September 23: Nationals (84-72) @ Cardinals (91-65)

Jenifer Langosch/

The Cardinals return home for the final week of the season with plenty still at stake. While the Pirates play in Chicago and the Reds host the Mets, the Cardinals still control their own destiny in the NL Central and can secure the division title with a strong showing this homestand.

The magic number — calculated by total Cardinal wins and losses by Pirates/Reds — is five.

Matt Holliday returns to the field today — a field that still shows signs of being converted for a football game over the weekend. Thirteen truck loads of sod were brought in to replace much of the outfield grass after Saturday’s college game. The Cardinals’ grounds crew worked almost around the clock for the last 48 hours to get it ready for tonight. Some of the yard markings are still visible in the outfield.

As for the Nationals, they are hanging on to their playoff hopes by a very loose thread and need a lot of help (from the Mets and/or Cubs) — and a lot of wins — to sneak in. A team that came into the season seemingly built to be a strong contender waited until too late in the season to get hot. They have an elimination number of two.


  1. Matt Carpenter (2B)
  2. Carlos Beltran (RF)
  3. Matt Holliday (LF)
  4. Matt Adams (1B)
  5. Yadier Molina (C)
  6. Jon Jay (CF)
  7. David Freese (3B)
  8. Daniel Descalso (SS)
  9. Adam Wainwright (RHP)


  1. Denard Span (CF)
  2. Ryan Zimmerman (3B)
  3. Jayson Werth (RF)
  4. Bryce Harper (LF)
  5. Ian Desmond (SS)
  6. Adam LaRoche (1B)
  7. Wilson Ramos (C)
  8. Anthony Rendon (2B)
  9. Tanner Roark (RHP)

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Just finished watching the No Hit Bid by Wacha, ss Kozma should have been charged with and error on the throw. Great win either way, just sayin should have been ano no for the rookie.

We need a shortstop! Holiday didn’t play again and Craig’s foot is still ???.
We’ll need those guys come play-off time.

There’s no way that was an error. A legitimate one-hitter is better than a no-hitter manufactured by a biased official scorer just to make fans happy.

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