Beltran undecided about Derby details

Jenifer Langosch/

Less than four hours before the start of Monday’s State Farm Home Run Derby, Carlos Beltran was still figuring out a few last — and important — details.

Said Beltran during Monday’s NL player availability: ” I’m the only guy in the Home Run Derby that doesn’t know from what side he’s going to hit, doesn’t have a pitching coach.”

Beltran will take batting practice this afternoon and plans to take swings from both sides of the plate. Whichever side his timing feels best from is the one he’ll go with.

As for a pitcher, Beltran has a few options. He said he planned to approach Cardinals third base coach Jose Oquendo about throwing to him during BP. A few of his teammates also suggested former Cardinals coach (and current Cubs coach) Dave McKay. Beltran does not know McKay, but said he would go up, introduce himself and likely test him out as a BP pitcher, too.

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