Evan Meek earns surprising distinction

Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com

Thanks to reader Ted Hatch for scanning the roster and pointing this out, as it is something I hadn’t considered since the Pirates declined options on Ryan Doumit and Paul Maholm. Before those two players became free agents, they were the only two players left that had played with the Pirates before the 2008 season.

Your most senior Pirate now? Evan Meek.

Now, a quick clarification — in this case, we’re defining ‘most senior’ as the player who first dented the team’s 25-man roster longest ago.  There were other players who were in the organization before Meek, but they were still in the Minors when Meek made his first appearance in Pittsburgh.

If someone is looking for a research project, I’d be interested to learn whether there are any other teams that, like the Pirates, have no players left that were on that team’s 25-man roster before ’08. While player movement is normal, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Pirates have had the most turnover during this four-year span. 

So who follows Meek in this ‘most senior’ order? Well, Jeff Karstens and Ross Ohlendorf were the only other current Pirates to join the Major League club during that 2008 season. Ohlendorf, of course, has a very tenuous hold on a roster spot and may no longer be with the Pirates in a few weeks. Andrew McCutchen, Garrett Jones, Jason Jaramillo, Neil Walker, Charlie Morton, Daniel McCutchen, Joel Hanrahan all joined the big league team in Pittsburgh in 2009.

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  1. Ted Hatch

    In addition to Maholm and Doumit, I believe Steve Pearce was also on the major league roster in 2007 (as a September callup). But he, too, is presumably gone now.

  2. Wes Peters

    Pearce was never on the 25-man roster of the Pirates in 2007.

    Every other Major League team has at least one player on their current roster who was on their 25-man roster in 2007.

  3. Ted Hatch

    Wes, you are correct. I got the year wrong. Steve Pearce was a September call-up in 2006, not 2007. But my point was that Pearce (as well as Maholm and Doumit) had played for the Pirates before 2008, so when they all recently left the team the most senior of the remaining players is Evan Meek. If Pearce had stayed with the Pirates and not become a free agent, then he would have been “most senior”.

  4. Ted Hatch

    No, I was right the first time. Steve Pearce was called up to the Pirates on September 1, 2007. He played in 23 games during September, and hit .294. My point is still the same. If he had stayed on the Pirates, he would now be “most senior”.

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