Scutaro in the Cards?

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The first Cardinals — Marco Scutaro connection came Monday night, when national reporter Danny Knobler tweeted this. Now, within the past hour, multiple media outlets are reporting that Scutaro has been offered a three-year deal by the Giants. If accurate, that would certainly force the Cardinals to step up (in terms of dollars and years) any competing offer… if, of course, they want to make one.

Scutaro would give the Cardinals the flexibility to use him at either middle infield position, which is exactly the type of versatility the club is eyeing this winter. If signed by St. Louis, Scutaro would likely be strongly considered to receive the majority of at-bats at second base in 2012. In the long-term, though, the Cardinals believe they have their second base answer in Kolten Wong, a former first-round pick likely to begin the year in Triple-A.

That means that if the Cardinals were to make a substantial multi-year committment to a middle infielder, it would be with the intention of having that player slide in as an everyday shortstop after Rafael Furcal becomes a free agent. Furcal is under contract for only one more year.

Scutaro could be a fit for such a scenario. Of his 1108 career starts, 641 have come at short. He’s made another 365 as a second baseman. He’s, therefore, comfortable at both. The question the Cardinals have to answer is whether or not he is worth the committment and fits the team’s need best as they consider other available players.

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I hope the Cardinals know what they are doing at the winter meetsings. Not going after scuturo was hard for me to understand. The Cards have new to the scean talent they are going to lean heavy on and take the lumps that come with it throughout the year? Don’t get me wrong, I like Dirty D and platoon (to include Kozma) but I rather see a steady everyday player wouldn’t you?….maybe over at SS.
Pitchers on the Cardinals staff is aging fast and the new talent for starters (besides Lynn) are behind the learning curve are they not….especially when we have the Reds stocking up on a scary line of arms to face at the plate.
Then the aging right field is a concern also.
Are we rebuilding from with-in only for now on?
Please, help a passionate loyal fan understand what the Cardinals action or lack there of at the winter meetings means.

Suggest you do a little boning up on the Cardinals farm system, Scott, because the answers to most of your concerns can be found there, tearing up AA this past year and in some cases reaching the majors. The “aging” pitching staff is anything but; there are at least four extremely highly regarded prospects at the ready, two of them (Miller and Rosenthal) with excellent MLB cameos at the end of this season. “Behind the learning curve”? Hardly. In fact they have been moving rapidly through the minors, in Rosenthal’s case far more rapidly than could have been expected. This is a guy who was pitching in Low-A ball in 2011, and was blowing post-season hitters away in St. Louis this fall. As for “aging right field,” that’s probably where mega-prospect Oscar Taveras is going to wind up. There is no need whatever to look for a trade or FA for that spot. The farm system is universally considered one of the five or so best in baseball, with a reasonable argument to be THE best.
As for Scutaro, I personally am delighted not to have spent big money on a multi-year contract for a 37-year-old utilityman, even one who seems to be a late bloomer. Again, there is help on the way, notably Kolten Wong who has also been rising through the farm system unusually quickly at 2B. The likelihood that he’ll need half a season or so at AAA before being ready for the Show is a completely insufficient reason to drop millions on Scutaro.
All told, this is the best combination of established excellence in the majors, and a farm system that is both strong and deep, that I have seen in St. Louis in ages. It’s a good time to be a Cardinals fan.

Rosenthal’s performance was great or dare I say pretty awesome to watch, however just blowing 100mph fastballs is not going to make a person a star for long. Hitters will adjust and his speed will slow or dare I say end up blowing up his arm. From what I have heard onthe Cardinals network about Miller is he was inconsistent many times last year in the minors. Kelly and the other pitcher his name escapes me right now got blown the hell up over the course of several games near the end of the regular season (Kelly may work out).

A one yr contract (with possible two yr option at end of 2013 season) for Scutaro would have been a good deal at 37yrs old…..they just signed a 37 yr old lefty and still have old man winter Westbrook on the staff.
I Love WaneO and Ironman Carp but let’s face it they are getting old.
Wong has yet to prove himself in the show as a every day player.
Taveras/ Wong scare me with their Rasmus like hype.
So, am I still off base in worrying about those needs?
I am still learning the dynamics of FA market so any and all comments are welcome.

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