Cards tentatively set Opening Day roster

Jenifer Langosch/

With Tuesday’s announcement that Randal Grichuk and Pete Kozma will open the season on the Major League team, the club has all but set its Opening Day roster. Barring any injuries, the Cardinals will begin the year with the following 25:

Starting Pitchers (5): Adam Wainwright, Lance Lynn, John Lackey, Michael Wacha, Carlos Martinez

Relievers (7): Trevor Rosenthal, Jordan Walden, Seth Maness, Kevin Siegrist, Matt Belisle, Randy Choate, Carlos Villanueva

Catchers (2): Yadier Molina, Tony Cruz

Infielders (6): Matt Adams, Mark Reynolds, Kolten Wong, Jhonny Peralta, Matt Carpenter, Pete Kozma

Outfielders (5): Jason Heyward, Matt Holliday, Jon Jay, Randal Grichuk, Peter Bourjos

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Jen, I’m good with this group. Who do you see as the closer when Rosenthal falters?


No brainer; Walden’s closed before.

Way. To. Go. Randal and Pete!!!

Yep, glad Grichuk and Kozma made it! And as for Jaime Garcia? I’ve suspected all along, even since last year, that with his guaranteed big $$$? He really never HAD any intention of playing any more, if he could help it. Keep in mind Matheny wasn’t happy about Jaime’s choice to have surgery in 2014. Sounds like a small price to pay to be able to retire very comfortably….me thinks?

Randy” freakin quit on your team”Choate over Gonzalves.Not even close,so it has to be some kind of contract crap.While we’re at it Bourjos won’t be around long either.Time to get after A.J. Pollock from the D-Backs

Is anyone else concerned about our offense? Lowest run production in the Grapefruit League.And before you say it’s only spring training,last year was also the lowest and look how the offense struggled. We will have to make a move by or before the trade deadline.I wonder who will be available and the cost?

Yeah, I’m not sure what’s up with Choate either. All I can figure is that Choate’s had his good spurts and Matheny’s hoping he can get the “old” Choate back? Could ultimately be contract issues as well.
Gonzales will be brought back up eventually, for some reason, I’m sure.
As for our offense? It could be there’s hope that other’s will improve like Jay did this past season and like Kozma’s done recently during Spring training.

If our season hinges on Pete Kozma and John Jay bouncing back, we are in big trouble!

Dear Negative Dave. (I have a friend like you. Tsk, tsk.) None of us can ever predict what’ll happen. Besides, the season would never “hinge” on just a player or two.
I AM a bit concerned about Adams, tho’. He has potential as we all know. But maybe his head’s not on quite right. Yet anyway?

Interesting,I’m negative,but you’re concerned.The difference is?It’s true no one can predict the future,but it IS mangements job to try and project the future. So, based on the fact that last years offense was one of the poorest after the lowest run production in the 2014 Grapefruit League, one can only be “concerned” that based on 2015 lowest run production in the Grapefruit League; history can repeat itself.Last year we were lucky that the Brewers fast start could be reeled in.If the Pirates start that way they have way more talent and might not be caught.
Have a great Easter concerned Haley and say hi to your friend.

Negative obviously, is a relative term. I define it as pointing out the down-side without mentioning any potential or possible up-side. It’s just more fair when one includes both pros & cons on a given topic. That’s all I meant…

And yeah, granted. I do agree our offense has it’s issues. However…it can run hot & cold, as it does with all teams.

Happy Easter to you, too! : )

Pros: starting pitching,improved defense and history of getting it done.
Cons: offense and poor base running.
Unknowns: bullpen and bench;which seems to be better than last year.
The Cards are projected to win Div. with 86 wins.I think they need more like 89-90,because the Pirates are improved even with the loss of Martin behind the plate.

Thumbs up to ya’….Dave! ; ) Great points. And yep, I totally agree. We’ll likely need more than 89 wins to clinch the division. Can’t wait for the first game on Sunday. However, that’s mostly ’cause I wanna’ see Wrigley’s functionality, in real time. Hahaha.

Also, I strongly suspect that our base-running will improve. Wong & Grichuk will most definitely be given the green-flag if/when we have a small lead (or maybe even when we’re tied). I don’t feel it’s been a high enuf’ priority in past years. But then, we haven’t really had the running potential we do now. I even noticed that Mark Reynolds appeared pretty aggressive in that respect, during Spring Training games.

ESPN2 Tonight 7:05ct………and,being from CT,I’ll switch over the the lady Huskies during commercials.The only problem with running potential is MM has never been
one to try it often enough IMO.

Yep, can’t wait for the game tonite! I’ll definitely be watching. You’re in CT, huh? I’ll be. As for MM and stealing? You’re correct. Management is the main catalyst when it comes to that…so MM needs to stress it more. Hopefully, he will?

