Beltran headed back to New York City

Jenifer Langosch/

A day after free agents Rafael Furcal and Edward Mujica found new homes, Carlos Beltran returned to an old one. Several reports have already detailed Beltran’s return to New York — this time where he will wear pinstripes. Beltran said over the summer that he hoped to play at least three more seasons, and this new contract will cover that time. He will reportedly earn $45 million over the span of the three-year deal. That follows the two-year, $26-million deal he recently wrapped up in St. Louis.

It’s ironic, too, that Beltran signs with the Yankees immediately after they lost Robinson Cano (10 years/$240 million with the Mariners) in the same way he signed with the Cardinals soon after Albert Pujols (10 years/$240 million) left for Anaheim.

The Cardinals were never going to commit that much money or that many years to Beltran, even though the right fielder contributed well during his tenure with St. Louis. He hit .282 with 56 homers and 181 RBIs, and (most important to him) finally advanced to play in the World Series. Now his chase for a ring will be with the Yankees.

New York, of course, knows Beltran well. He spent nearly seven seasons with the Mets after signing the first free-agent deal of his career before the ’05 season.

Because the Cardinals made Beltran a qualifying offer, they have secured a compensation round pick in the June amateur Draft.The pick will fall between the first and second rounds of the Draft, though the exact selection number won’t be determined until after all players who declined qualifying offers sign. In signing Beltran, the Yankees have forfeited their first-round pick.

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Since the Yankees already signed Ellsbury and McCann, do we still receive the draft choice compensation? I suppose the Yanks “forfeit” their pick, and then a lot of comp picks are created between the first and second rounds, but what decides the order? Thanks!

Could we not have afforded that type of contract to keep this valuable player in the fold? Why is Bourjos considered an upgrade here?

Bill–Here’s a good article explaining compensation picks and draft order:

Bob – Cards did not want to commit to three years of Beltran since he is quickly becoming a defensive liability and they want to have Craig and Adams in the lineup full time–not to mention Oscar Taveras waiting in the wings.. Beltran has more value in the AL where he can DH.

Bourjos acquisition is not really relevant to the RF situation, as Bourjos will play CF. He is considered a defensive upgrade over Jay, and is projected to be slightly better offensively as well.

That is a good article. Help a lot! I suppose the 12 FAs listed were the only ones to receive a qualifying offer from their prior teams.

At least we get a high pick…

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