It’s official: Schumaker traded to LA

Jenifer Langosch/

Unsure of how he fit into the Cardinals’ 2013 plans, Skip Schumaker, along with his agent, met with general manager John Mozeliak shortly after the season ended and expressed a willingness to be traded before entering into the final year of his current two-year contract.

The Cardinals found a trade partner with the Dodgers, and on Wednesday the two clubs announced a swap that will send Schumaker to Los Angeles and Minor League infielder Jake Lemmerman to St. Louis. Though reports of a pending deal surfaced on Tuesday, an official announcement had to wait until after Schumaker underwent and passed the Dodgers’ physical exam.

With Lemmerman, the Cardinals improve their Minor League depth at shortstop, a position that is lacking in impact talent within the organization’s farm system. Lemmerman, a fifth-round pick out of Duke University in the 2010 First-Year Player Draft, advanced to Double-A late in the 2011 season and returned there in 2012. He hit .233 with a .347 on-base percentage.

The Cardinals are short on young shortstops, which could present a problem when Rafael Furcal becomes a free agent next offseason. Lemmerman appears ready to make the move to Triple-A sometime in 2013, and if he makes enough of an improvement over the next year, the 23-year-old could position himself as a candidate to be Furcal’s successor.

As for Schumaker, he is faced with leaving an organization that signed him out of the Draft in 2001. Schumaker made his Major League debut with the Cardinals in 2005 and appeared in at least 100 games for St. Louis each of the last five seasons. He was a part of two World Championship clubs.

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Are you nuts? A replacement for Furcal in the future? Even Mo isn’t talking that way.

There are plenty of examples of late bloomer athletes that one team gives up on, then they become starters with another yeam. Besides, Jenifer didn’t say this guy’s the answer at shortstop. She just said if he improves he “could position himself as a candidate.”

In a corresponding move, L.A. designated Scott Van Slyke for assignment to create space on the 40 man roster for Skip. Considering the Card’s lack of pop off the bench from the right side, I think he’s worth a waiver claim. He’s raked in AAA (past 2 season avg: .330/19/80) and is a very low risk despite struggling in his brief stint in the bigs last year. He can play 1B and either corner outfield spot and with much pricier options left in the pool at this point, why not? Any thoughts?

With the signing of Wigginton for 2 years and Matt Carpenter, I dont see Van Slyke being picked up. There was a point I even thought that might be a good idea, though that was more in line with his dad and how he turned out after we sent him to Pittsburgh.
As for Lemmerman, what a waist of a trade for Skip, They could of and should have gotten more for him. Skip is a pure gamer and a great clubhouse presence. Management did him a favor sending him to the Dodgers. Now he will be on another winner and have more playing time. Its a reflection of Matheny versus LaRussa, Management is ridding themselves of all Joketty and LaRussa moves..
Other then Wainwright and Carp, I dont see much left of that Era. And its very passable BOTH will be gone after this season..

Not much left of that era? See: Molina, Y.

The turnover in the clubhouse since the dynastic years around 2004 is entirely normal. In today’s MLB, very few players stay with a team for ten years, and it is rarely in the team’s interest for them to do so. Not only is the turnover in this team not particularly high; in fact it was one of the older teams in the game last year. As for this particular trade, you’re talking about a guy with no power to speak of, poor defensive chops, on the wrong side of 30, and showing some signs of decline in his ability to reach base — which was really all he had left to offer other than vague “clubhouse presence.” What’s left is not a particularly attractive trade package. If Mozeliak could have got more for him, he would have. Mo is no fool, but neither are the other GMs he was dealing with. No way was he going to pick their pockets for an above-average middle infielder or a B+ prospect using Skippy as bait.

I’ll miss the guy and wish him well in Los Angeles, but this was not a trade to get one’s dander up about.

Unfortunately, I think you are right. I don’t think Mozielak plans on extending Wainwright’s contract. He is doing the same thing with him that he did with Albert. He is taking care of everything else first, and then when he gets around to talking to the player, they are a free agent and will cost “too much money.” He wanted Molina and so he took care of his contract immediately, There was no proscratination or excuses there. Mozielak has taken all the loyalty out of the Cardinal organization and made it strictly his little business. What he did with Skip was disgusting and what we got in return for a .300 hitter who was a strong team player and presence in the clubhouse is a joke. A very bad joke on us. Look what we have lost in the last couple of years and look at what we have left. Not a very bright future.

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