I think that MM is still on a learning curve. He’s only going into his 4th season as a manager. Thus, I’m sure he’s continuing to develop some of his strategies.

Adams starting at 1B tonight. I’ll be very interested in his approach vs. Lester.He has a 3/4qr arm slot,but not alot of movement.He could do well if he zones down and stays off the high stuff.Also I wanted to see the new kid from the Cubs…Bryant at 3B.
Oh well next series at Busch. Go Cards!! And tonight Go Huskies too!!

Yep, I’ll be interested too. All I know is Adams better do something good soon…or bye-bye Matt and hello Mark (Reynolds). I’ll have to look up the deal on Bryant, tho’. Not real familiar with his deal. Anyhoo…gonna’ go grab a brewski & turn on the tv. Go Cards, and….Huskies, too. U of CT, correct?

First pitch in a few. OK, ran across some info. Bryant’s a youngster the Cubs brought up from the minors huh? Here’s a tidbit I found: “Bryant was the best hitter in the Cactus League this spring, but the Cubs can get an extra year of control on him if they leave him off their roster for another two weeks.” The 23-year-old top third base prospect should be mashing in the majors by the middle of April.” So it looks like he’ll be at 3rd soon…

How ’bout it! The Cards 4 for 5 stolen bases WERE sorta’ unexpected. Adams whiffed, yeah. But Lester’s good & Adams has always HAD issues with lefties. Our new guy Heyward, made a great debut, too. And then there was Holliday’s catch…which was kinda’ surprising….to be honest. All ‘n all…a great first outing for the Red Birds! Woo-hoo!!!

The Cards haven’t run this much since the McGee/Coleman days.Lester is awful from the stretch.The Boston media pointed that out for years.Waino was kinda sharp.Early in the count he was a bit lose,but he was tough with the out pitch.Offen-
sively the top of the order was on with 7 hits,Yodi looked lost but he’ll be fine,and Adams,well I give him some more time,but he looks like last year,so the so-called changes haven’t appeared yet.Bullpen was tough.
Surprises were how much the Cubs swing and miss.Contact may be an issue with them this year.Their Bullpen looks real good.Get to the starters,because after the 6th they’ll be tough.Bryant will really help that lineup.AND the HUSKIES WON!!!! Around here that becomes expected.Imagine Geno could win a 10th Nat’l Championship and tie John Wooden.

You’re right about most everything. Must be a lot of pressure to pitch, with a $155 mill contract just signed. Lester’s pretty pissed at himself, no doubt. Could be Bryant wouldda’ made a difference. Boy, Martinez scared the crap outta’ me with that first walk. “Here we go again”, I thought. Waino just did what he always or usually does. Few if any walks, catches a lot of corners and keeps the Cards in the game.

By the way…what kinda’ name is Geno Auriemma, anyway? Hahaha. To be honest…I’m not much into basketball. So, I’m learning a little from ya’.

Also, did you notice Lester batting 8th? I thought they hired Madden not LaRussa.If any lineup would hit the pitcher 8th it would the Cards when Waino is on the mound, but MM won’t do that,at least not this early in the season and not doing it all spring.How about the bathroom issue last night? I posted above my thoughts.Talk about being pissed-off figuratively and literially.
Geno is Italian and if the Huskies win tonight the Storrs campus will be nuts.

Yeah, even the announcers commented on Lester in the batting order. And not surprising about the bathroom situation. Heck, most of the older stadiums already had bathroom issues….without any construction even going on. Who’d have thunk…duh.
As for Geno? His last name doesn’t exactly sound Italian. To me, anyway. That’s why I asked.
Good luck to your Huskies! Fingers crossed…

Sorry, tonight is the girls game. Cards/Cubs postponed.Hope this doesn’t affect Martinez start on Sat.,because I’m looking forward to him starting.If they push the starters back he could be replaced by Waino.NOT terrible,but I’d love to see him staring for us.

Whew, just got home from working the polls. Had to be there by 5am. I heard the Cards-Cubs game was post-poned…..darn it. Martinez needs to work on placement. But If he can just be more consistent? He’ll be a great starter for us.

Cards at 1:05pm today. And how ’bout them Huskies! : )

Those lady Huskies are tough and they’ll be tough again next yr. too.
Cards lose 2-0 with Lynn doing an excellent job.Too bad they didn’t bring bats that day.It was definitly a game they could have/should have won. Now on to Cinny,hope they win the series. And being anywhere at 5am is brutal.

Well, Lynn did real good until? I just remember that every time Lynn walked one guy in previous seasons…we’d usually lose the game. That’s certainly not to say our offense was lacking. Nobody’s perfect, I suppose. Lynn really is a work-horse tho’. He’s pitched over 100 times, on several occasions I believe.

