March 1: Q of the Day

Jenifer Langosch/

I’m intrigued by the competition at second base. It seems the Cardinals have put a heavy focus on getting their young players playing time — and why not coming off the pitching year of 2013? But I’m not sold on Kolten Wong as a major leaguer just yet. How do you see this shaping up for the season? Is there any chance Mark Ellis comes out on top?

— David I., Jackson, Mo.

There is not an overabundance of questions facing the Cardinals as they prepare to enter the season. Second base, however, remains fluid. The Cardinals remain insistent in their interest to give Wong a chance to play every day. He has accomplished everything he needed to in Triple-A, and if the Cardinals want to know if Wong can be a starting second baseman in the Majors, they’re going to have to first give him that chance. It’s for this reason that I still believe — regardless what Wong does this spring — he will open the season as the team’s starting second baseman.

Ellis is much more a known commodity. His Major League resume speaks for itself, and should the Cardinals need to use him in a starting role, he’s more than capable. This is insurance that the Cardinals did not have, for example, at shortstop last year when Pete Kozma struggled. Should Wong struggle in April, a platoon situation would probably make sense for St. Louis. And if that doesn’t spark Wong to some success, then look for Ellis to supplant him.

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It is early but I have a gut feeling that the Ellis signing will prove to be the best off season move.

I feel Wong will start at 2B.Ellis knows he was signed as the”just in case” guy. Wong pans out fine,if not Ellis.The big problem would be if Wong has trouble and Ellis got old in 3 months.Other than that ‘no worries mate’.

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