Dusty Baker talks Cardinals

Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com

Hat tip to my colleague and MLB.com’s Reds reporter Mark Sheldon for passing along the quotes:

Reds manager Dusty Baker was asked on Wednesday if it was frustrating that his team has been unable to gain ground on the Cardinals despite such a strong month. Baker took the opportunity to praise the Cardinals and all the young players contributing to St. Louis’ Major-League best 35-17 record.

“I’m not worried about all year. I’m worried about now,” Baker said. “The only thing you can control is now. You can look at it both ways. We haven’t caught them but they haven’t run off from us either. I’m sure they have their eye on us and we have our eye on them. It makes for better baseball. It brings out the best or the worst in you.”

He continued…

“I didn’t understand predictors that picked the Cardinals third or fourth. I didn’t see that. I don’t know what they’re looking at. Have you see what their reinforcements are doing?”

A reporter asked if he was referring to Tyler Lyons, who replaced Jaime Garcia in the rotation.

“It’s not him. It’s them,” Baker responded. “They have some kids that aren’t even here yet.  They’re coming up throwing 96-97 [mph]. And they have [Yadier] Molina to direct them, which is a big plus. It puts them on an accelerated learning curve by having a veteran catcher there.”

The Reds enter Thursday 33-20 and 2.5 games behind the Cardinals in the National League Central.

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I don’t give a flip what Dusty has to say. He is nothing but a big baby.

I hope Dusty isn’t forgetting about the Pirates? Since they just got done sweeping them a few weeks ago. Come to think of it, they took care of the Cards two outta three last series. And would have done the same the prior series if Mother Nature hadn’t have bailed their skinny butts out. Looking forward to seeing Dusty this weekend in the ‘Burg. Aaaah baseball…. gotta love it!

It’s still early. I’m a huge Cardinals fan but our team is super young and to be able to continue playing at this level is hopeful but not likely. Young players play their hearts out and do really well at first but normally level off I hope this doesn’t happen but it normally does, to compare to other teams in the division most of the players are young not seasoned veterans that know what they have to do to recover. as of now the NL central is the strongest in baseball but has not been that way for awhile. Although I don’t respect Dusty Bakers character as a person due to the bad blood with him and the Cardinals organization he knows baseball and trying to fix right now is a smart outlook because things can change quickly it’s a very long season.

Don’t speak too soon. Our ex scouting director Lunhow, now the Astros GM, was very clear about not just drafting quality players, but guys accustomed to winning. If you are brought up in a winning culture, then that is all you know. How many teams can say they have paraded out 8 rookie pitchers and still claim the best record in the bigs? We are winning because of our young talent, not despite of it.

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