To digress? I think the reason I’m not big on college sports, is that the players change too often. For my liking, that is. So I’m more into pro-ball than collegiate stuff. Probably because I get emotionally invested in players a bit?

Geez Louise! Why didn’t they walk Votto??????

I have no idea.Lackey stunk the joint up too!

Glad to see Wacha throwing well plus Adams and Ydoi getting it going.If Adams had another 0-for Renyolds would have started today.He still might,but I’d play Adams trying to keep his bat warm.Take today’s game and get going on the win the series mentality.BIG game for Martinez and his role as a pitcher……….starter vs. bullpen.
Really hoping for a good start,I think in the long run he helps us more as a starter.
Its going to be 60 degrees in Ct. today. Time to break out the short sleeves!!!!!

Yup, Wacha looked solid. He appeared to be pretty comfortable out there. Adams sure needed that HR. MM may alternate Adams & Reynolds, tho’. Sort of a contest to see who ultimately develops the highest BA by say, mid-May? Keep in mind that Reynolds tried stealing a base or two during Spring Training. A plus. Not sumpin’ you’d expect from Adams. Martinez has heat for sure, but he can lack consistency and/or placement. I hope that’s not the case today. There’s just something about Martinez and his walks. I feel that after he walks once? He has to pulled immediately if/when he walks a 2nd batter. I do however, think Martinez will undoubtedly continue to improve with maturity. Lots of potential, there.
And gosh, I dreaded when Choate pitched to Votto. They didn’t sign Joey to a $225M contract for grins…now did they. Hahaha.
So you finally got some decent temps way up your way? Good to hear. Enjoy!

As far as Adams and Renyolds go I think MM looks more for the hotter power bat before BA.Martinez does have to get past that moment in any game where its not going smooth.That has to come from mental toughness and he’s not all the way there yet.
Yes the nice weather is helpful now that we’re touring colleges.Yesterday was fun,especially since they feed ya!! Daughter still unsure,but what 17 yr. old ever is?
AND to your Choate point,I dread any time he enters the game.I was hoping he’d be replaced this year.Although he still might, fingers crossed and toes.
Cards up 3-2 as I post this.

Guess that’s sorta’ what I meant. Which ever one of ’em is the “hotter” hitter by mid-May…including the most HR’s. Martinez as you said, should get better with time.
Ah, picking out colleges huh? Does sound fun. What are your daughter’s priorities in choosing?

Choate walks Votto.His only job is to pitch to lefties and still wets his pants every time.
The most useless player on the team. Sorry, I’m ranting,but golly put on the man pants and go after the guy for cryn’ out loud!!!!
Priority is a college with a riding team……..Hunter/Jumper.Only one in New England
that is NCAA certified Sacred Heart here in CT.and we visit there friday.$$$$ to go there! UConn is 15 mins away,but to big for her and they’re club not NCAA.

Totally with ya’ on Choate. Whoa…Peralta just cam thru with an HR! And now Jay’s on…hit by a pitch w/no outs! So your daughter’s an equestrian, eh? Nice. ; )

Peralta save Choate’s bacon.Trade Choate for a bag of balls,if we could even get that. If we lose this game its all on Choate.
Yeah, watching your daughter jump 3′-3’6″ fences is just what the heart surgen ordred:)

That missed pick-off at first, is one of the reasons why I think Reynolds might get more playing time than Adams. Unless, that is…Adams bat gets super hot. Boy, that Chapman’s really something, isn’t he? Occasional triple-digits on the gun.

7-5 win I’ll take it. Now home for six games. 4 0f 6 would be nice sweeps even better.
Showing power is a real good sign.Don’t worry about 1B Adams will get most of the time there,although Renyolds must be at least average there to contribute. And boy are you right about Chapman.I’d love to stand near the catcher when he throws.Not in the box however.

Guess I’m jumpin’ the gun…but I’ve been looking at the projected 2015 National League winners. One site has the Nationals first (w/99 wins), the Dodgers (93)…and then, the good ole’ Cards (92) in that order. It also projected that the AL winner will be the Tigers. Hmmm.
How’d your daughter get into horse-riding, btw?

Too many wins for the Nats.That division is better than last year.Dodgers win projection seems good as does the Cards.Not sold on the Tigers.Age and a number of those guys have injury histories.I like the White Sox in that division.Mariners in the west.The AL East could be anyone,Sox and theYanks have the money to spend if they’re close in July.On a personal note I’m watching A.J. Pollock.He’s from our town
and his parents live up the street.I’d trade Jay and Bourgos for him in a heart beat.Imagine him leading off Carp 2nd and Heyward 3rd.
Horse came as a kid.

The last line above should have read ‘horse camp’, sorry.The weather is great here so I put out the Cardinal flag.Nice breeze makes it look great.I like todays line up,hope Adams stays hot along with the rest of the line up. If memory serves me correct Adams hits Garza pretty well…we’ll see. Waino needs another good start to lessen my arm concerns with him.I like our chances,just don’t use Randy ‘Choke’.

