Boras holds court, talks market for Lohse

Jenifer Langosch/

It’s an annual event at the Winter Meetings — super-agent Scott Boras meanders over toward the writers’ workroom (his impending appearance having already been announced) and then holds courts in front of dozens of media members. The session is always entertaining, often informative, too.

Boras’ appearance this year came on Wednesday, and he answered several questions about Kyle Lohse, one of Boras’ premier free-agent clients this winter. The expectation has been that a market for Lohse will expand after Zack Greinke signs his contract. Greinke has yet to do so and actually may still be in play after the Winter Meetings ends.

The Cardinals, though they offered a qualifying one-year offer of $13.3 million, are not in on the bidding for Lohse. Still, for those who are interested in following Lohse’s offseason decision, here is what Boras had to say about the former Cardinals right-hander:

  • On whether Lohse is having to wait on other free-agent starters to sign before interest in him increases: “I think that when you represent a player that’s in his 30s, and there are players in the market that are in their late 20s, you understand that some teams at inception prefer the younger player. But they let you know that if they can’t get into that market, they’ll certainly look to a player that’s in his early 30s. So to have the market complete, you certainly want to hear from everybody that you know is a candidate. So patience often proves a wise path to get an understanding of what the market is.”
  • On whether Greinke’s decision is impacting Lohse: “We’re not holding up on Greinke. I just think the evaluation for Kyle is that what cities are available to him may increase once the player signs. But I don’t think it’s anything where Kyle’s directed me to say that I’m not going to make a decision in advance of that. It’s just that we haven’t reached that point yet.”
  • On whether Lohse has any geographical or league preferences: “No, he’s been in both. He just really wants to look at the competitiveness of the team and really wants to have the opportunity to compete.”
  • On whether Lohse is particularly driven by an opportunity for a championship: “Kyle’s won a ring, which is a big part of what you hope to have in a player’s career. But he still is, his scaling on this is to reach out to clubs that he thinks are going to be… and the types of clubs that are looking at him are frankly teams that are going to be competitive and certainly have world championship intentions.”

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May be that the Cards would have had a shot at resigning Kyle if his agent was not Boras – or Lozano

How about a trade with Cleveland for SS Cabrerra. Suppose we offer them Lynn & Boggs?

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