August 30: Cardinals @ Giants

Jenifer Langosch/

Records: Cardinals (83-46, +3.5 in NL Central), Giants (69-60, -3.5 in NL West)

First pitch: 3:05 pm CT

TV/Radio: Fox Sports Midwest, 1120 KMOX

Cardinals lineup: Matt Carpenter (3B), Stephen Piscotty (CF), Jason Heyward (RF), Yadier Molina (C), Kolten Wong (2B), Mark Reynolds (1B), Brandon Moss (LF), Greg Garcia (SS), Jaime Garcia (LHP)

Giants lineup: Nori Aoki (LF), Matt Duffy (3B), Brandon Belt (1B), Buster Posey (C), Marlon Byrd (RF), Kelby Tomlinson (2B), Gregor Blanco (CF), Ehire  Adrianza (SS), Chris Heston (RHP)

Transactions: None

Reading material:

  • Lance Lynn was knocked out of Saturday’s start with an ankle injury but hopes not to miss more time (link)
  • Game recap from the Cardinals’ 6-0 win over the Giants on Saturday (link)
  • Columnist Lyle Spencer writes about Yadier Molina’s continued — and perhaps underappreciated — impact (link)
  • Why does Steve Cishek pull a piece of paper out of his pocket each time he prepares to pitch? He explains (link)
  • Preview of the Cardinals’ series finale in San Francisco on Sunday (link)

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Lead off homer..Carp. Heyward smokin’. Garcia just O.K. thus far AND the Pirates lost………….about time:) How about that fan in Atlanta falling to his death. Surprised that hasn’t happened more.Some of these stadiums are very steep, especially in the upper deck ares. Old Shea stadium seemed like if ya got up you fall forward into the row in front of you.

Carp’s sure something, isn’t he. In an interview during the All-Star break? Pete Rose said Carpenter’s one of his all-time favorite batters to watch. He has an exceptional eye for the strike-zone.
Yep, I did see that. I thought for sure it was some kid who fell. But the guy was a 60 y/o Brewers season-ticket holder. He apparently jumped up outta’ his seat to boo A-Rod (who was gonna’ pinch-hit)….and simply over-did it. A real shame…

Also been meaning to point out that Trevor being out for the birth of a child is a nice rest for him. The bullpen has picked him up nicely.Hope the time off has his batteries recharge for the stretch run. AND most important, hope all went well with his wife and child.

Haha…I’ll just bet Trevor was hoping for a boy this time. So, there’s probably no doubt they’ll try for a 3rd child.
Most professional players, regardless of the sport, want a son who’ll hopefully follow in his father’s footsteps. : )

I believe the Cards just had an 8-2 road trip……….on the west coast!!!!!

Terrific road trip! No doubt everybody wouldda’ been happy enuf’ if the Cards had gone 5-5. But we did much better. Only 2 losses to the Padres and one to the Giants out of 10 road games. As much as anyone could’ve hoped for!
There are 32 games left. So, even if we’d only win 16 of ’em (.500)…that’d put the Cards exactly at 100 games.
I was really nervous about Siegrist closing today. He was awful his last outing. But thankfully, he regrouped.
Mo said that most everyone currently on the DL should be back mid-Sept at the latest. JJay…could be the first one to return, he added. Of course, nothing’s for sure at this point.
Mo also said that Tuivailala still needs a little work on his control & pounding the strike-zone. But he’ll remain in the bullpen, since he’s easily capable of 100mph pitches.
Wainwright stated that he’d try his darnedest to be available for an occasional inning in the play-offs…provided the docs give him the OK. But if that doesn’t happen, so be it. He’ll still be there for moral support.
Monday nite, Lackey’s up against Gio Gonzalez (2-1 vs Cards). However, Gio’s never pitched to Piscotty or Pham. Wonder if that’ll be a pro or con. Guess we’ll see, huh?

Pham not starting tonite. Heyward in CF, instead…with Piscotty in RF and Moss in LF. Guess MM’s switching outfielders around to see what options he might have once Holliday returns.
Greg Garcia’s been swinging his bat good enuf’. But his defense leaves something to be desired. Hopefully, it’s just nerves….and he’ll improve soon?
At least Rosie’s back tonite….and Lackey’s pitching. That works! : )

New update: Carlos Martinez is probably OK, but they’re being cautious & pushing him back a few games due to a slight soreness in his back. So? MM says they’ve called up Marco Gonzales to start tomorrow’s game.

2nd Update: According to Mo just now….Adams experienced some discomfort in his right leg yesterday, I think? Anyway, it’s a set-back, so Adams won’t probably be back mid-Sept as was previously hoped.

Great road trip; much better than could have been expected, especially losing two badly at the start. Good balance on the offensive side with different contributors but especially good performances by Piscotty, Pham and Heyward.

Tonight has taken a bad turn. Despite Seigrist’s recent problems, Matheny goes that way again, and sticks with him until it is too late. He clearly had little to offer. With Choate on the staff there isn’t room for someone like Lyons to provide a few innings so he goes to the same people, and gets burned. They win in spite of his managing usually.