Glad you have some good weather. It rained this morning, but has cleared up in the last hour or so. When they do the pre-game intros? The radio said they’re planning on giving Heyward a standing “O” to welcome him to St Louis. I have to admit, St Louis is baseball-crazy! Waino will hopefully do his thang. An hour ’til first pitch. Let’s go Cards!

Heard there was some rain moving in from the south….true? Anti-Randy Choate threads beginning to appear.About time! Are you in the St.Louis area?

I was wondering if/when some Randy Choke comments would pop up. We surely can’t be the only ones who’ve lost faith in him. And yup, in St Louis. Watch games on FSMW…but turn on the radio sometimes. Can’t believe we’re behind 0-2. Wong’s gonna’ be beatin’ himself up for that bobbled play. So far, Waino’s lookin’ good. Were you able to see the pre-game stuff?

2-2 now. Lucky you I have to used the computer on a delay. I do use KNOX radio,unless Rush is on screaming at the world.

El crappo! Choate’s warming up. Ugh….

We pretty much deserved to lose. : (

Hmmm….you use your PC for the games by streaming KMOX? Good job! Actually, I monitor MLB (Game Day) on my ‘puter while listening to KMOX. Then, because of the delay? I can run in the other room to watch a play on TV (FSMW) about 5 seconds before it happens there.

I’d still like to see them on T.V.The only time that happens is when they play the Mets.
2-13 with runners in scoring position and leaving 12 men on base never wins. The Crew only left 4 on base in that situation. On to tomorrow.Choate actually got someone out.Bet ya that guy feels foolish.

I was shocked Choate got the batter out. And then, I was afraid MM might leave him in to face just one more batter….but no. Whew. It was a game of errors, essentially. If neither team had committed any errors? The Cards would’ve lost by even more.

The Cubs are in first place. Can you believe it? And yes Wong’s errors hurt,but I still want him in there. Royals are the hottest team in Missouri

In a way, I’m kinda’ glad the Cubs are doing well. But there’s still plenty o’ time for everybody to catch up…or fizzle, whichever the case may be. Heck, it’s only the first week of the regular season. And Wong’s there to stay, hopefully. He’s in the same boat as Martinez. Still “maturing”.
Incidentally, did you previously live in St Louis…or nearby?

Never been to St Louis,but I flew over it on my way to L.A.

OK. Just wondering why you’re a Cards fan….

A number of Cardinals were under my father’s command during WW2.Later he met some of them on a train from D.C. to Chicago as my dad was headed off for the Korean War.Stan was one of them.Since then our house was Cardinal territory.

Wow…how ’bout it! Stan the Man is a real legend around these parts. He was a sweet guy. I only met him once at a restaurant, but he couldn’t have been more gracious. ; )

Stan and players were in the club car on the train when my dad and a couple of other Navy guys came in.Stan and three other players,ex-WW2 vets, stop over and started talking about their service time.The team got off in Pitts. and when my dad and his Navy team went to pay for their dinner the waiter said that the Cardinal players had already taken care of the bill,thus instant Cardinal fans and two were from Boston.

Pretty kool. I’d like to maybe forward your story over to a local radio host, if you wouldn’t mind. They might be interested in hearing more details of your dad’s encounter? Whatcha’ think? Even this blog’s host (Jenifer Langosh) would likely enjoy hearing about it…

Nice win Carp,Molina,and Holiday seem to be heating up.That said Wong left 6 on base and Rosenthal walks one and gives up one.We were up 3 so it worked out, but what about tie score,two on and one out. Choates era, down to 13.50.
I don’t know about my dad’s Cardinal story,I mean what I told you is pretty much it.All the Navy guys have passed as well as Stan.I have no auto graphs because no one asked for one, they just,as I was told,talked about their time in the service.As far as Jen, she can read about it like you now and respond if she wants.She seems to post only and very rarely ever reads or replies to this stuff.

Wow, I thought you were kidding. Choate’s ERA is actually 13.50. Had to look it up to be sure you weren’t kidding. Hahaha. As for everybody else? We can just hope the Cards begin to settle in. And I guess you’re right. The old guys have passed. No memorabilia really…and. Jenifer can read your post if she chooses to, like you said. I simply find your dad’s story rather interesting.
One other thing. I’ve been wondering just how many players throw right, bat left like Adams. It’s always seemed odd to me…
Do you ever watch the replay videos on MLB, by the way?

Overall, great game. Lackey was solid. Holliday stole 2nd base? Yep, he sure did. Wong had another error, but I think he’s still nervous. Another few games and maybe he’ll relax out there. As one of our local commentators said, “Wong’s so hard on himself, and that takes away from his confidence. But with time, he’ll work it out.”

