September 30: Cardinals @ Pirates (Game 2)

Jenifer Langosch/

Records: Cardinals (99-59, +3.0 in NL Central), Pirates (96-62, -3.0 in NL Central)

First pitch: 6:05 pm CT

TV/Radio: Fox Sports Midwest, ESPN, 1120 KMOX

Cardinals lineup: Matt Carpenter (3B), Jon Jay (CF), Jhonny Peralta (SS), Jason Heyward (RF), Matt Adams (1B), Randal Grichuk (LF), Kolten Wong (2B), Tony Cruz (C), Tyler Lyons (LHP)

Pirates lineup: Josh Harrison (2B), Gregory Polanco (RF), Andrew McCutchen (CF), Aramis Ramirez (3B), Starling Marte (LF), Michael Morse (1B), Francisco Cervelli (C), Jordy Mercer (SS), Charlie Morton (RHP)

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We were wrong. Cruz is in again, which is good. Gosh, he’s hit every single game except one, since he started playing for Yadi. Two doubles today, wasn’t it?

He has hit above expectation but worried about potential fatigue for Cruz; that’s a tough position to play two especially with a pitcher with uncertain control. And perhaps Pham instead of Jay to add pop in Piscotty’s absence? We will see.

I really think that Jay may be back to where he was before his wrist issue. He was almost getting on base every at-bat, the weeks leading up to his injury. MM’s probably hoping that’s the case, anyway.
Besides, I’m pretty sure Pham will be put in later, unless Jay’s hitting like crazy.

If we get very far, Toronto will be tough. Outscoring everyone by leaps and bounds. In addition to adding Price, they have their Martinez equivalent, Marcus Stroman coming OFF the DL and throwing like an ace. I will need to keep my Cards support closer to my chest as the country is going Jays crazy up here. But that match-up is a ways off yet.

Right, a Blue Jays match-up won’t be for a while yet. I do think the Cards find the AL a bit more difficult than the NL. Altho’? “They” have said, the NL Central is the toughest division this year.
OK, let’s play ball!!!!

They’ll be without a DH in our park.AND to their run totals, AL teams have DH’s all year so comparing them to the NL can be misleading.

Yup, valid point, Dave.

Well they would have home field because of the stupid all star game rule. And they hit home runs top to bottom of the order. A lot of power. Hope the starters are sharp if we get that far to keep them in check.

They are leading Baltimore 13-1 about to clinch. Can’t we do the same tonight please?

Aha! We scored FIRST! Woo-hoo!!!

The marketing arm of MLB is fine tuned – I already have emails in my inbox advertising Jays Division champion hats and sweats. The game just ended!

Yeah, I’ve noticed that. They’re always ready at the drop of a hat.

Hopefully we will get Cards emails like that later tonight!

I’ll be. Jay hit again. He was getting hit a lot before his injury too.
Lyons is holding his own. Was lucky a hit went foul, tho’. Couldda’ been a HR.

You can tell Heyward’s pumped…can’t cha’? Hehehe.

Heyward will be interesting this off-season. Should we try to resign him or should we try really hard to resign him? I think if he has a good post season the Cards try hard and if he fades into the wood work they’ll make an offer to get the draft pick when he goes elsewhere. I really like him and would try hard to sign him because he wins games with his glove and arm too.That can’t be said about alot of guys.Now that PED’s aren’t creating the 40-50- homer freaks anymore guys like Heyward are more vauable than we think.

valuable, sorry gang!

Oh sure, I’d think Mo would wanna’ try REALLY hard to sign him. He’s a great fit. Plus, every player knows the Cards get to the play-offs more often than most.
Mark Reynolds accepted the Cards offer, even tho’ he could’ve signed for more $$$, I heard. He said he just wanted to be on a potential play-off team. Might be the same thinking that Heyward will hopefully have???

Heyward will have alot more choices than Reynolds had, and for more serious denero.

No doubt about it.

If we clinch tonight,I think the Cubs will win the WC game

I’m with ya’, Mr M. ; )

Arietta is hard to beat. Having said that the Cubs play us tough. Too bad the playoff format will mean 2 of the 3 or 4 best teams in MLB will be out by the NLCS.

I know. Arrieta’s a potential Cardinal-killer.
Also, I read an article recently, saying not all the best teams make the play-offs because of the format, like you said.
I remain in amazement that Lyons is still hanging in there.

They’re the Cubs Bob, and until they find a way to rid themselves of the”goat” they’ll always be the Cubs:)

Noticed the announcers reviewing the injuries and how amazing 100 wins season has been. Reminded me of this tribute from a Giants blogger:

Yeah, fun read. That’s the one I posted earlier today.

This may be the last chance for the Pirates for awhile. If they don’t do it this year I’m not so sure they even make the WC game next season, let alone win the division.

