July 25: Braves @ Cardinals

Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com

Records: Cardinals (62-34, +6.0 in NL Central), Braves (45-51, -6.5 in NL East)

First pitch: 6:15 pm CT

TV/Radio: Fox Sports 1, 1120 KMOX

Cardinals lineup: Kolten Wong (2B), Matt Carpenter (3B), Matt Holliday (LF), Jhonny Peralta (SS), Jason Heyward (RF), Yadier Molina (C), Randal Grichuk (CF), Mark Reynolds (1B), Carlos Martinez (RHP)

Braves lineup: Jace Peterson (2B), Cameron Maybin (CF), Nick Markakis (RF), A.J. Pierzynski (C), Chris Johnson (1B), Adonis Garcia (3B), Eury Perez (LF), Andrelton Simmons (SS), Shelby Miller (RHP)

Transactions: The Cardinals have placed RHP Steve Cishek on the 25-man roster and optioned LHP Tim Cooney to Triple-A Memphis

Reading material:

  • Cardinals acquire Steve Cishek from the Marlins to bolster their bullpen (link)
  • With a strong seven-inning start, Tim Cooney earns his first Major League win (link)
  • Randal Grichuk shows off his power, speed and defensive ability in another Cardinals win (link)
  • Game recap from the Cardinals’ 4-2 win over the Braves on Friday (link)
  • Jaime Garcia, Jordan Walden are likely to be back before the end of this homestand (link)
  • Shelby Miller reflects on his return to St. Louis (link)
  • Preview of Saturday’s Carlos Martinez – Shelby Miller matchup (link)

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Cooney throws a great game and gets sent down to make room for Chishek.I know its a business and Cooney has options,but that just flat out sucks in my book!!!!

Well, yeah…it sucks. But what could they do? Send Chishek down? Wait, I know. Take Choate off the active roster, right? LOL!
Wouldn’t worry tho’. I’m sure they’ll bring Cooney back up sooner or later.
Just that from the business end of it? The Cards are hyped on their new pitcher Chishek, and want to get him integrated & used ASAP. That way, they can see what they’ve got.
Also, Walden & Jaime are due to return in a few days. Things will all get sorted out.
At least Cooney got his chance to show his good stuff….and that’ll surely stay in the back of MM’s mind, no?

I’d get rid of Choate in a heart beat. Martinez’s start tonight will be interesting after his relief appearance last time. Hope he’s ready mentally.Facing old teammate Shelby Miller.

I guess MM’s kinda’ obligated to use Choate, since he’s still under contract. Martinez should be OK. There’s a chance however, that he might try too hard to show up Miller. And when he tries/throws too hard? Martinez can develop some control issues.
They just aired a live radio interview with the Braves manager. He said that Pierzynski’s turned out to be their 1st-string catcher, since their original starting catcher developed some “throwing issues” a while back. He laughed and said A.J. is very smart, and will probably end up being a manager some day.
Oooo…MM was interviewed next. He said Jaime will be back Tuesday. He also said that altho’ Piscotty’s been working out at 1st base? He’ll probably get his feet wet in the outfield, the first few times. Reynolds continues to turn in some big at-bats MM added, so he’ll keep Reynolds at 1st for the time being.
Go Cards!

Holy Toledo! I about had a heart-attack when I saw that Choate was warming up. I thought for sure, he’d lose the game for us.
Boy Shelby was really good. The poor guy has lost several other well-pitched games ’cause the Braves didn’t give him any run support…like tonite.
I was happy to see the crowd give Shelby a huge round of applause (some even standing) when he first came up to bat. ; )

Yes Shelby was a keeper and could be remembered like Steve Carleton as one of the ones that got away unless Heyward is signed. I too though Choate would blow this as he is often unable to even get the lefthanders out. I had a post ready re how we let Miller an Pierzynski get away and kept Choate presuming he would give the Braves catcher a game tying or winning hit. Fortunately I was wrong – this time. At least being a pessimist means I am pleasantly surprised a lot of the time, especially this season!

How about Hamels if that was his Phillies swan song. I wonder how many times that has happened. Hope we don’t have to face him on the Dodgers this post season (maybe the Yankees will step up after that stellar performance).

Good one, Bob. Yup….you ARE the occasional pessimist. But you make a good point in that, as a result….you’re often pleasantly surprised. Hahaha.
Ya’ know what? Once Choate’s contract is up? I seriously doubt that any other team will want him…..even if he played for free. LOL! I often wonder who’s big idea it was initially, to sign him?
Yeah, Hamels was lights-out tonite. Good for him. I dunno’. I think I’d feel like a piece of meat, being traded like players are.
I can just imagine Shelby that one evening last year, when he flipped on the TV and saw the sports announcer say that he’d been traded, when nobody had said squat to him yet. Stuff like that’s just gotta’ punch ya’ in the gut. Know what I mean?

As a manager I don’t think MM is obligated to use anyone if they are not performing.Imagine how the team feels when he’s brought in to pitch,reminds me of Charlie Brown.

Cueto warmed up next to the guy who was going to pitch if he got traded that night.
Based on their contracts ending, their teams position in the standings,agents talking with them and the fact that this thing called the “trade deadline”, most players know where they stand and can’t be to surprised when they’re traded. What happened to Miller when no one told him ( Heard it on the news ) was wrong.As far as feeling like a piece of meat I get it but where you end up might get you a WS ring as apposed to staying where you are and losing.

OMG, Choate got a save!!!! I’d trade him now while his stock is up….2cents a share.

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