Alot of very good players batted left-handed but threw/throw right-handed.Carp for one.In the past I recall Ted Williams,Rod Carew,Boog Powell.Even Mickey Mantle hit better from the left side than the right and he threw right-handed.i wonder how many players threw left-handed but batted right-handed…can’t think of one
Wong is starting to concern me,but its early.And yes I watch the replays, as much as
MLB gameday shows.Heyward’s slide was not a dirty slide as Red’s manager Price is trying to make it.I think he’s trying to get some life in his club.They haven’t won a series in St.Louis in a couple of years and he wants some edge to them is my guess.
This the kind of series where I wish we had a left-handed starter.Votto and Bruce get to confortable against us.

Wacha had a great start lasy night and MM used Siegrist instead of Choate thank the Lord. Wacha’s 7 gave the pen some rest. Now Carlos can give us six strong we’ll be alright.Interesting discussion on ESPN radio here in CT. Rob Dibble, former Red and Southington Ct resident thinks pace of play issues are mostly on pitchers and their lack of throwing strikes.He used alot of pitching data to make his point.Like the Red Sox throwing 193 pitches in one game 103 for strikes.Too low a percentage in his opinion.Last night the Reds threw 120 pitches, 82 strikes= 68%,while the Cards threw 134, 90 strikes= 67%.His point is its too low.More strikes would mean less bullpen changes and shorter games.He also wished the bullpens were next to the dugouts for quicker changes.I think he has a point.

I’d also make it 4 warm up pitches and lets go!

Choate comes in and gives up a single to Bruce.The Randy Choate to be released watch is on!!!

Yeah, no surprise with Choate. But thankfully, he’ll be a free agent at the end of this season, when his 3-yr 7.5M contract runs out. And you called it correctly. 6 innings for Martinez today, altho’ I’m sure he couldda’ easily lasted longer than the 6th, considering the relatively low pitch count.
Not quite sure I get that guy’s pace of play theory. Was he saying with the new clock rules? Pitchers are being rushed…resulting in less focus & fewer strikes???
Also, I wonder too…..why so many pitching warm-ups before entering a game? 8 max…IMHO
Did you hear Grichuk wasn’t available today. Bourjos (not Grichuk) went in when Holliday came out due to a “tight” back. MM said Grichuk probably over-did his last weight training session….but he should be good to go in a day or two.

Waino today.Good chance for a sweep. Grichuk hurt was news to me.Lets not start that injury thing.
Dibble’s comments,lets not forget it is talk radio, was more against the clock.A clock wouldn’t be needed if pichers threw strikes.Most pitchers slow down when they have a problem.The problem usually stems from missing the zone.Work more on being in the zone,rather than nibbling.MLB hitters are good,but they aren’t all Babe Ruth, throw the ball over the plate.
Also designing future ballparks with bullpens near the dugouts,even below the stands.
After all who watches warm-ups.Close circut T.V. to both dugouts and jumbo board would let both teams know. Then out to the field, four get use to it pitches and lets go.
Dibbs also joked that he’d like to see once in his lifetime David Ortiz jog off the field.

Waino should be good today. But no matter who’s pitching? It should be mandatory to walk Votto each & every time. Grichuk update: Last nite, MM said Grichuk’s on 15-day DL for a strain he got back in Spring Training, which flared up during his most recent work-out. And yes, I see what you mean about the clock and how things slow down when pitchers can’t find their groove.
As for Big Papi? He’s a character, for sure. : ) But I’d rather see Prince Fielder (5′ 11″ & 275lb) jog off the field as opposed to Ortiz ( 6’3″ & 230lb). Speaking of which? Fielders’ $214M contract seems a bit high, for somebody who’s shown they’re on the lazy side. Which brings Jaime Garcia to mind. MM says his current situation puts him back to where he was the first week or two of Spring Training. Mark my words….Jaime will never come back. He’ll continue to fake injury until the Cards give up on him & allow him to retire. I can tell he’s plain ole’ tired of the pressure. His head’s simply not in the game any more…and Jaime’s just wants to take his $27M & run.

Agreed about Garcia.Time to bring up Marco,and release Choate.Marco could fill in for a while and not wet his pants:)

There’s no doubt that Marco Gonzales will eventually be brought up. But you might’ve been right about Choate, relative to his contract. “He’s paid for, not on the DL, so use him”….might be the front office’s directive. And if that’s the case…hopefully MM will only use Choate in non-pressure situations in the future>>>not pitching to the likes of Votto, etc. I’m not sure how the politics go between a team’s GM/VP & the player’s manager. Maybe stuff like that does go on, or I’m totally off base. Who knows…

I don’t know if you noticed, but MM played Kozma at 2B yesterday, instead of Wong. I looked it up ’cause I was wondering the reason why. According to the article I read? They quoted MM as saying it was only to give Kozma some playing time.

