Huntington: “This behavior is not something we condone”

Jenifer Langosch/
Pirates general manager Neal Huntington issued a statement in response to this blog entry I posted from earlier today. The statement, in its entirety, reads as follows:
“We are looking into the situation in Indianapolis in great detail. If accurately represented, this behavior is not something we condone. We believe it to be an isolated incident and it will be properly remedied. While not always able to provide full detail, we will not tolerate blatant dishonesty.”
I will add that, from the beginning, I never ever had the impression or suspicion that Huntington advocated such a lie being told. To be even more transparent, I get the strong impression that this was one individual from within the organization saying something. It started and ended with that one person, though that doesn’t condone someone within the organization deliberately providing misleading information.
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  1. Jason Falls

    Glad you’re there to hold them accountable. Makes you wonder, though. What’s the harm in knowing someone’s going on the DL. Were the Tigers going to suddenly switch their lineup for today’s game if the story leaked?

    As a former sports PR guy, I’ve always wondered, too, why coaches or even PR folks can’t answer a media member’s question with, “I don’t know.”

    Good work, J.

  2. Jesse


    Thank you so much for your honest reporting. Of course I’m not implying a conspiracy by the Pirates or anything, but we do need people to speak the truth when needed, and call people out when the need arises. Thank you for doing that. Again, I’m not blasting the Pirates or Mr. Huntington, just saying thanks for being a good reporter and journalist!


  3. Steve

    GREAT reporting! We are lucky to have you covering the Buccos. It IS an organization that needs a little peek over it’s shoulder from time to time.
    You rock!! 🙂

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