Spring Training: It’s here

Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com

Greetings from Jupiter, where the sun is coming out and the temperatures are, well, they’re probably higher than wherever you are reading this from, so I won’t rub it in. The Cardinals are still four days away from holding their first official spring workout, though several players are already here — throwing, hitting, fielding, spending time in the weight room, etc. These days are less structured since they aren’t mandatory, but they are fruitful.

I’ll be on the ground here for the next seven weeks, providing content for cardinals.com and giving you all hope of a coming spring. In the past, this blog has been used as a dumping ground for news, notes and observations during Spring Training. That content will still be readily available, but it will be provided a little differently this year. What used to be presented as a blog post will now, in most case, appear as a story in the cardinals.com headline stacks. It will not appear on the blog. By moving all of the content onto the cardinals.com homepage, we hope it’s easier for readers to navigate and find the day’s stories.

There will be stories posted throughout the day, beginning with a news/notes item after our morning access and then following with additional stories — news, issues, features — throughout the day. There will likely still be daily blog entries, but again, the majority of the content will be found in other forums.

Coverage won’t only come in the form of the written word, either. I am armed with a video recorder so that we can provide daily video packages on cardinals.com. The weekly podcasts I do with MLB.com columnist Phil Rogers will also continue (you can subscribe here). I’ll be shooting photos, which will be dropped onto my Twitter account (@LangoschMLB), Instagram account (LangoschMLB) and Facebook page (Jenifer Langosch for Cardinals.com).

The Twitter and Facebook pages will be what I use most frequently to disseminate information, so if you want to ensure that you’re up to date with the latest news, those are must-follows. And for the tablet readers among you, I will continue to run the Flipboard page (St. Louis Cardinals for MLB.com) that I started last spring.

I hope you find the coverage thorough and enjoyable throughout the spring. If you have any suggestions or story ideas, feel free to submit those in the comments section below.

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