I too noticed the Kozma start,but thought that he needed playing time.Not reading anything into it yet.Really would like the offense to bust out. Starting pitching has been excellent overall,but I’d like to see one of those 9-2 games.Of course having the Cards score the 9 runs. I feel the Reds will be big sellers at the trade deadline.Maybe even the Brewers too.What do you think?

Not sure what the trade deadline will bring. I’ve been looking around at different blogs about that, to see what opinions are out there. Ever since Mozeliak traded Joe Kelley & Allen Craig? I’ve sorta’ given up trying to guess stuff like that. Hahaha.
As for the Cards offense getting hot? Maybe we’re on the way. Yadi HAS had some good at bats, along with some of our other players. I don’t think we have to have a whole bunch of HR’s….if we get plenty of doubles. A hit & run strategy more often, might help too.

Did you read about the Reds manager,Price, using 77 F-bombs during a press interview? I’ll have to check Alias to see if it’s a record. Reason I mentioned the trade deadline so early is I believe the GMs are already speculating and the Reds seem like canidates.Votto,a big maybe to an AL team for 1B/DH,even though his contract will be an issue.Cueto will probably go to the Red Sox. Also wondering when the Phillies start selling too?

No, didn’t read about Price & his f-bombs. Only saw the headline. Will check it out. But somebody tweeted that Lou Pinella probably dropped more than that, during one of HIS interviews. Hahaha. I did read about 13th round Mitch Harris, RHP. The Cards drafted him in ’08, but he had to honor his multi-year Naval commitment first. One of our local sports writers feels there’s a possibility they might bring him up & try him out in one of the Cards’ upcoming games this week, vs the Nationals.
And yeah, Votto’s $225M contract may likely be a problem to negotiate. But the deadline’s a long way off. Way too many variables to make a decent guess on any trades. At least at this point. Votto’s certainly terrific DH material, tho’.
Frankly, the Cards have been kicking a little too much butt lately (for comfort)…which makes me worry about the Nationals. Negative me. Could it be humble-time again? Fingers crossed…

The Cards are 8-3 right now.If they go 11-9 over the next 20 games they’ll be 19-12, a good start. I wonder if Harris knows what NAVY stands for?

Well, staying over at least .500 would keep us in the race. For now, anyway. But 19-12 (.613) would be better. And what does NAVY actually stand for? Never Again Volunteer Yourself, maybe????

Woo-hoo! It’s the Kolten Wong Show!!!

Last night’s game was suppose to be a big offensive break-out.Well…. how about tonight then? Holiday 4-4 and Jay’s catch was really, really good.Lynn another strong outing but I want more strikes out of him so he can deeper into games.The staff threw 315 putches last night,196 strikes,119 balls.That’s way too many pitches and a lousy percentage:60.7%.No wonder there are so many arm injuries!
correct answer by-the-way

You aren’t kidding. Waaaay too many pitches. As I stated in my previous post? I had a bad feeling about the Cards’ first game with the Nationals. Tonite, we just can’t leave so many runners on base. We’ve struggled with that before. Ugh.

It’s the Kolten Wong Show!!!

YES,but 5-0 to 5–5 almost gave me the big one. Wong was WOW and this was the best I’ve seen Rosenthal throw thus far.Heyward is so smooth in the outfield its a joy to watch.Glad ESPN covered it so I could actually watch the game instead of highlites
We get Max tomorrow so this win was big.

Well, glad you actually got to watch a game! I’ll bet Wacha’s a little nervous about goin’ up against Scherzer. Adams came thru finally. I’ve liked Heyward all along. Love to watch Rosie deal. Wong was spectacular! Did you see Lackey mouth “Wow!” after Wong’s one play? Oh, and I saw Boston lost, thanks to former Cards’ pitchers Kelly (5 runs) & Mujica (2 runs). Kelly was a crazy fun guy….and St Louis was sad to see him go. We really gotta’ win tomorrow! Go Cards!

Loved the chance to see the Cards.Also, did you see Gonzales is on the DL with shoulder stiffness.Hate that code talk….hope its not the beginning of something.

Actually, I did see that about Gonzales. Derrick Goold’s most recent article said Marco’s on the minor league 7-day DL (as opposed to the 14-day DL in the majors), quoting MM as stating “We’re being overly cautious”. They want Gonzales to be ready, in case a hole pops up in the rotation later in the season. Also, former Cardinal Daniel Descalso clinched the game for the Rockies, when he pinch-hit in the 9th inning and got the winning RBI. He’s a good guy, so good for him.

I could Descaiso coming back as a coach somewhere in the organization. Would really like to steal one from the Nats tonight,maybe catch Scherzer off his game early and grab a lead.Only this time not giving it up.Facing Max usually means you get one decent pitch to hit per at bat, so patience will be the key tonight.