Correct, Roberto. The Cards often win…either with or despite MM’s managing. Haha.
Something’s definitely up with Siegrist. I just wonder if it might be something physical? Or maybe just mental. Either way….he hasn’t been himself, lately. Maybe he just needs a time-out?
Kinda’ curious that they’re calling up Marco Gonzales instead of say, Socolovich, Cooney or even Mitch Harris. Cooney did pretty well that one time he started, didn’t he?
I sure wish they’d get rid of Choate. He’s been more of a liability than help. Luckily, he didn’t pitch tonite.
In any event, the Cards rallied & won the game. On a couple of occasions, we did get a bit of help from the Nats, too. But a win is a win, irrespective.
Tomorrow, if Gonzales gets into trouble? I have no idea who MM would want to put in.

Not only have the Cards called up Gonzales to start tonite’s game? But they’ve also called up Mitch Harris (RHP) & Cody Stanley (C) who bats left, throws right. Cruz just doesn’t get any respect, the poor guy.

Is Lyons up? They need him and Villanueva to back up Gonzalez. Also Stanley will let them spell Yadi in late innings and keep a backup catcher on the bench.

Nope, they optioned Lyons back down to AAA….and brought up Mitch Harris instead. A good move, in my opinion. Lyons seems to have the physicality, the height, and all that. But he doesn’t always have the best pitches.
Villanueva’s still on the active roster. So the only other newbies are Carlos Gonzales (pitching tonite)….and the back-up catcher Cody Stanley.
I suppose the truth is….that we do need 3 catchers. Yadi plays so much and may exhaust himself, bruise his thumb, etc. And if that would happen and he’d need a few days off (when the Cards are playing almost daily)? Cruz & Stanley can platoon in the interim. Remember, Stanley’s a left-handed batter too.
Guess they have to prepare for any & everything, huh?
I just a bit concerned about Gonzales tonite. I hope I’m worrying for no reason. Then again, I really gotta’ quit thinking we gotta’ win every game. Duh. We’re gonna’ lose, one in a while. : )

Also, from what I’ve see & heard so far? Tuivailala, Cooney, Lyons, Socolovich, Scruggs and even Jay are all on the 40-man roster, but are sitting down in Memphis AAA waiting to get the call back up.

Well Gonzales will have a bit of work to get back to ML level. They have made it close but lots of missed chances which could have put them ahead.

I dunno’….I’m not sure that Gonzales is ultimately of ML caliber. His minor league outings lately…haven’t been anything to write home about. So I don’t really understand why MM started him tonite.
As for Socolovich? I completely forgot. He had an emergency appendectomy not all that long ago. So he needs some time to get back into shape, post-op. Otherwise, I’m thinking he might’vve started tonite, instead of Gonzales.

Wow. They are playing the whole season like Game 6 of 2011. What a win.

And Stanley scored the winning run. So that move worked out right away.

Yeah, what a game, David Freese style!
It was kinda’ nice that Coby Stanley had an at-bat. Had to make him happy he got to strutt his stuff. MM did say post-game…that he was a needed bat on the bench.
There sure were lotsa’ highs & lows. Always interesting to see who’s gonna’ come thru for us each game. Ya’ never know who it’ll be…
One thing tho’. Why does Yadi occasionally move out so far? He’s actually been responsible for walk or two because he does that.
So OK…if he gives the the pitcher the sign to throw something low & outside? Why is it necessary for him to also lean out SO FAR….when the pitcher already knows where to throw? Yadi really over does it sometimes.
I’ve made a point to watch a few other team’s pitchers. And I seldom (if ever) see a another catcher lean as far out as Yadi does. It just seems over-exaggerated & unnecessary. I don’t get it.

40 games over 500! I never saw that coming. MM is doing alot of mix and matching lately that’s payed off. Even the teams call ups have worked well.

Really…you never saw that coming? Oh, ye of little faith. Hehehe. Frankly, it’s been like a “perfect storm”. Most every move MM & Mo makes….ends up working out spectacularly!
I think the mix & match thing is entertaining in a way. Altho’, I think MM will end up keeping Piscotty in the outfield….with Moss & Reynolds remaining at 1B most of the time. Besides…Piscotty can likely run faster & better than either of those two.
What the heck’s gonna’ happen when Holliday & Grichuk come back? That’s the big question. Early on we had too many good pitchers. Now…we have too many good IF’s & OF’s.
I read an MLB article the other day about what a frenzy there’ll be when Heyward becomes a free-agent at the end of this season. Geez, I hope we can keep him (& Lackey) from going to another team. It’s a concern ’cause we already have Grichuk, Pham & Piscotty cheap.

They are shifting the roster a bit. Whose start is being bumped back tonight? Are they saving Wacha for Pirates series?

Jenifer Langosch ‏@LangoschMLB 2m2 minutes ago
#STLCards have recalled Tyler Lyons, Miguel Socolovich and Nick Greenwood. Lyons will start tonight. Marco Gonzales optioned to Triple-A.

Wow, I hadn’t checked lately. USA Today’s reported that MM says he’s decided to limit Wacha’s innings. So far this year, he’s pitched 157 innings, 50 more than all of last year. Good to see Socolovich back up. Not sure one way or the other about Greenwood.
I’m really hoping Lyons can handle it. He surely has the potential. But I think Tyler needs to work on developing a little more finesse. Maybe Jaime could work with him a bit?
Scherzer hasn’t had the best outings of late…so at least, that’s good.
The line up as it stands right now has Yadi & Reynolds out of the starting line-up.
I have no idea what to expect in tonite’s game. Whew…

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