For some reason I just remembered that old standard cartoon I’ts the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown when Linus was afraid of upsetting the Great Pumpkin, If they clinch? I mean when!

Linus was a Cubs fan, that’s why the pumpkin stiffed him:)

Alrighty, then. MM put in Bourjos, took out Grickuk. The bench guys will get a chance to play now apparently, considering our lead.

Do you think we will hold on to this lead? Might be close at the end. 😉

Yeah, RIGHT Bob! Get outta’ town! Hehehe. I continue to be shocked at Lyons performance tonite. He truly deserves a standing-O.
I guess if you hang in there with ’em long enuf’? The young ones can develop into keepers. : )

Well they left the bases loaded in the 8th. How are yo ever going to win with that kind of offense! 🙂

But seriously Lyons should definitely be on the post-season roster for long relief and perhaps to bail out Lynn or Wacha in particular. What a great performance – the game of his career.

I can’t wait for the FSMidwest post-game show! Champagne everywhere! It’ll be so fun to see the guys celebrate & be crazy excited!

I hope they show it as they often cut off the broadcasts on MLB TV as soon as the last pitch is made.

Too bad Waino can’t be the closer. Just sayin’….

Oh, and I really hope Cruz gets some love. He’s been the team’s rock these last several games. Caught good, and actually had some great at-bats. Tony deserves a lot of credit…don’t cha’ know!!!

Well, I’m gonna’ say Cruz WILL get some love after THAT bomb! Great homer, Tony! I’ve always had faith in him. : )
Villanueva’s warming up, so he’ll likely be our closer.

I’m outta’ here. I’ve been online with the radio on…but had the game on the TV in the next room to watch replays.
The FSMidwest post-game will begin in a minute.
And that’s a winner! Number 100…how ’bout it!
Later, guys…

Ok what a great way to clinch. But the post-game show is cut off here as always. 😦 See you for the playoffs.

Gosh, way toooo funny! During the crazy champagne after-party, out local goofy FSMidwest post-game interviewer guy Jim Hayes…asked MM to step over for a few comments. MM walked over, held up a full beer and poured it all over Jim Hayes’ head.
Then MM said, “OK, what did you wanna’ know?”
Pretty freakin’ hilarious!

This is what I think the post-season roster should look like, assuming Yadi And Stephen are ready to return:

# Name B/T Ht Wt DOB
37 Matt Belisle R/R 6’4″ 225lbs 6/6/80
30 Jonathan Broxton R/R 6’4″ 305lbs 6/16/84
*36 Randy Choate L/L 6’1″ 210lbs 9/5/75
28 Steve Cishek R/R 6’6″ 215lbs 6/18/86
54 Jaime Garcia L/L 6’2″ 215lbs 7/8/86
*40 Mitch Harris R/R 6’4″ 215lbs 11/7/85
41 John Lackey R/R 6’6″ 235lbs 10/23/78
31 Lance Lynn R/R 6’5″ 240lbs 5/12/87
70 Tyler Lyons L/L 6’4″ 200lbs 2/21/88
61 Seth Maness R/R 6’0″ 190lbs 10/14/88
44 Trevor Rosenthal R/R 6’2″ 220lbs 5/29/90
46 Kevin Siegrist L/L 6’5″ 215lbs 7/20/89
*63 Miguel Socolovich R/R 6’1″ 195lbs 7/24/86
*64 Sam Tuivailala R/R 6’3″ 195lbs 10/19/92
33 Carlos Villanueva R/R 6’2″ 215lbs 11/28/83
52 Michael Wacha R/R 6’6″ 210lbs 7/1/91
50 Adam Wainwright R/R 6’7″ 235lbs 8/30/81
# Name B/T Ht Wt DOB
48 Tony Cruz R/R 5’11” 215lbs 8/18/86
*23 Ed Easley R/R 6’0″ 205lbs 12/21/85
4 Yadier Molina R/R 5’11” 220lbs 7/13/82
*68 Travis Tartamella R/R 6’0″ 205lbs 12/17/87
# Name B/T Ht Wt DOB
32 Matt Adams L/R 6’3″ 260lbs 8/31/88
13 Matt Carpenter L/R 6’3″ 215lbs 11/26/85
*35 Greg Garcia L/R 6’0″ 190lbs 8/8/89
*38 Pete Kozma R/R 6’0″ 190lbs 4/11/88
*21 Brandon Moss L/R 6’0″ 210lbs 9/16/83
27 Jhonny Peralta R/R 6’2″ 215lbs 5/28/82
12 Mark Reynolds R/R 6’2″ 220lbs 8/3/83
16 Kolten Wong L/R 5’9″ 185lbs 10/10/90