Finally. Carpenter swung at a first pitch. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rolled my eyes when he’d let the first one go by. (Me along with many others, I have no doubt.) Also, I’m a big fan of Cruz. I feel that Tony does a really great job playing 2nd to Yadi. MM brought in other’s for backup, like Pierzynski, who wasn’t bad either. But Cruz who’s only 28, should remain number 2.

I like to use the old nickname, “Cardiac Cardinals”…which used to belong to our St Louis Cardinal football team. They’d beat the best in the NFL, but loose the following weekend to the the worst team in the league. Our baseball Cards can be like that, too. In other words, consistency’s not exactly our Card’s strong-suit. Hahaha. But hopefully, we’ll win tonite…despite Scherzer pitching. Heck, we do decent against Kershaw a lot of the time.
And sure, Descalso would probably be a good coach. He’s patient & laid-back.

Big win over Scherzer last night.Cards just put the bat on the ball and it worked well for them.Wacha did very well and Carp maybe the toughest out in the league.We get Garza tonight.Hopefully the train keeps rollin’.

Ditto! Reynolds came thru as the DH. I still can’t get over Wong’s performance the other day. Terrific athleticism & execution. As for Carp? He appears to be changing his approach, and swinging at first pitches more often. Something he needs to KEEP doing. Even Tim McCarver commented that Carp laying off a first pitch, HAS been what a lot of opposing pitchers have come to expect. But surprise! Plus…it looks like Martinez is mixing up his pitches more and isn’t just trying to throw flamers. So hopefully, he’ll hold his own against Garza. I also think Tony Cruz did a good job. He deserves a pat on the back every so often.

Agree with your assessments.Two points:No DH in the NL and Renyolds scored because of a bad throw after bad base running on Renyolds part.Hope the Brewers stay cold and we can take another series.

Yep, a bad throw put Reynolds across the plate. But at least….Reynolds’ hit legitimately got the previous run in. As for the Brewers? We should beat ’em. However, as I pointed out before…the Cards aren’t always THE most consistent. So, we’ll likely win the series, but a sweep? Not so sure about that….

I’ll take a series win. Pitching is carrying the load thus far and should continue; hopefully.Right now the rest of the division is treading water and I hope we can continue to take advantage of it and expand our lead.We’ll need that cushion if the team its a slow period,as all teams go through.Better that doesn’t occur when you’re playing within your own division.

I read another blog that said our division (including the AL) is probably the toughest in the league right now. Interesting, eh? The other day, I felt bad for our former Cards’ pitchers Joe Kelley (5 runs) & Edward Mujica (2 runs)…who lost the Red Sox game to the Rays. Kelly was loved while he was here. Quite the character, he was…or is.
I still worry about Adams. He can run cold for long stretches. My only concern about tonite’s game really…is the Red Birds committing dumb errors. ‘Course, the Brew-Crew could go the same route, and commit some too. Guess we’ll see, huh?

Oops, I have basic cable…but I couldn’t find the game. However…I finally found it on some new Fox Sports channel. Not even in the TV Guide yet. It’s called Fox Sports Plus. Whew…I started going into withdrawal! Hahaha. The regular channel I watch the games on had NBA games in progress. Our St Louis Blues are also on an odd channel tonite. Not a fan tho’, of hockey. It’s like a brawl that occasioally breaks out in a game. No game, whatever it is…should allow physical fighting, IMHO. Removes the integrity….and is just dumb.

Great game.Great pitching with some power(2homers).None on but the power is a good sign.Yadi got a nasty foul off the knee above the guard.Hope its just a bruise.
Couple days off and all is well;fingers crossed. I do like hockey,heck I’m from New England.I think its required if ya live here.Again you’re lucky to be able to see the Cards live.For me,thank goodness for computers.

Mitch Harris got to go in for Waino, after he sorta’ twisted his foot at bat. The organist played “Anchors Away” when he, Harris walked the mound. Uber kool. And be sure to check out the post-game videos. Damn that Wong…he jumped way up to catch a low-liner to right in a previous inning…then tagged the 1st to 2nd base runner almost mid-air, on his way down. A-mazing acrobatics! Gotta’ admit…I’m developing a new respect for Kolten.

Choate needs to take a vacay from the game…permanently. I can’t even believe what I saw. Ugh…

Sorry, didn’t mean to knock hockey since you’re a fan. : ( And yes, Yadi got hit. Hope it’s nothing but a bruise, like you said. Martinez looked real sharp. I feel he can only keep improving. You COULD sign up for MLB service on your PC to watch games, I think. Not sure how much that’d be, tho’.

