August 13: Pirates @ Cardinals

Records: Cardinals (73-40, +7.0 in NL Central), Pirates (65-46, -7.0 in NL Central)

First pitch: 6:15 pm CT

TV/Radio: MLB Network, Fox Sports Midwest, 1120 KMOX

Cardinals lineup: Matt Carpenter (3B), Randal Grichuk (LF), Jhonny Peralta (SS), Jason Heyward (RF), Yadier Molina (C), Kolten Wong (2B), Stephen Piscotty (1B), Peter Bourjos (CF), Lance Lynn (RHP)

Pirates lineup: Gregory Polanco (RF), Neil Walker (2B), Andrew McCutchen (CF), Jung Ho Kang (SS), Pedro Alvarez (1B), Francisco Cervelli (C), Travis Ishikawa (LF), Sean Rodriguez (3B), Francisco Liriano (LHP)

Transactions: None

Reading material:

  • A double, steal of third and game-winning RBI triple — all in a night’s work for Yadier Molina (link)
  • Randal Grichuk, on his outfield misplay and nagging foot injury (link)
  • Game recap from the Cardinals’ 4-2 win over the Pirates on Wednesday (link)
  • Trevor Rosenthal’s work against the Pirates this week has gone much more smoothly than his last (link)
  • Preview of Thursday’s series finale against the Pirates (link)

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Yep, just as expected. MM’s playing Piscotty at 1B, where it’s been said he’ll be, once Holliday returns to LF. That means all 3 of our newer guys (Piscotty, Grichuk & Bourjos) are starting tonite.
The pressure’s off since the Cards already won the first two. But not sure if that’ll have an effect….good or bad. Remember, we’ve lost a game or two to a couple teams who’re last in the league.
So who knows. Could be a real blow-out…either way, really. Difficult to anticipate, simply due to the nature of the game.

Just keep in mind that we entered the series up 5 games. The worst that can happen now is we end the series up 6 games. Very important this time of year, because the Pirates are running out of games to catch up.Only 51 games left for the Bucs.

Exactly what I mean. The pressure’s off ’cause we can lose tonite, and still come out another game ahead.
But I’m just saying that even with no pressure to win? The Cards may play well or lousy. Lynn could throw a stellar 7 innings, or he might have an off-nite and only last 4. We could wiff every inning or rack up 4-5 runs in the 1st. Essentially, that’s the fun of watching. There’s no way to ever know what’ll happen!

Oops, THEY’RE the ones who’ve racked up 4-5 runs in the 1st. Guess it’s only fitting, since the Pirates are, after all….2nd in our division. : (

They have clawed their way back into the game. But how come Wong can never get a key hit anymore?

Well Bob…I think everybody hits a little slump or has an off-nite, occasionally. Carp did recently, Adams has always been an up & down guy. Even Holliday hasn’t always come thru in a pinch. Depends on what pitches/pitchers our players are up against, too.
It’s difficult I know, to see the Cards lose. But I think us Red Bird fans are a teensy-weensy bit spoiled. We can’t win every single game. It’d be nice, tho’….sure.
But the good news? We WON THE SERIES against a seriously outstanding team! The Bucs are not #2 ’cause they’re slackers….ya’ know?

Just a few thoughts about last night’s game.WOW what one error can do.This team doesn’t quit,even down as much as they were.It was like they were embarrassed. Lynn is now someone I can’t watch pitch.Way too balls, over 50% out of the strike zone.He should take a cue from Martinez and attack the hitters. Lynn is now number 5 on the staff as far as I’m concerned and wouldn’t see the hill in the playoffs except for mop up duty. Management must be watching too and wondering about him vs. the Miller trade. Which brings me to moving him plus an outfielder for the bat we desperatly need. I know Lynn is young,but is he really going to get better or change his pitching approach. Anthony Reyes reborn. Now time to rebound against the Marlins!!!!

