I’ve always been terrible with goodbyes

My job is to write about other people, never about myself. And perhaps that explains why I’m having such trouble getting started with this blog entry. But I’ll nonetheless do my best…

It has been nearly five years since I moved to Pittsburgh, a place that, at the time, I knew little about. The word Yinzer was entirely foreign to me, as was the idea that people would willfully dress sandwiches and salads with French fries. I spent those first weeks making a habit of getting lost – those bridges and tunnels got me every time (actually some of them still do) – and engrossing myself in Pirates information past and present.

It didn’t take long before the emails began flooding in from all of you. Some were much-appreciated notes welcoming me to town. Others were laced with skepticism, questioning whether I’d be able to come in and provide the detailed and comprehensive coverage that you had come to expect. I read them all. I took them all to heart, too.

I set out to serve you as best I could – such is the task of any journalist. And over the past five years, I hope I have at least come close to your expectations.

All this brings me to the reason for this entry, which is to let you know that I will be leaving the Pirates beat in a few weeks. The decision to leave Pittsburgh did not come easily, nor was I actively looking for another opportunity.

But for those who have read this blog or followed me on Twitter, you know very well of my connections to Missouri. It was my home before I came to Pittsburgh; it is where I graduated college. I couldn’t pass up the chance to go back and take on a new professional challenge.

I have accepted a move to St. Louis, where I will transition into the role of Cardinals beat writer for MLB.com.  That move will be made sometime next month, but I wanted to alert you to the upcoming changes now.

My replacement – who I can promise you will be plenty capable to fill my shoes – will introduce himself to you after the first of the year. I hope that you will welcome him into town as you did me. And don’t you dare be shy in showing him what a tremendously passionate fan base he will be serving.

I would be remiss not to end this without thanking Pirates players, coaches, managers and front office members for your unwavering professionalism over the past five years. A particular note of gratitude goes out to Jim and Dan of the Pirates’ media relations staff, who did everything they could to make my life run a little more smoothly. To members in the Pittsburgh media, I count so many of you as friends, and I will truly miss working in the trenches alongside you. 

A part of me will always be connected to Pittsburgh, and for that I’m thankful. My expectations of this city and the people were blown away, and I can only hope that someday I live in a place that I truly feel at home in as much as the one I am leaving.

Thank you. I’ll miss you. And don’t worry, by staying in the NL Central, I’m assured of coming back to visit 2-3 times each year.

Jenifer Langosch


Thanks for all the hard work. You’ll be missed, but sounds like you got the dream job. Merry Christmas and good luck with the new job!

I have really enjoyed your work through the years. You have been required daily reading for this Pirate fan throughout your entire tenure as a Pirate beat writer. I really enjoyed your blog entries-personally I liked your praise for Northern Iowa beating Kansas in the NCAA Tournament a few years ago. I attended both schools, and it was very entertaining to get a Mizzou alum’s take on that game! Best wishes.

You’ve done a tremendous job! Good luck in St. Louis!

It’s a good time to be covering the Cardinals! Good for you!

We’re gonna miss ya Jen. You did a heck of a job here. Have fun in St. Louis, try to not enjoy the winning baseball too much.

Nooo ):
As a serious female fan of the Pirates who hopes to one day be a baseball journalist, I’ll really miss your awesome articles. Best of luck in StL, don’t be afraid to over-mention the Bucs in your writeups!

I have very much enjoyed reading your very well written and informative columns over the last few years. I wish you nothing but continued success and I am sure you will continue to do a tremendous job. Happy Hoildays to you and your family.

Congratulations and good luck to you – and thanks for a job well done in keeping us out-of-towners abreast of the Buccos’ goings-on.

Gee, Dejan left the Pirates beat, and now you. I’m a Pittsburgh ex-pat, and the Bucs still suck, so my interest in them is highly dependent on the quality of online coverage. I’m sad… 😦

I started going to Pirate games with my dad at Old Forbes Field abck in the early 60’s. Moved from West Virginia to North Carolina. Your blog has been my conection with the Pirates, the only baseball team I have ever followed. Thank you and Good Luck.

From a StL fan, looking forward to you coming over

We have had, ahem, a couple of other changes you may have heard about so having a new lady talking about a new team sounds all good to me.

I’m not good with goodbye’s either. Hate to see you go. You are the only sportswriter that I look forward to reading everyday. I understand the move to be closer to home, but you will be missed.

From someone who was transferred over a dozen times in his curare, good luck and best wishes in the new position in St. Louie.

Good Luck Jen. You will finally be covering a major league team!

There’s always a smartass in the crowd.

best of luck. the Cardinal’s gain is the Pirate’s loss. Hope you won’t cheer too hard against the lowly Pirates

Best of luck to you there and please remember to be nice when you speak of the Reds in your posts for the Cardinals. 🙂 Happy Holidays and I look forward to reading more posts and articles as you begin a new chapter in your life.

I have really enjoyed reading your blog and write-ups on the Pirate website over the past few years. Good luck to you in St. Louis. They are lucky!

This is great for you wish you well you are a great sports writer will miss your blog very much buc fan in L.A

I would just like to welcome Jenifer to the #STLCards beat! Welcome home.

You got some big shoes to fill, but you’ll surely rise to the occasion. Welcome back to St Louis!

Congradulations. I wish you the best in St. Louis. The Pirate fans will miss you. I’ll still follow your tweets.


Sorry to see you go, enjoyed you honesty when posted on the Pirates blog. Best wishes for the Holidays and your new position in St Louis. Please do stop by and see us from time to time.


congratulations and good luck jennifer. i’ve enjoyed your coverage as the pirated beat writer.

Godspeed Jennifer. I have always enjoyed your solid journalistic talents. St. Louis’ gain is our loss. Best wishes. You’ll always be a Bucco in my book.

Thank you and God bless you Jenifer! Will continue to read your articles on the Cardinals.

Entirely understandable choice, and best of luck to you – but it’s a bummer for the rest of us. Loved your enthusiasm for the job and your writing. Keep it up out in the midwest. I guess the days of a single beat writer following a single team are as dead as one player spending an entire career in the same city. A sign of the times. I trust it will be difficult for you to write about a winning franchise – but do your best to succeed in such a challenging environment! (lol) As you rise to the occasion, remember us back here in the ‘burgh. We’ll be here waiting for Godot, or Jameson Taillon. Cheers!

Im very sorry to see you go. Thanks

Ditto lanza’s remarks. I enjoyed your Insightful work. Did you ever track the course of PBC’s “formal complaint” to Office of the Commissioner re Meal’s 19th-inning call in Atlanta? Have fun in st. Louis with the Champs.

I became a Pirate fan during the 1960 world series. I’ve been following the Bucs most of my life. I’ve depended on you for most of my info and updates these past few years. You have done a great job. Thanks for all your hard work.

Thank you, Jen for everything you have given all of us for these past years as roving Bucco reporter. You have always delivered the goods with class, insight, and an appropriate sense of humor. It has been much appreciated here and I don’t think there has ever been a day when I haven’t checked into the site to see your pearls of wisdom. I hate the thought that you are heading to the Redbirds (despite your Missouri connection) but I think we are all thankful we got quality time to spend with you.I only wish we could have shared at least a Pennant race in PGH.

Thanks for the terrific reporting and I wish you well (just not another World Series over there…!)

As a college student, you were a part in inspiring me to pursue a career in Journalism (at St. Bonaventure University) with your writing. I am very sorry to see you go just as I’m sure you’re sorry not to be covering Albert Pujols!

Jenifer. Two words.

1. Congrats.

2. Damn!

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