March 19: Q of the Day

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Why wouldn’t it make sense to release Ty Wigginton and keep Matt Adams?  Adams has a much better bat, and do they need so many second- and third-base subs when they have Daniel Descalso and Ronny Cedeno? Wigginton has not been as much of a force as Adams.

— Mike B., Owensville, Mo.

The Cardinals invested $5 million in Wigginton (over two years), and that would be a hefty amount of money to eat by cutting ties with him now. And know that keeping Wigginton and keeping Adams don’t have to be mutually exclusive. There is a way the Cardinals can retain both on their 25-man roster. As discussed in yesterday’s notebook, having Daniel Descalso available as a second shortstop frees the Cardinals to release Ronny Cedeno, if they want to keep Adams on the bench.

There’s no sugar-coating the offensive struggles Wigginton has had this spring. He’s batting .103 (4-for-39) in his Grapefruit League appearances. That said, the sample size (not to mention, the fact that it is Spring Training) make it risky to begin drawing conclusions about how Wigginton will fare during the regular season. It’s not unusual to see players struggle in spring (see: Furcal, Rafael; 2012) and then produce more near their career numbers during the regular season.

The Cardinals also still like the idea of having a veteran right-handed hitter on the bench, and Wigginton’s reputation for being a strong clubhouse leader precedes him. There is value in both of those. The Cardinals have shown in the past that they are not opposed to releasing a player still due many millions, but I just don’t see the club doing so with Wigginton right now.

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I agree that Wiggington will stay. But I think Adams will still get plenty of playing time. He can take over at first if Craig gets injured, or if he (Craig) moves to the outfield to replace the oft-injured Holliday or Beltran.

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