First-Year Player Draft wrap-up

Jenifer Langosch/

The 40-round, three-day MLB Draft concluded on Saturday, ending with the Cardinals picking a player from the same school  — Gonzaga University — that produced their first pick. Hopefully you have kept up with coverage along the way, but here are a set of links to take you to all the Cardinals Draft coverage in case you missed anything:

Two other items to keep in mind as you now track which players reach agreements with the organization…

  • The deadline for players/teams to wrap up negotiations is 4 p.m. CT on July 12
  • The Cardinals have been assigned a Draft pool of $6.9079 million, a total calculated by summing the slot values of each of their first 11 picks (10 rounds). The signing bonuses of those 11 picks will count against that pool. So, too, will anything in excess of $100,000 given to anyone taken after the 10th round. If the Cardinals spend more than their pool, they will incur a tax and, if the overage is extensive enough, will lose future Draft picks.

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