Teammates have fun after Matt Holliday’s big fly

Jenifer Langosch/

Matt Holliday circled the bases in the sixth inning blissfully unaware of the jeers that awaited him back in the dugout. He had just crushed a Scott Feldman pitch 418 feet to center. And he had done it… um… with a slight uniform malfunction.

The video evidence is here if you haven’t seen it already.

“You have to go to the bathroom during the game sometimes,” Holliday said after the Cardinals’ 6-1 win, “and forgot to zip back up.”

He wasn’t ignorant for long. As he went down the Cardinals’ home-run line, his teammates noticed the issue. And they gladly took the laugh at their teammate’s expense.

So if the open air strategy worked once, would Holliday consider purposefully doing it again?

“I thought about the next at-bat, but you know, it’s a family game,” Holliday said. “There are kids in the stands. I don’t want to promote that kind of thing. But if I get in a place where I need to pull out a trick, no pun intended….”

Holliday smiled, walked away and ended his comments there. I will, too.

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Just read your inbox. About the cardinal fan asking if the cards should get J. Papelbon. Absolutely not. Last week Burwell wrote an article on Cliff Lee. Asking the same question. If I know the St. Louis organization. There going to stand pat. Unless injuries happen? Doesn’t anybody in St. Louis know it’s a bad omen to trade with the Phillies? Remember, trading Steve Carlton for Rick Wise. Maybe one of the worst trades in history.

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