Taveras tops MLB.com’s prospect list

Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com

Earlier today, MLB.com unveiled new top prospect lists for each of the 30 MLB clubs. In addition, MLB.com ranked the Top 100 prospects in baseball. That list includes five Cardinal Minor Leaguers — up from just two during the 2012 preseason rankings. Want the lists? Here is the Cardinals’ top 20 list, which is topped by outfielder Oscar Taveras. And click here to find the Top 100 rankings.

So how has the Cardinals’ list changed? That’s what I’m here for. Below, you’ll see the club’s new Top 20, and in parenthesis, I’ve put the name of the player that was in that slot to start the year. You’ll notice two players on the preseason list are no longer on here because of Major League service time in 2012. Another was traded from the organization. There are also additions from the 2012 Draft class.

As it is, there was not too much movement near the top of the rankings. Here we go…

  1. Oscar Taveras (Shelby Miller)
  2. Shelby Miller (Carlos Martinez)
  3. Carlos Martinez (Oscar Taveras)
  4. Kolten Wong (Tyrell Jenkins)
  5. Trevor Rosenthal (Zack Cox)
  6. Matt Adams (Kolten Wong)
  7. Michael Wacha (Jordan Swagerty)
  8. Tyrell Jenkins (Trevor Rosenthal)
  9. John Gast (Matt Adams)
  10. Maikel Cleto (John Gast)
  11. Carson Kelly (Matt Carpenter)
  12. Charlie Tilson (Maikel Cleto)
  13. Michael Blazek (Joe Kelly)
  14. Robert Stock (Charlie Tilson)
  15. Jordan Swagerty (Michael Blazek)
  16. Scott Gorgen (Robert Stock)
  17. Eric Fornataro (Seth Blair)
  18. James Ramsey (Justin Wright)
  19. Ryan Jackson (Scott Gorgen)
  20. C.J. McElroy (Andres Serrano)

Feel free to debate these new rankings as you wish.

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So why is #19 called up with all of this power ahead of hin

Cause he’s a shortstop….

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