September 28: Cardinals @ Pirates

Jenifer Langosch/

Records: Cardinals (98-58, +3.0 in NL Central), Pirates (95-61, -3.0 in NL Central)

First pitch: 6:05 pm CT

TV/Radio: ESPN2, Fox Sports Midwest, 1120 KMOX

Cardinals lineup: Matt Carpenter (3B), Stephen Piscotty (RF), Matt Holliday (LF), Jason Heyward (CF), Jhonny Peralta (SS), Brandon Moss (1B), Kolten Wong (2B), Tony Cruz (C), Lance Lynn (RHP)

Pirates lineup: Gregory Polanco (RF), Josh Harrison (3B), Andrew McCutchen (CF), Starling Marte (LF), Neil Walker (2B), Francisco Cervelli (C), Pedro Alvarez (1B), Jordy Mercer (SS), J.A. Happ (LHP)

Transactions: None

Reading material:

  • Title Fight: Cards, Bucs to settle NL Central title this week (link)
  • With Trevor Rosenthal and Seth Maness on the mound, the ninth inning unraveled for the Cards (link)
  • Game recap from the Cardinals’ 8-4 loss to the Brewers on Sunday (link)
  • John Lackey wraps up a terrific season at Busch Stadium with another quality start (link)

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Almost 100 wins and it all comes down to the last 6 games of September. Hold on to your hats guys!

I lost my hat this afternoon. Oops?

Geez, Louise…that was a close one!

Hmmm…it appears that Lynn’s taking charge. Which is a good thing. More than once I’ve heard Lance say post-game….”I don’t care about walks. I just care about getting 3 outs with no runs scored. Pitching outta’ situations is what we pitchers do.” Confident comment, eh??

Oh, yeah…and Yadi won’t probably be back until the post-season.
Also, veteran LHP Ricky Horton with FSMidwest, says HE thinks Waino will be ready to back up Lyons, if Lyons first inning or two doesn’t go so well. Wow….

Let’s hope Piscotty is OK. The only offensive bright spot and a fine young man.

Yeah, it looked like Piscotty’s head knocked up against Bourjos’ thigh, and snapped back sorta’ sideways, maybe further than nature may have intended?

KMOX just reported a “head-contusion” & Piscotty’s on the way to the local hospital for further testing. I still think it’s his neck.

Probably neck and concussion but at least he was conscious leaving the stadium.

On another note, especially with Piscotty gone, this offense will not take them anywhere in the playoffs. Very lucky to still be in this game in the 8th. The pitching looks to be fraying as well just in time for the playoffs.

My lil’ buddy, Reynolds! He did it!!!

That’s an unbelievable win. Hard to completely celebrate with what happened to Piscotty but puts the pressure back on the Pirates. Hope Wacha comes up strong tomorrow. A crushing loss for the Pirates with all those missed opportunities.

I wonder if shifting Piscotty between fields wasn’t disorienting for him. He had just moved over when the collision happened. Feel bad for Bourjos who seems to bring nothing but bad luck.

Initial scans on Piscotty show no major damage. Matheny says he’s going to be sore, but otherwise should be ok.

Yes, no doubt MM may rethink the switching positions so much, if he begins to suspect there’s any possibility it affects playing.
Boy, Bourjos was clearly shaken after that run-in. That’s for sure.
One of the players post-game, said the crowd was so loud that neither Piscotty nor Bourjos could likely hear what the other was saying as they both ran for the ball.
Also post-game, MM said he’d had a call that Piscotty’s MRIs had been done…and were clear, thankfully. He may have been knocked out for a few seconds. Who knows. The MLB protocol now, is to put a player on the 7 day DL…I think.
Funny, last nite we probably shouldda’ won. But tonite, with bases loaded so many times….we shouldn’t have won. Go figure.
And lastly? Rosie finally got the record for most saves all-time, in the Card’s franchise. Quite an accomplishment, with another save or two possibly still to come.
Onto tomorrow’s game….with fingers crossed.

You’re right Haley, Bourjos was clearly shaken up.Who wouldn’t be it was a nasty looking play.You’re also right about the last two games,but that’s how the season’s gone. Many times we’re out played,but win.I thought after Wong got doubled off that was it. More great base running by the Cards.

The only new info I heard this morning, is that Piscotty may have had a bit of a bloody nose. Nothing other than that, as of 7:30am Central Time.

Nice article about the Cards/Bucs game last night, and I am so happy Piscotty is ok. One question for Ms. Langosch; when comparing the two players named Broxton, one was described as African-American and the other was described as white. Why is that?