If Waino is out for a while, and it looks that way,then I hope Gonzales gets a chance.
We need a lefty because I don’t see Garcia being any help…ever!Choate’s era 18.00.
Wong is going real well and the team is showing some power. A win today would mark a great road trip.
As far as hockey goes don’t worry about it BASEBALL is still by alot.I have trouble watching basketball.The pros are so predictable and college is nothing but foul calls,timeouts by coaches and poor shooting.
Back to the Cards.Martinez has really helped himself with some real quality outing,especially yesterday.So glad they didn’t trade him as was the talk for awhile.
We have a better GM than what people think. I also trust our scouts who do a fine job
evaluating talent.

No doubt they’ll bring up Marco Gonzales as soon as he’s off the DL and checks out. Jaime’s been rehabbin’, and the Cards are hopeful. But I still don’t think Garcia will be back. Martinez has been kickin’ butt. The only issue I potentially see with him, are emotional spurts when Carlos feels desperate, throws too hard, can’t stay in the zone & starts walking guys. Fixable, tho’. As for a trade? I never thought they’d trade Martinez. He was so young & throwing 100mph heaters since day one. All he needed was to settle down & mature…and our GM & MM could wait. Mozeliak our GM, is quite the savvy guy. The Cards have great scouts, as well. Btw, Jason Heyward’s on the 15-day DL, I think. “Strained groin” is all they’ve said so far.
Mark Reynolds played for Holliday this afternoon. Not sure why they did that. Reynolds ran into the wall twice, chasing outfield flies. Funny thing, tho’…is that MM (in his post-game interview) said he saw both plays, but that Reynolds shouldda’ stopped before the 2nd “crash” into the wall. Like it was intentional??? Whatever. Also….while I’m a fan of Grichuk…Bourjos is just OK. Great guy, great fielder sure…..but hasn’t had the best at bats. Grichuk wiffs occasionally yeah, but hits HR’s & doubles occasionally too. Catcher Coby Stanley, was brought up today to back up Tony Cruz…in the event Yadi goes on the DL again….and longer than this last time. Yadi IS scheduled to start tomorrow’s game, but maybe the Cards are worried whether he’s right or not?
Oh, and our Blues lost to the Wild just now. Ah well, so it goes. And basketball can often be boring, as you pointed out.

Incidentally, when Choate goes in? I walk outta’ the room and do something else for a while. : )

Wow great post.Lots of information.Good to know someone there.Has the local media
begun to speculate on any moves if Wainwright is out for the year? Reason I ask is I read an article by Phil Rogers of he thought John Danks from the White Sox would be a good fit. Too early for me to decide,but this injury bug better leave………… pronto!
Wonder where the heck the word ‘pronto’ came from?
And about Choate,be lucky you’re far enough away not to hear what I say:)!

Mozeliak (the GM) was quoted as saying, “An Achilles rupture, if that’s what this is…IS usually season-ending. So, we’ll be looking internally, if Waino’s out for the season.”
Mo (as he’s typically called) went on to say, “We can bring up Gonzales, Cooney, Lyons just to name a few.”
Then this morning, Mike Shannon said AAA Memphis is kinda’ keeping Gonzales “on the shelf” right now….which I took to mean Marco’s not throwing a whole lot of innings. Just a couple off & on….enuf’ to keep him loose. Looks like he’s no longer on their 7-day DL.
Also, Heyward’s apparently good to go now, as is Yadi.

By the way, if you haven’t already? See if you can find a video of the Cardinals’ newest pitcher, 6′ 4″, 215lb, 29 y/o Navy Lt Mitch Harris. I think he throws a little like Wacha….sorta’? : )

4-2 road trip very nice,but very expensive 3 injuries with Wainwrights 9-12 months.
Now we’ll see what life without Waino will be like.I’m more worried about when Yadi leaves.This team has always had resolve and I don’t think it’ll be any different now.
Mozeliak will earn his keep now.

Btw…Waino’s surgery to repair the torn Achilles, is scheduled for this Thursday.

Not sure what you mean, “When Yadi leaves”? It was a bruised knee, which supposedly doesn’t have or won’t have any lasting effect on him. He’s fine they say & playing tonite. And hey….Wainwright was out in 2011 (w/Tommy John surgery)…when the Cardinals defeated the Rangers, and won the World Series in 7. That surely says sumpin’?

I was talking about when he retires.When Wainwright was out its true we did well.It proves that pitching can be replaced,but Yadi’s presence will be much harder to re-
cover from.
How about we move our posts to a newer blog, it’ll make posting easier?
Wacha will put us back on track tonight.

Double digit runs scored…….WOW!!! Whatever they had for dinner,eat it again.
The Brewers are now 10 games out. Let the fire sale begin. Cubs are hanging tough.
Its good to see the old rivals maken’hay again.Of course they make ‘hey’, like when they say”hey, we didn’t win the World Series” again:)

I’ll comment on today’s new post, once she puts it up.

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