March 15: Q of the Day

Jenifer Langosch/

Do you think the Cardinals might release Ronny Cedeno and keep Matt Adams on the 25-man Opening Day roster?  

— Bob B., Las Vegas

Yes, this as a possibility. As I see it now, the bench (which is expected to have five players) already has four virtual locks: Tony Cruz, Shane Robinson, Ty Wigginton and one of Matt Carpenter/Daniel Descalso. That leaves one spot open and two players — Cedeno and Adams — vying for it.

Keeping Cedeno would give the Cardinals a backup shortstop option. Cedeno can also step in to play second or third, though I don’t see him getting much time at either of those two spots given the other players who fill in there.

If the Cardinals are comfortable with Pete Kozma as their starting shortstop and Daniel Descalso as a backup at the position then the Cardinals could move forward without Cedeno. That would open up a place on the bench for Adams. And where does Adams get playing time? Well, he’d obviously be able to spell Allen Craig at first base, when needed. Craig’s ability to also play the corner outfield spots (when either Matt Holliday or Carlos Beltran need a breather) would also open up opportunities for Adams at first.

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Glad to see you/Organization is coming around to this way of thinking. As I said once before – Craig’s natural position coming up in baseball is that of an outfielder. Platooning him, Adams, M Carpenter at first. Craig, Robinson, and the current 3 in the OF spots. Freese. M Carp at 3rd. M Carp, Descalso at 2nd. Kozma, Desclaso at short. What a lineup/what tremendous flexibility! To think we might have a lineup as follows:
Jay, Carp, Holiday, Craig, Yadi, Freeze, Adams, Kozma, with switch hitter Beltran coming off the bench – Wow! Not to mention the obvious value of another big hitter when we play inter-league. I know Beltran will get most of the starts in RF, but just maybe he won’t be as effective this year as he was the first half of last year – maybe he will be more like he was the 2nd half of last year – opening up the “Adams lineup” above. Definitely worth having this option. And we still have Sugar Shane to put in wherever we need him. This has to be better than the Cedano option.

Allen Craig’s natural position is NOT the outfield. He started in the Cardinals system in 2006 and played shortstop and third base. The franchise didn’t even attempt to convert him into an outfielder until 2008 when he played 17 games in left field against 108 at third base. He played 1,455 games in the minors at third or first base and only 218 in the outfield. He’s a much better first baseman than he is an outfielder. And he is a much better infielder than Matt Adams for sure. The Cardinals have plenty of offense. What they don’t have these days is the sort of defense the franchise has historically been known for. Matt Adams was born to be a designated hitter.

Bill – you are correct – my misread of his stats on the Cards website. His natural position is 3B – 2,061 innings in the minors vs 1,192 innings in the minors in the OF. Only 776 innings at 1B. and only 33 innings at 2B & SS combined – not worth mentioning. He can in fact play the OF though; witness that great grab in the 2011 WS robbing the Rangers of a home run. I wasn’t suggesting he play OF as full timer, just when we put Adams in a 1B as a great option for the team. neither one of them is Albert defensively at 1B, and not sure how you conclude Craig is better than Adams defensively? I respectfully disagree that we have enough offense. We were very weak offensively second half of last year when Furcal and Beltran both crapped out, Any offense at all in the last 3 games of the NLCS and we would have been in the 12 WS. This ain’t Whitey ball anymore, although that was as fun a time to watch our team as any in history.

I like this. I prefer Descalso at SS over Cedeno and would definitely like the option of Adams in the lineup.

Why is Ty Wiggington a for sure the make this club? Descalso is a much better option and despite all the fans who say he can’t hit, they are wrong.

Great minds think alike – see below!

I don’t agree that Wigginton is a lock to make the team. He has not hit well in 4 years, he cannot field, he has been putrid in spring training. The infield positions he could play have capable backups already who are much more attractive options to keep on the roster (Carpenter, Adams, etc). I suspect the Cardinals will admit their mistake, cut their losses, and cut Wigginton in the next couple weeks

If only! Not likely though, since they gave him a 2-year contract.

Great subject here, and good comments from all. I think the Cards got Wigginton because they wanted a right-hand bat on the bench, but will he hit left-handers better than Matt Adams? I think the platoon system is overrated. I wish they could keep Matt, in place of Wigginton.

Interesting question and response. The team has some good young players with great possibilities. We just returned from spring training and enjoyed watching the 100 mph on the board for Rosenthal. Thank you, Jenifer, for letting us know about the Midwest Sports TV broadcasts. I hadn’t realized they would start this week!

Wiggington is one of the worst ten players in the majors. You can look it up.

According to many, includng Derrick Gould, Wiggington offers more than just play, they have him on there for club house chemistry, as an example, also according to Gould, there was one game where he refused to give the ball to Wainright after a hit so that Wainright could catch his breath, he did this because he believed the next guy would be bunting, and the next guy indeed did bunt. Sorry for not spell checking, but did this on the fly

Re: Adams: Like last year, I think the not-enough-playing time problem will work itself out. There are several starters in the somewhat-brittle to brittle category.

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