Well, Duffy….on KMOX this morning, they discussed the 2 players named Broxton. And the question came up, “Are they related”?
The answer was “probably not”, since one was black & one was white. Not that they STILL couldn’t be related. Just isn’t likely, considering. That’s all.

Tonight’s key is Wacha. Is he back to his old self? Reynolds should start at 1st IMO even if its a RHer. Bull pen needs some time off,but Wacha will probably go 6, maybe 7 if his pitch count is down.Pirates like to swing at first pitches or early in the count.

Jenifer Langosch ‏@LangoschMLB 3m3 minutes ago
Tonight’s #stlcards game in Pittsburgh has been postponed.

That means we have to wait to clinch: and Pirates will use Cole tomorrow. Will they play 2 or come back next Monday if the game still needs to be played?

Aw, man. Postponed? Rats! They’re saying a double-header will then be scheduled for tomorrow.
As for them using Cole? Waino’s cleared to pitch tomorrow if we need him. So, if Wacha gets into a little trouble? We should have a good back-up plan.

Oh, I forgot. When it’s Wacha’s turn to pitch? Rain isn’t usually too far away. Hehehe.

Hope we win the first behind Wacha so that Easley can spell Cruz in game two.

The Pirates catch a break with these matchups:

St. Louis Cardinals ‏@Cardinals 3m3 minutes ago
Game 1
Michael Wacha (17-6, 3.15) vs. Gerrit Cole (18-8, 2.60)

Game 2
Tyler Lyons (2-1, 3.96) vs. Charlie Morton (9-8, 4.54)
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St. Louis Cardinals ‏@Cardinals 6m6 minutes ago
Tonight’s game is postponed due to inclement weather in Pittsburgh.

Spilt doubleheader Wednesday;
Game 1: 12:35 pm CT
Game 2: 6:05 pm CT

Well the up side is I’ll get some sleep.

Yes true here too. And maybe the first game will clinch it. curious though: Who makes the call on the cancellation? If it’s a team call there better be plenty of rain tonight not intermittent drizzle or I’ll smell a rat.

The doppler for Pittsburgh currently shows heavy rain, with another storm front moving in soon. Supposedly, it’s already been raining most of the day. Their TV stations are in storm alert mode. So, I guess it’s legit.
Waino’s cleared for tomorrow & forward. So, hopefully Wacha can hold his own against Cole. Then if Lyons gets into some trouble early on? Waino can go in for a coupla’ innings.
I just hope the guys can get some good sleep tonite. I know I sleep good when it’s raining & thundering outside.
Nothing better than a few hours of solid ZZZZ’s to refresh & revitalize you…ya’ know? : )

Sure I agree they could probably use a cool down day after all that stress. But I end up being bored this evening. Oh well.

Dan McLaughlin our local Cardinal FSMidwest sport-caster, just said he thinks if Wacha can do well tomorrow, MM may put Waino in the 7th & 8th innings, as Rosenthal’s set-up guy….to clinch the division. Now that’d be sumpin’…huh? : )

Let’s hope it works out that way. Wainwright will not be game tested just like Wacha in the NLCS last year. But at least Seigrist, Rosenthal and other relievers will be rested too.

All I care about today is winning one or two games.If Waino gets in fine, but it better not be at the expense of a win. Oh and while we’re at it lock Choate in a utility room somewhere.

…speaking of which? I AGAIN, texted the KMOX sports open-line show last nite…asking about Choate. They didn’t have time to get to my text, I guess.
Chris the station’s main sports-dude, is definitely knowledgeable & in the loop regarding all things Cardinal baseball.
This morning, the KMOX sports-minute addressed Waino again. They talked about was what a story it’d be if “in a non-save situation, Waino came in late-inning to close-out the game.”
Guess that means Waino might close as long as we’re comfortably ahead, and not be the set up guy for Rosie after all? Hmmm….didn’t sound like the same speculation as yesterday.
We can only hope that Wacha brings his A-game today. He’s had a few off-games during the season, granted….but at least, very few.
Believe it or not? It’s being reported that Piscotty may be back sometime, during the Braves series. But if the Cards are able to handle Atlanta easy enuf’…I suppose that may not happen.
Whatever the case….Rock on Red Birds! Let’s git ‘er done!!!
Incidentally, here’s an article written yesterday by a contributor to SBNation. Grant Brisbee’s written for a SF Giants-themed site since 2005. (It’s a fun read.)

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