May 17: Tigers @ Cardinals

Jenifer Langosch/

Records: Cardinals (24-12, +3.0 in NL Central), Tigers (23-14, T-1 in AL Central)

First pitch: 7:10 pm CT

TV/Radio: ESPN, 1120 KMOX

Cardinals lineup: Jason Heyward (RF), Matt Carpenter (3B), Matt Holliday (LF), Jhonny Peralta (SS), Matt Adams (1B), Yadier Molina (C), Kolten Wong (2B), Peter Bourjos (CF), Lance Lynn (RHP)

Tigers lineup: Anthony Gose (CF), Ian Kinsler (2B), Miguel Cabrera (1B), J.D. Martinez (RF), Yoenis Cespedes (LF), Nick Castellanos (3B), James McCann (C), Jose Iglesias (SS), Alfredo Simon (RHP)

Transactions: The Cardinals optioned LHP Tyler Lyons to Triple-A and recalled RHP Sam Tuivailala

Reading material:

  • What were the Cardinals doing on the basepath Saturday? (link)
  • Carlos Villanueva, bullpen providing key innings as starter struggle to go deep (link)
  • Game recap from the Cardinals’ 4-3 loss to Detroit on Saturday (link)
  • Randal Grichuk activated from the DL, records two hits as leadoff batter (link)
  • Fresh off a six-inning rehab start, Jaime Garcia says he’s ready to return to rotation (link)
  • Preview of Sunday’s series finale against the Tigers (link)

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With Miller’s performance today and so far, and Heyward blowing yesterday’s game our GM does not look like a genius now. We would look just as good with Piscotty and Grichuk in right and Miller would have prevented the drop off of performance on the Lyons/Cooney days. Looks like the historic start to the season may soon be a memory. Too bad as the payer development (Miller included) should have set them for a dynasty. .

Yeah, it’s disheartening to see Miller do well for another team. However, at the time of the trade, Miller was still a tossup – flashes of brilliance but also many moments of frustration. It may be that Miller could only have been this good going somewhere else such as Atlanta. Just as the thought was that Heyward might have perked up in a new environment but it just hasn’t panned out yet. Those types of things are unpredictable – just as the death of Taveras was not something the Cards could really plan for (you could also say that if not for that, Miller would very likely still be a Cardinal). It looked like a pretty decent trade at the time – but I say that with the sympathy of someone who also sort of gulped when I saw an alert about the possible no-hitter!! Anyway, we’ll be okay. I’m sort of hoping we give Garcia 2-3 starts and if he doesn’t work out then maybe send Adams and a couple lower prospects to the A’s for Kazmir.

Well after watching that near perfect game a couple of years back and then seeing the management bench Miller when a couple of good games could have tipped the balance over Boston, I never thought they gave him a fair shot. This could be the Steve Carleton trade of our generation, but who knows.

But with Grichuk and Piscotty there seemed to be no need for this trade at all even with the OT tragedy. I worry that with the shakiness of the starters in at least 2 of 5 starts each week, the season could start to slip away especially with the better managed and funded Cubs on the rise.

Tonite’s game? What would the rationale have been for Wong to try stealing 2nd base with 2 outs. What am I missing here????

As for trades? Mo traded Kelley & Craig too…and that turned out pretty well. Altho’? I did hate to see both Kelley AND Miller go. Really good kids.

Heyward being a free agent next year, if he doesn’t sign with St, Louis, will give Piscotty and Grichuck their opportunity. The Cardinals have depth @ every position a and a very functioal bullpen. I expect to see Detroit in the World Series and Kolten Wong on this years All-Star team. It would be crazy to leave him off of yhe team. The reason I decided to post today is about Mr. Heyward. I think the FO needs to investigate if the reason why his performance is off is because of last years beaning. He got hit in the face and maybe it is still bothering him.

Detroit And Kansas City. IMO the American League World Series representative will come from these two teams barring significant injuries.
Jennifer, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your contributions to a Cardinal fan’s enjoyable season thus far. Last year when you started writing about the player’s personal life I knew that you had taken the next step as a baseball journalist. This team has the best Website in all of baseball because of your contributions. I have seen your articles get almost 2,000 responses. You have to be very proud of yourself. So enjoy New York this week and buy yourself a token that represents your new career status you have definitely earned it.

Agree about Jenifer’s contributions. Her articles are terrific at addressing issues we fans have. As for Heyward? I think he’ll want to stay with the Cards…so something will be worked out. Hope so, anyway.

Second time this year the Cards lost a 3 game series and thankfully it wasn’t a sweep.
Wong and Lynn did the job for us.Now the great news.The Cards are in NewYork and
will be on T.V. every night. I’d love to go but the cost just bugs the heck out of me.Ticket for half way decent seat $65,parking $20 and food at least another $20.
Add in the hassle of driving in New York on a week day and watching at home seems better.
Last night Lynn pitched like an ace.We need that.Adam is out and a trade won’t bring the ace( too expensive).Lyons was sent down and Garcia will take that slot.Not con vinced,still think it’ll be Gonzalves in the end,but having a LH starter will help.
AND to the K.C.-Det. prediction.NEVER count out the Yankees.They have the cash to put themselves over-the-top and then some.
Shelby Miller compared to Steve Carlton….give me a break! Second guessing after
Miller’s great outing so easy to do.Relax and enjoy our team, which has the best record in MLB.