*8 Peter Bourjos R/R 6’1″ 185lbs 3/31/87
15 Randal Grichuk R/R 6’1″ 195lbs 8/13/91
22 Jason Heyward L/L 6’5″ 245lbs 8/9/89
7 Matt Holliday R/R 6’4″ 250lbs 1/15/80
19 Jon Jay L/L 5’11” 195lbs 3/15/85
*60 Tommy Pham R/R 6’1″ 175lbs 3/8/88
55 Stephen Piscotty R/R 6’3″ 210lbs 1/14/91

Those marked * are candidates to be left off and kept for injury reserve. But it will not be an easy trimming job my MM and MO. Just as long as Choate and Bourjos are not kept at someone else’s expense (Lyons and Villanueva for instance would be essential replacement starters if Wacha, Lynn or others falter. And I hope Wainwright is sharp enough not to cost us in a big moment.

Whew. You did some work. Looks pretty decent. Just would be hard for MM & Mo to leave off Pham. He’s been key in several wins lately. Is Belisle honestly back to 100%? Maybe he’ll be nixed to make room.
The NLDS & ALDS officially begins Oct 8th, I think…with the AL Wild Card game on Oct 6th, and the NL Wild Card the next day on Oct 7th.
So, I’m not sure if the Cards final 25 would need to be picked by the 6th or the 8th.

WOW.Bob, MM should hire you. I agree about Choate, he’s such a stiff that he must have O’Ded on Cialis. I think Bourjous will make the team, as to who gets left off because of it …we’ll see.
And who would have thought it would take a 100 wins to clinch our division. I felt it was tough and 94-95 would do it just because we play each other so much, but a 100!

No kidding. Pittsburgh AND the Cubs gotta’ be PO’d since they’re at 96 & 94, respectively. Better records than anyone else in the ENTIRE MLB, ‘cept of course, for the Cards. I’ve heard several talking heads bring up this inequity. Both on MLBTV and the radio.
I dunno’ about Bourjos. I agree with Bob. Nobody to really take off in order for him to be in the final 25.
Going by Bob’s list? Pham not Bourjos, would be the one that might ought to be added to the post-season roster….don’t cha’ think? Wow, such hard choices to make…

Playoff Question: Where will you be to watch game one Cards vs. Cubs/Bucs and why at that location? As for me I’ll be at a local country club.Excellent wings,the bartender knows what I like,close to home AND I can watch the RedSox fans cry somemore. Along those lines all my life growing up Yankee fans were very arogant.Now that the Sox have won a couple WS they’ve become arogant on steriods.I’m sure the Patriots wins feed into that entitlement attitude big time.
Sweep the Braves and 103 wins beats the 2004 total of 102. And I think on paper the 2004 team is better than this one……..go figure:)

Sounds like a sweet set up at the club. Wings & adult beverages too? Hahaha. The Patriots fans DO have some attitude, for sure.

I am not sure I will be able to watch all the games. It depends on which games the Canadian TV channels are going to cover, as my MLB TV subscription doesn’t cover playoffs. Jays will get first dibs here though they cover other teams as well. If Jays/Cards conflict,or they prefer to cover big market Mets/Dodges I may be out of luck for some of the games.

MLB sells a playoff subscription which includes anything BUT the main TV angles (alternate feeds etc.) so I may buy that for those games which are not covered here; or just use the MLB audio feeds and follow Gameday online. After being able to see every game all season it is a letdown.

I sure hope you can figure something out, Bob. Of course, the Pirates/Cards games won’t probably draw the ratings right now, than other games might. MLB has been advertising certain deals lately..but I’m not familiar with how that works. Keep us posted and good luck!

Um, I meant the Brewers/Cards series.

You won’t have the Cubs/Pirates shown in Canada?

Both Wild card games will be shown. Then for NLDS/NLCS they will cover Jays and whatever they can when games are staggered but if two series conflict or with NHL (which is religion up here) one may not be covered. WS will be shown in full no matter who gets in. Just have to wait and see. Some years it has taken 3-4 games out, other years only 1-2 (depends on timing and length of various series).

I know what you mean. The St Louis Blues are big news here now, too. Our local radio & TV stations have to switch stuff around to accommodate both our hockey & baseball games.

Have you seen Shelby Miller’s record, 5-17. Bet he wishes that it was Lynn and not him in Atlanta. Wonder what’s wrong? It can’t be all because of Atlanta’s poor offense.

All I know…is that every time I hear Shelby mentioned in the news? They’re saying he generally pitches well, but doesn’t get any run support. Countless times I’ve read that his record doesn’t necessarily reflect how good he is.
Miller’s ERA has stayed relatively low, but the Braves just can’t score. At one point in early Sept I think, I read that Atlanta had only scored 14 runs in Shelby’s last 15 starts. Pretty pathetic, huh?
It’ll be fun to see what the line-up is for our Cards tonite. I think MM will give even more rest to several of the everyday players.

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