Wainwright injury: Reaction from around the NL Central

Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com

A day after Adam Wainwright suffered a left Achilles injury, the baseball world began to react to the growing expectation that an MRI scheduled for Monday will confirm that Wainwright is going to miss the rest of the 2015 season.

There were tweets from those who have had Achillies injuries before…

… and also from some of the other elite pitchers in the game.

Without question, the complexion of the National League Central race changes with Wainwright not a part of it. The Cardinals currently hold a three-game lead in the division as they’ve raced out to a 12-4 start.

Here was some of the reaction from the division teams trying to chase the Cardinals down.

  • Pirates manager Clint HurdIe: “It’s sad. I feel bad for Adam Wainwright. He’s as good a man as there is in the game. It was a little sickening when I got a text that informed me of what had happened. You love competition and this guy is fierce. I wish him a speedy recovery. You appreciate what he’s done in the game.”
  • Brewers manager Ron Roenicke: “The way he was moving around, it didn’t look good. Those things are a big blow to your team. You have to move beyond it. A couple of years ago we lost our 3-4-5 hitters for the year. That’s hard to recover from these type of things. They lose their No.1 pitcher, and it is tough to recover.”
  • Cubs reliever Jason Motte: “I know Waino, and he’ll be the biggest cheerleader they have out there. The good thing over there is if you get hurt, you don’t sit in the corner and cry about it. Guys are there and they’re cheering on the other guys. They’re the biggest cheerleaders. They’re there to get guys going. That’s what a lot of the guys do, whether they’re hurt or not. You’re out there cheering each other on — that’s how you keep guys going.”
  • Pirates starter Jeff Locke: “It’s too bad what happened to Adam. I’ve spent a little bit of time chatting with him. He came from Atlanta, like I did. A real stand-up guy, a class act.”
  • Cubs manager Joe Maddon: “That’s a tough break for St. Louis and I don’t wish poorly on anybody — I always want to beat everybody at their best. I’m certain they will figure it out. They have great resources and some nice spare parts that I’m not aware of. Sometimes that’s a rallying cry for a group. You have to be careful with that. It definitely hurts them but it has nothing to do with us,” Maddon said. “It’s just about us playing our game, winning our game, and respecting 90 feet on a daily basis and coming out ready to play and good things will happen.”
  • Pirates third baseman Josh Harrison: “You never want to see anyone get hurt. It stinks. It’s something they’ll have to deal with. Every team knows there will be injuries. One player is not going to affect a division. He is a marquee pitcher, but still is a factor only once every five days.”
  • Cubs starter Jake Arrieta: “That’s an unfortunate event to take place for those guys, especially the way it happened. An arm injury or something like that when he’s on the mound is one thing. The Achilles is such a freak kind of accident. … I know they’ve got some guys in Triple-A who can come in and fill that void. Not many guys can do what Wainwright does every five days but I think they’ll be all right. … Everyone makes that same movement and it’s one of those things that can happen at any moment, which is scary. It makes me cringe to think about that.”
  • Reds manager Bryan Price: “That’s losing a lot of innings, a lot of really good performance and leadership. I’m sure he will have a strong voice there. They lost him in 2011 and they won the World Series. It’s a big loss for them, certainly, from a performance standpoint and it stinks to see a player of his caliber and character potentially miss a season with an injury.”

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What strikes me is the difference in class between these comments and the ones from Johnny Gomes back in 2011 when he celebrated Waino’s TJ surgery.

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