Day 1: ‘Bird Seed

Jenifer Langosch/

Indeed, the daily ‘Bird Seed workout recap is back for another installment this spring. Remember, this is the place where I dump interesting bits of news or other observations at the end of the day. The main content will continue to be posted on Go there now to read about what Chris Carpenter had to say regarding his future (hint: he did not use the ‘r’ word).

As for other items of interest from today:

  • Almost all of the 28 pitchers (Carpenter not included) required to report by the end of the day were spotted at the Cardinals’ spring complex today. Some had arrived as early as last week to get a jumpstart on their work. One conspicuous absence at the moment is highly-touted prospect Carlos Martinez, who, I’m told, is having visa issues getting out of the Dominican Republic. The Cardinals are not sure Martinez will be here for tomorrow’s workout.
  • The early turnout has impressed manager Mike Matheny, who said on Monday: “You love to see that young players are eager. It’s a good move in your career. If you want to make an impression, you want to be seen and show what you can do and you want to also make sure that you’re ready. Sometimes coming early is the best way to do that.”
  • Though the team did not hold an official workout on Monday, several pitchers toed the rubber to throw a bullpen session. Edward Mujica, Joe Kelly and Marc Rzpeczynski were among those who threw in front of pitching coach Derek Lilliquist and a group of other watchful eyes.
  • New hitting coach John Mabry held a batting practice session that was attended by six: Matt Carpenter, J.R. Towles, Matt Adams, Shane Robinson, Audrey Perez and Cody Stanley. Many of the club’s primary position players have not yet arrived. Their report date is Thursday.
  • Matt Carpenter has already been here for a week, working daily with third-base/infield coach Jose Oquendo at second base. You can read more about that work on later this week, but both Carpenter and Oquendo expressed satisfaction with how far the Carpenter has come already. Carpenter estimated that he has spent about 90 minutes a day working at second since he got here.
  • The Cardinals are expecting several Hall of Famers and guest instructors again this year. Those who have already committed to being here for some length of time include: Willie McGee, Ozzie Smith, Jim Edmonds, Whitey Herzog, Lou Brock and Red Schoendienst. Bruce Sutter is a maybe. Bob Gibson, Matheny said, will not make it down this year.

  • The Cardinals do not expect any of their pitchers to be limited at the start of camp. That includes Jaime Garcia, who ended the year with left shoulder problems.
  • For those who have asked about uniform numbers, click here for the numerical roster. The one omission on that list is Ronny Cedeno, but I’ve confirmed he’ll be taking No. 16.
  • Lance Lynn is lean, really lean. I mean, so lean that he could probably pass for a college kid. The Cardinals sent him into the offseason with a plan to shed weight and improve his nutrition. He adhered to that directive and has turned a lot of heads already with his new look (which is also a clean shaven one).
  • A reminder, too, that I’ve started an Instagram account, which you can follow at LangoschMLB. I’m still figuring out how to use the program, so I ask for some patience. But hopefully you’ll find this as a useful tool to accompany my amateur photography.

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Jenifer, thank you so much for all the good information. Also, thanks for sharing the Chris Carpenter update story. I can hardly wait to come down for part of spring training.

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