Happy Holidays!

Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com

Wishing you and your family a happy holiday season and all the best in the coming new year. Thank you for coming to both this blog and cardinals.com regularly in 2012. I have enjoyed conversing with many of you, and I hope you have enjoyed the coverage. I certainly look forward to covering whatever is to come with the Cardinals in 2013.

For a few weeks, however, I will be unplugging. The blog will be dark over the next three weeks as I take some time away. Don’t worry — you’ll still see regular content on cardinals.com . I’ve left behind several stories, and any breaking news will be covered by my mlb.com colleagues.

If you’re looking for even more, I’d recommend you keep tabs on this website for up-to-date winter ball statistics. Yadier Molina will be wrapping up his participation in the Puerto Rican League over the next few weeks.

And in the holiday season, I recommend you take some time to read this story about a Cardinals prospect dedicated to giving back to military members overseas. Truly an inspirational story.

See you in 2013!

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Thanks Jenifer, hope you and yours have a great Holiday. Look, forward to the blog next year.

Thanks for all your up-dates. I am a major Cardinal fan in the Houston Texas area.
I really appreciate the news about Cardinal Nation. I look forward to 2013. Thanks for all you do.
Nancy Breihan

Jenifer, thanks for keeping us updated on going-ons in Card Nation. But my main comment is not baseball related. I’m very disappointed you chose to wish us the politically correct “happy holidays” rather than morally correct “Happy or Merry Christmas”. Were it not Christmas there would be no Dec. 25th celebration and holiday, and were it not for Christ there would be no Christmas. I realize there is a small minority opposed to using Christ’s name, but a far greater majority opposed to leaving Christ out of Christmas. The U. S. is known as a Christian nation, not a holiday nation.

Did Molina take assistant hitting coach offer?

I haven’t heard anything about Matt Adams recently. I like this kid. He had a good stretch last season before he got hurt. Do you expect him to earn a roster spot this season? I think he would be a good backup option at first or 3rd and a good power bat off the bench. What are your thoughts Jennifer. Also, I don’t read the blogs that much, but you’re doing a great job, but I was curious as to what happened with Matthew Leach? Thanks.

Sorry I spelled your name wrong in my previous post Jenifer.

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