Carson Kelly has a decision to make

By Mike Still/

Cardinals’ second-round pick Carson Kelly said Wednesday that he is still up in the air on whether he will pursue a scholarship offer from the University of Oregon, or sign on with St. Louis.

“It’s extremely difficult,” Kelly said of the decision. “Building a relationship with the guys at Oregon and having the opportunity to go play professional…it’s going to be very, very tough. Luckily I’ve got a good family and I’m going to talk to them and see what they think is the best way to go for me because I’m a big family guy.”

Kelly has been committed to the Ducks since November.

Kelly had been scouted as both a third baseman and as a pitcher, but the Cardinals said they would develop him at third. The two-time Gatorade Oregon Player of the Year batted. 398 this season with 26 RBI.

He said would like to make a decision on his future by the end of this week or by early next week.

Mike Still is an associate reporter for


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Kelly has two bird choices. Be a Duck (U of Oregon) or be a Cardinal (St.L)
As the latter, he has bonus cash, a great income, and can go on to be a Duck
after his Cardinal career if he still wants to with the Card cash to pay for the
Duck experience. As a Duck, he doesn’t have income though a scholarship
could cut the need for it, he could get hurt and never be a pro ball player,
never have a bonus,, miss the great Card salary, and maybe have to look
for a job with his shiny new Duck diploma in 4 years. To me, the choice is
pretty obvious, take the cash ASAP and as much as possible. The Ducks will
still be there, the Cardinals may not be..

Hi Jenifer, first time posting here… here in Michigan Cardinals fans are wondering about the ongoing – and not so successful, as we see it – use of Mott in non-save situations. There is a really good likelihood that I’ve simply missed a discussion of this issue, can you refer me to such a thing or do you have any knowledge of how this is being thought about in the clubhouse and beyond? Alan

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