Points well taken. I have to say that earlier this season…I had doubts about Lynn. He’d sometimes seem to melt-down around the 3rd-4th inning.
And to be honest? Last season…I thought it might be a good idea to trade him then…but.
He relies too heavily on his fast ball which makes it easy for batters know what’s coming next.
I suspect MM and/or Lilliquist have had a difficult time trying to get Lynn to mix up his pitches more. Lynn has appeared stubborn about it.
In a few post-game interviews, I’ve heard Lynn smile & say that a win in a particular game was ’cause they couldn’t touch his fastballs, his bread & butter.
Unfortunately, trading Lynn may not be a consideration. As you pointed out he’s young…and should have the potential to change his pitching approach. But also because he can pitch long, which really saves the bullpen.
It was impressive that the Cards tried to stay in it ’til the end. Never give up is what LaRussa & now MM, have continually preached.
What was more surprising I think…is that Lyons pitched 5 scoreless innings. It was quite a nice surprise, actually.
On FSMW, one of the guys speculated that being sent to the mound unexpectedly as Lyons was…can help a pitcher pitch better. No time to over-think it, he explained.

One question tho’. Who in the OF do you think they could or should trade?

With Grichuk”s development at the plate coupled with him playing CF consistantly it puts Bourjos and Jay on the expendable list.Adams too could be added to the list if Piscotty continues to work out.Too me Lynn,Adams,Jay or Bourjos could make a decent package, for whom I not sure who is available yet, I’d like to see which club or clubs goes into the complete overhaul mode over this winter.Teams like the A’s Cleve. or the CWS could be doing the rebuild thing.

Yep, those guys make sense. All of ’em.
But it’ll depend too, on who MM might have an attachment to (or not). Mo probably takes that into consideration as well, when weighing options.
There’s an intangible in there, somewhere.
I think back to why MM didn’t play Miller at the end of last season. That was never satisfactorily explained. And perhaps Mo subsequently traded Miller because of that? Whew…who the heck knows.

Personally I’d package Lynn with one of the three I mentioned above and try and get Pollock.Then move Grichuk to LF.I’d even do Lynn,Adams and Bourjos for A.J., of course you know why.

Well, sure. We do need somebody like Pollock. It’ll ultimately depend tho’….on the best $$$ deal that can be made and who’s willing to trade.

True true, just wishing I guess. About tonight’s game, Garcia going 8.3 innings gave the bullpen a night off, except for Rosenthal.Trever throw very little so MM has some options tonight if he wants to give Trever the night off.

Right. OR…Trevor could close again. As ya’ said, there are options.
Post-game, Garcia said he feels better than he has in 6 years, a few weeks after his Tommy John surgery.
I just hope Lackey has a good outing. His last time on the mound was a bit frustrating for him.

Lackey had a shakey 1st then settled in.Hope he’s mentally better to start off this time. If he is he’ll battle with the best of them.

I guess it was the Aug 4th game (vs Reds) that Lackey was talking to himself, when they managed to get 3 runs off him the very first inning. The Brewers got the better of him (and us) in his next start Aug 9th, too.
But Lackey’s got attitude and hopefully those last 2 losses won’t affect him tonite. He’s a trouper. ; )

Pollock is up for a new contract at the end of this year.He was making minimum, so lets say he gets 8-10 mil. a year for lets say 6 yrs. 48 -60 mil. would be totally exceptable to me considering his age. The D-Backs won’t let him go away so its just a pipe dream, unless the right players were in the deal and Lynn could be the guy because they need pitching badly. We won again tonight!

Correct. D-Backs have control of Pollock thru 2018. Geez, his BA is .335 or sumpin’ ridiculous like that. Whoa…impressive!
I maintain that MM still has faith in Lynn, so he’ll probably tell/ask MO to keep him.
Reynolds did great tonite, btw. Glad to see it. I continue to be a fan.
How surprising the team has been in general. Everybody eventually seems to step up & becomes productive. The ole’ next man up thing. : )
Bottom of the 14th. The Pirates scored 2 the top of the inning. Guess the Mets have their work cut out for them right now. Go Mets!

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