Well, I read that Marco Gonzales gave up a lotta’ runs in his last coupla’ minor league games….so they probably won’t bring him up anytime soon. He apparently still has some adjustments to make. Have my fingers crossed for Jaime Garcia’s Thursday start. As for actually attending games? I prefer watching on TV so I can see each & every pitch, watch multiple slow-mo replays, the post-game comments, etc. Too bad about Lyons. He just doesn’t seem to have what it takes. No really good outings thus far. Agree with ya’ about Shelby vs Carlton. Way too early to make a comparison like that. Should be a good series @ Mets. Can’t get over Lynn’s 119 pitch-count. Wow.

Yes I agree that my Carleton reference is premature, as one never knows how such a career will unfold. But they had the right formula to stick with the internal development of talent, and have paid a price from this move (and perhaps Kelly) at least for this season.

Good start for Lynn.He has to step up and be our ace.119 pitches may be a concern depending on how he does in his next start.Schilling pointed out that his
behavior last night was the type of behavior an ace needs……..not wanting to come out in the 8th.
I seem to recall a game in 67 or 68 when Bob Gibson threw 75 pitches,possibly
against the Phillies.That’s a little over 8 pitches an inning.If ya got up to get a beer the game was over.

I have to wonder if the Miller trade was the GM’s call…or Matheny’s…or both. I can only guess the focus was on RF…and finding somebody they could bring in who’d do us some good like Allen Craig in his heyday. I mean, some were saying the Cards had too many pitchers at one point…right?

I still like the trade, because Heyward is an everyday player and RF was an issue after Oscar’s death. Graig is now in the minors so Heyward in RF looks even better.
Still wondering about last nights shift.I get it but it seemed Lackey didn’t like it. I would have gone the way my pitcher wanted it just to make him comfortable and focused.Our bullpen needs some time off and with Martinez and Garcia comming up it doesn’t look like that’s happening based on Carlos’ track record and Garcia making his first start this year.Weather is iffy tonight in New York,but they should get it in.I’d like a rainout to rest the pen and give the team a day off.Also, way too many strikeouts last night,over 30 combined by both teams.We need to put it play and see what happens.The Mets are not a good defensive team and we need to take ad-
vantage of that,especially in the outfield challenging their arms.That,however,means we have to be on base.

Yep, Mozeliak wanted to shore up the RF spot….and you don’t get a good outfielder for free. The strikeouts were too many, for sure. But then, the Cards experienced quiet bats for a good stretch, last year too. As for the shift? It was strange. Even one of our local writers thought it was unusual. I still wonder about the stealing attempts. It seems the Cards have unnecessarily lost potential game-winning runs. Especially important in low-scoring games.

Maybe because of the Ks MM can’t hit&run with confidence.I happen to catch some of the rerun of the game today and I’m worried about Carpenter.I didn’t notice last night,but his at bats looked like he was overmatched.I know Harvey was on the mound, but he looked real uncomfortable and he’s not in the line up tonight.
F.Y.I.-Got to see Harvey back when he was at Fitch High in Groton CT. State championship game.
Weather broke and its sunny and warm.Hope Wacha can throw a gem tonight!!!
Hope Keith Hernandez is doing the commentary tonight, he has some great insights.Alot better than some of the “motherships” announcers.Ron Darling also announces from time to time.

You’re right. I was concerned about Carp too. He seldom wiffs like that. We often have Tim McCarver hosting our FSMW telecasts often. He’s fun, and has some stories as well. Btw…MM has Kozma pegged as our back up pitcher AND catcher if extended extra innings would call for either of ’em. How ’bout it! Oh, plus Martinez as the DH if the situation becomes desperate. Funny, huh?

Actually Randy Choate as DH.Did you see him draw a walk last night?

That is funny until we have to see MM make those moves…….AAAHHH as Linus would say.Hope the bats stay hot and give Martinez some back up tonight.

Exactly. As Wacha said last nite? Pitching’s much easier, there’s less pressure…when you have run support like that. That’s what Martinez needs so his emotions don’t get too amped up. And Choate claimed he hadn’t been on base since he was in little league at 15 y/o. Ha! it was also his first plate appearance since 2004. Choate added that he really HAD no intent TO swing. “Basically, I just didn’t want to get hit”. MM’s strategy was to load the line-up with righties against lefty Niese. So, he benched Carp, Adams & Heyward. No doubt MM will start pulling Carp in the future, if/when possible…considering the earlier bout of exhaustion. And boy oh boy, that Reynolds has really been hot lately….hasn’t he? Whewy…

Did you see the foul ball Renyolds hit ,not to mention his REAL homer.They were bombs!!!

Yeah, Reynolds definitely has some power. Guess there’s something to said for being on a league-leading team. Ups the psyche’. Everybody’s bringin’ their A-game. And the scary thing? Is that the Cards’ youngsters could potentially get even better….or at least, more consistent. ; )

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