September 2: Nationals @ Cardinals

Jenifer Langosch/

Records: Cardinals (86-46, +6.0 in NL Central), Nationals (66-65, -6.5 in NL East)

First pitch: 7:15 pm CT

TV/Radio: ESPN, Fox Sports Midwest, 1120 KMOX

Cardinals lineup: Matt Carpenter (3B), Stephen Piscotty (LF), Jason Heyward (RF), Jhonny Peralta (SS), Brandon Moss (1B), Tommy Pham (CF), Kolten Wong (2B), Tony Cruz (C), Tyler Lyons (LHP)

Nationals lineup: Jayson Werth (LF), Anthony Rendon (2B), Bryce Harper (RF), Ryan Zimmerman (1B), Yunel Escobar (3B), Ian Desmond (SS), Wilson Ramos (C), Michael Taylor (CF), Max Scherzer (RHP)

Transactions: The Cardinals recalled LHP Tyler Lyons and announced that he would start on Wednesday in place of Michael Wacha. The Cardinals also recalled LHP Nick Greenwood and RHP Miguel Socolovich. LHP Marco Gonzales was optioned to Triple-A.

Reading material:

  • After failing to come through earlier in the night, Brandon Moss finds a bit of ninth-inning redemption (link)
  • Carlos Villanueva set up the Cardinals’ come-from-behind win with his sensational work out of the ‘pen (link)
  • Game recap from the Cardinals’ 8-5, walk-off win on Tuesday (link)
  • Marco Gonzales, Cody Stanley and Mitch Harris join the Major League club as rosters expand (link)
  • GM John Mozeliak introduces Randy Flores, explains why he’s the right choice as scouting director (link)
  • Alex Reyes among the eight prospects to represent the Cardinals in the Arizona Fall League (link)

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The game tonite will be iffy. But we’re in good shape in the standings…and maybe it’s time to drop a game. Lyon’s will be nervous. He just flew up today I think. Scherzer’s not been the best lately, so he could be due to have a good outing.
Therefore, no big expectations this evening. That’s MY mindset, anyway.
The only upside of losing, if we do? Is that it doesn’t matter if we lose by 10 runs, or just one. Same result.

Pre-game interviews: Shannon thinks they’ll be pushing back starts for a few of our pitchers…to get them well-rested. Not just Wacha. So I guess that’s why Lyons, Greenwood & Socolovich are in town.
When asked about Heyward, MO said he’s always thinking about next season…and hopes that during the off-season, the Cards can re-sign him. Not something they’re focusing on right now, tho’.
MM says Reynold’s hand is still a little sore, but he will be available off the bench tonite.
Tomorrow’s a nite off. but Martinez will start Friday against the Bucco’s. Lackey on Sunday. Didn’t hear…but maybe Wacha Satruday? After all, the Pirates are our arch-nemesis right now.

Thanks for the thorough review. It will be interesting to see if they can pull it out despite the lineup tweaks.

Peralta has cooled off a bit; hope he can lift his game at the right time in the next few weeks.

Yup, Peralta’s hit a bit of a slump lately. I wouldn’t worry, tho’. And Moss did it again. How ’bout it! Lyons so far at least….is hangin’ in there.

Well Peralta has come through. But if you have a leftie catcher call-up like Stanley, why let Cruz bat in that key 7th inning situation? Still time to get some runs if the bullpen can hold.

And then pitching to Zimmerman with an empty base…so odd sometimes.

Pitching to Zimmerman was really dumb. Can’t believe they did that! Ugh.

Well at least the Pirates have lost 3 in-a-row. Still its a big series coming up. All the pressure is on the Bucs now. Adams and Holiday taking BP and may be ready soon. Just hope Holiday doesn’t break down again. I don’t trust him yet.While watching the game I just kept wondering if Scherzer was thinking ‘Did I pick the right team to sign with?’ Good move giving the staff some rest.Rosenthal looked real good the other day after his time off so maybe MM notice and is using that theory for others?

Well, the other day…it was either MO or MM who said Adams had felt a pull/tightness in his leg which they were considering a “set-back”. Don’t recall if it was during BP or trial playing time at Palm Beach (advanced A team). Not sure if that’s changed or not. Perhaps it has.
And I don’t trust Holliday’s health either. Jay is the closest to returning. He hit a home-run yesterday or the day before, in the minors I think I heard?
Scherzer was good. Took him an inning or two to settle in, tho’. Max grew up in St Louis, and went to high-school here, by the way.
I wonder if they guys get to sleep in on off days. Probably hard to do unless they take a sleeping pill. Hahaha.

University of Missouri too.

When asked post-game, if MM had considered walking Zimmerman, outright? In so many words, MM said the plan was to go ahead & pitch to Zimmerman yeah, but not give him anything to hit. Then when Broxton managed to get 2 strikes? MM felt Broxton should try throwing again barely outside of the zone, knowing Zimmerman was desperate & might chase it. But Zimmerman got his bat on the ball anyway. Just didn’t work, MM added. That’s all.
The Pirates & Cubs both lost….so no harm, no foul I guess. On to the Pirates Friday!

