Arbitration agreements for Lynn, Cruz

Jenifer Langosch/

This is annually a busy week for transactions, as arbitration-eligible players and teams often prefer to settle negotiations before the two sides exchange figures (coming on Friday) and it becomes publicly known what each party is seeking. So it’s no surprise that the Cardinals cut their arbitration cases in half on Thursday by reaching agreements with Lance Lynn and Tony Cruz.

Both were first-time arbitration-eligible players, but that’s about the end of the similarities in their cases. Lynn, who was poised to become the highest paid first-time arbitration-eligible starting pitcher in history had he signed a one-year contract, instead inked a three-year deal guaranteeing him at least $22 million through 2017. After that, he’ll become a free agent.

Click here for more details on the deal and to read what general manager John Mozeliak said when asked about Lynn’s arbitration case and whether the organization sought to extend the contract to also cover Lynn’s first year(s) of free agency.

As for Cruz, he signs a one-year contract that, according to, is worth $775,000. It’s nevertheless a nice raise for the backup catcher, who started more games in 2014 (35) than he had in any previous Major League season. For a full story on Cruz’s deal, click here.

This leaves Jon Jay and Peter Bourjos as the team’s two unsigned arbitration-eligible players. Mozeliak, speaking early this afternoon, said he did not anticipate the club reaching an agreement with either player before the end of the day. But conversations with the representatives of both players continue.

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