have not scored in 22 innings.

Yep. The Cards don’t appear to feel the urgency to get a win.
Pre-game interview with Mo, brought up the post-season roster. When specifically asked about Choate? “I’m not going to get into specific players”, he replied. “We won’t make the final decision until the day of our first post-season game.”
One of the FSMidwest TV guys said for post-season, he thought Moss instead of Reynolds. I would’ve thought the other way around, but he talks a lot to MM & Mo during his off-air time.
He also felt that Bourjos would be in the final 25 instead of Kozma as a utility player/pinch runner. Ugh. That’s gotta’ be wrong. Kozma’s better in all respects.
But when it comes to catchers? That’s tough. Does MM only include Cruz & Yadi, and plan on substituting Tartamella or Easley, if or when either gets injured? (Or in Yadi’s case, RE-injured.) Or do you put 3 catchers on the final list, to begin with?

Should be Reynolds to pair with Adams at first, perhaps platooning against lefty and righty pitchers? Bourjos brings so little; MO cannot admit this acquisition was a mistake I guess.

Well, MO traded Freese for Grichuk AND Bourjos, right? So we ultimately got a good nuf’ deal with Grichuk.
Today’s 2 games are almost laughable. But then again, there’s no doubt that MM told them all not to “strain” themselves. We can’t afford any more injuries, for sure.
The only incentive would maybe get Rosie another (final) save.

Post-game, Al Hrabosky gave his 2-cents about the final roster. He thinks 10 pitchers and 15 position-players is the way to go. We’d only play 2 games, then a rest day, then 2 games, etc. Nothing too exhausting.
Besides, the Cards do have their issues with offense. So the more bats we have available? The better off the Cards would be.
Maybe that’s good thinking. Who knows…

Yes I think offensive add ons would be a good idea. Hopefully this weekend is not an indication of how their offense will perform this month. But even on good days they could use more help. If Choate, Bourjos, and those with injuries are kept on the roster the useful group could become quite thin. Will see what they come up with later this week.

Well, the more I think about it…the more unlikely I think it’ll be to include Choate. I mean…we can’t be THE only ones who feel that way.

Shame on the Cardinal ownership for allowing the Fake GM Mo to stay on board. Resigning Broxton proves the Cardinals don’t give a hoot about their fans. Mo embarassed Cardinal Nation at the Winter Meetings.

With this many suitors and Boras as agent it is hard to see how the Cards will come out with the best offer in years and money.


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