Also interesting that Greenwood (LHP) sent back to Memphis after being called up only 7 hours before (per Jen’s tweet). My guess is Greenwood was the leftie back-up option if Lyons had messed up. But since left-hander Tyler did a decent job last nite? Bye-bye Greenwood.

An aside? Moss’ HR off Scherzer (454 ft) is the longest home-run by a left-hander, in Busch Stadium’s history..which opened in 2006.

Yeah I heard that dinger was a blast. On a different note; is it me, as a Cardinal fan, or am I just precieving nothing,but ESPN seems to have a HUGE man crush on Kershaw and the Dodgers in general. Its like the team with the best record in baseball doesn’t exist. Even K.C. gets some love. Did we offend them in some way?Which, by the way I hope we did, because I can’t stand their sports’ arrogance. Its worst than Patriot’s fans and that saying something.

No, it’s not you, Dave. It’s been a sore subject in St Louis for quite a while. A few of our local sports-guys were just talking about how MM probably won’t even get one nomination for manager of the year…despite all our injuries & still having a record season.
A theory one radio host has…is that “The Cardinal Way”, is something other teams scoff at and take exception to. “The Cardinals are the ONLY ones who do it right? Give me a break!” That’s what most others think or feel, claimed the host….whether it’s other teams or sports-casters/writers for ESPN, MLB, etc.
Some may think the Cards have just been plain ole’ lucky in a few trades & their prospects brought up from the minor leagues.
Last week, the Giants regular game announcer was quoted as saying, “Where in the hell did that Pham kid come from? I never heard of him before.” The Cardinals simply tend to frustrate people with their unexpected successes.
A great point too, made by one of the FSMidwest guys….is that irrespective of the Cards being in 1st place? They always play like they’re last in the standings and are desperately trying to catch up.

Martinez,Garcia and Lackey vs. the Pirates. Normally I’d be happy with that rotation, but with Wacha missing a turn why not use him instead of Lackey?
Also ESPN radio guy Rob Dibble ( former Reds pitcher ) went off on a caller that said the Cards were stupid for trading Albert Poljus . Saying the run prodution issue wouldn’t be there if he was still in ST Louis. Dibble called the Caller an idiot when 240 mil. have given the Angels ZERO playoff appearances while the compensation picks Wacha and Rosenthal have been to the playoffs every yr. since they’ve been on the team. He’s always said he hates the Cards out of respect for being so damn good, while his former team always seems to find a way to lose.

Well, for one thing? Lackey & Garcia are veterans, which means they’ll likely be a more solid, reliable starter choice. Important considering we’re playing the Pirates. As for Maritnez being in the 3-game series instead of Wacha? Not sure why that is. There could be something going on with Wacha we’re not aware of.
The Pujols deal had mixed reviews here in St Louis. Many fans felt that Albert shouldn’t go with the highest offer…but the Cardinals lower offer instead, since it was the Cardinal scouts who first signed him and subsequently gave him the opportunity to play in the big leagues. In other words, Pujols owed the Cards.
Others tho’, felt that Pujols was just asking too much…and that no one player (however good) is worth that high an asking price. So good riddance.
Your buddy Dibble sounds like a good guy. ; )

Dibble is a nut. As are most talk show hosts. Has good baseball knowledge, but wheh talks hockey it’s side spliting, because he knows he’s clueless and says some of the most outrageous things. He suggested that Hockey fights should fine the loser of the beef…..a draw both pay. Logic being if they’re going to fight, fight to win. Who judges the winner or loser……….you guessed it ………..him!! Coconut.

I’ll look him up online, and see if he has some podcast I can listen too. Love those wacky types!

does any one know why espn dropped thurs. showing of the cards game/ they were announcening it 2 min before 8 and then nothing all wwe got on yhe east coast was sports center talking mostly tennis and foot ball??

Because ESPN doesn’t care about baseball.Football is its bread and butter.Plus the mothership knows what’s best fro you so smile and take it:)

They have a night off before 3 with the Pirates.

Haha…yeah. No game tonite. Good that the Cardinals get to rest tonite, before the Pirates 3-game series starts tomorrow. I’m having withdrawal.
And darn it….I don’t even see the Pirates game being broadcast tonite.
Anyway, it’s the bottom of the 5th….and the Brewers & Pirates are tied at 1. Go Brew-crew!

Brewers knocked off the Pirates 5-3 so a good 6.5 game lead going into the weekend series.

Way to go, Milwaukee! Way to use that broom! (….as in sweep, get it?)

Once again the cover story is about a Dodger,Seager their new short stop. Wonder if he’ll fade like Pederson their CF did. Pisscotty barely gets a mention ever by those clowns and he is really doing something. Grichuk never got any love either. Berman takes the summer off, unless its Homerun Derby at the All-Star game, so there you have it. Baseball is the ugly sister to ESPN.

I know. Piscotty’s killin’ it…and hardly any media mention of his name. The glaring over-sight makes you kinda’ wonder if everybody’s ignoring the Cardinals on purpose. Would love to ask an ESPN or MLB media person to explain.

Also…Mike Shannon this morning, said he thinks MM isn’t getting the recognition he deserves…’cause we’re not in one of the big east or west coast markets. At least Shannon gave Mark Reynolds some kudos for his role in the Cards success. You just don’t hear much mentioned about him.

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